Trac Light Off, Car Stalls, Check Engine 2001 Grand Am

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and the car has recently had the Trac Off light coming on, then it started sputtering and running rough, then the car has recently started stalling. Well, yesterday it stalled on the highway and would not start back although it sounded like it wanted to.

I was immediately thinking it was the Fuel Pump. So, I get out and tap the gas tank underneath with a rubber hammer as my wife sit in the car to crank it. The Grand Am immediately started. I had to do this same procedure 4 times to get the Car back home.

I read on other sites where the traction light will come on when there is an evaporate leak in the fueling system somewhere. This is to keep your car from damaging other components and to let you know to get it checked out. The code set by the Check Engine was a P0172 I believe which was the car running too rich. I also read to make sure that it was not the Fuel Pressure Regulator or even the Fuel Pump Relay. Well, I deducted that it must be the Fuel Pump as it was making a loud growling sound instead of the usual hum when the key was turned to on.

I replaced the Fuel Pump and it now runs like a gem. I hope this helps some that are having the same problem. There are several things to check when your car won't start though. If you are not sure, don't throw parts at it, take it to a mechanic that is skilled in diagnosing issues with no start.

There is another issue GM vehicles have with the Security system. If your Security light is coming on, you can reset the system by turning the key to RUN for 10 minutes and your security light will flash and it should then start.


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