Remote Keyless Entry Unlock Doors Via Cell Phone

I am sure by now everyone has heard the idea that you can open your doors on your car from a remote location via Cell Phone.

Picture this, you lock your keys in your car along with your RKE (Remote Keyless Entry). You call your wife who is 100 miles away on her cell phone from your cell phone. You hold your cell phone close to the car while she hits the unlock button on the second Remote Key less Entry near her cell phone mouth piece and the door Unlocks!

I have read on the Internet of people who have tried it and it worked along with those who say it is impossible because of the difference in frequencies. I had to ask my service specialist who works on remote key less entry systems, along with all locking systems, window motors, electronics, car computers, etc. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to working on cars. He said it is definitely possible.

After confirmation from him, I had to try the theory. I know I looked crazy holding my cell phone near the car and waiting in anticipation for the result I wanted. I held it near the door with no results. I told my wife to hit the unlock button again while holding my phone near the windshield, closer to the actual sensor that communicates with the remote key less entry. I was nearly 1 mile away with obstruction and hills in the way and was very surprised when the door unlocked. I have seen it work! It may have been a fluke of some kind because it makes no sense to me, but it did work on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am. Although it did unlock the door 2 times, it would not lock the car, pop the truck, or sound the panic system.

I have no explanation for this working, but have had others say they tried it and it worked for some and not for others. My car is not equipped with OnStar and it is a factory remote keyless entry system. Please do not call me crazy, but I welcome all comments whether it works for you or does not work for you. Like I say, I have no explanation. I have read the other sites saying this was a chain letter to be funny and there is no way it would work with the difference in frequencies. My remote will barely work from 10 feet away so how could it work 1 mile away. I will try it from a further location when time permits. Let me know what you think...

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Houston Grand Prix

Let me hear a big ho hum for the winner Bourdais and the NHL crew. Bourdais had everybody covered again with more speed than he really needed. Where oh where does that speed come from? Is NHL that good? Is it a combination?

Actually the real winner may have been young Rahal. The youngster took second behind his team mate Bourdais. This was only his second race in not counting the first which ended in a first turn crash. Perhaps he can beat Bourdais some day.

The crowd appeared to be good. The main grandstand appeared 80-90% full.

The TV coverage was reasonable. Did see a commercial for the upcoming IRL race though. Couldn’t help but wonder how that all works. If CCWS paid for the TV time would that be like paying for the IRL commercial? Did the IRL pay to advertise during the CCWS race? Did ESPN self promote the upcoming IRL race? Just seemed odd!

State of the series is still difficult to determine. Kate’s car still has no primary sponsor and some others may change or be dropped before Portland. Perhaps it won’t all be clear until 2008 or beyond.

Ok everyone it’s break time, plenty of time to rest up and track the rumors before Portland.

Lowest Gas Prices In Town; Find Out Without Driving Around Town!

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Imagine the possibilities of this handy little calculator. Not only will this save you gas money in your home town, but think about traveling. You can view zip codes for your vacation destinations to see where to stop and get gas. There are always parts of the country that have cheaper gas prices. Now you do not have to guess if you are getting the best price. Use this calculator and know you are getting the best gas prices around. This could save you big money not to mention how much time and driving to find the best deals on gas.

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Long Beach Grand Prix Alive and Well

From my observations I would have to say the LBGP is very much alive and well. As I walked about Sunday the crowd seemed much bigger than any time in the last 4 years. Getting around required some patience because of the number of people. The stands, for the Champ Car race, I estimate were about 90-95% filled.

All of this bodes well for Champ Car, the owners of the LBGP, especially considering that they have to take in at least what they would normally receive as a sanctioning fee a before making any profit.

I wonder how the sanctioning fee’s are paid for the other series that are at the event. The Speed GT and ALMS.

The number of vendors and exhibits was up from years past. There was little doubt that the practice of charging the vendors handsomely for the right to do business at the event was I full force when I paid $10.00 for the burger and fries I had for lunch.

Another indication that the event is growing was the price of parking. Four yeas ago the little out of the way spot where I parked was 5.00 for the event…….and not far from the gate either. Last year it was $10.00, this year it was $20.00. I drove past when I saw that wondering where to park and found a garage on the next corner for $15.00 and it was even closer to the gate! I’ll bet you that next year that garage will be $20.00!

The Minardi two seaters were popular even with their $10,000 per ride price tag. Some how though I have trouble reconciling having F1 ride at the champ car event. No doubt there’s some politics involved.

As for the main event, looks like Newman Hass Lannigan have worked out their issues with the car. Bourdais easily had the rest of the field covered. So much so that the only thing I watched for was who was going to pass who on the restarts.

As for the state of the series, it’s still a head scratcher. All of the entries except Katherine Legge had side pod sponsorship. Still better than last year if it’s true the subsidy spigot is turned off, something I don’t necessarily believe given that Legge is driving for Coyne and Forsythe is selling rides.

I believe that the grid will have to grow, even if only one car, before the end of this season if the health of the series is to improve for the 08 season.

We badly need 20 starters with solid sponsorship for 08.

Watch for more big changes!

2008 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen Debuts At The NYIAS

2008 Jetta SportWagen Debuts at the NYIAS
By Benjamin Hudson

The Jetta SportWagen is a sporty and vibrant wagon version of Volkswagen’s top selling model and has made its official US debut at the New York Auto Show. The Jetta SportWagen is a mixture of European style that combines elegance and sportiness at its best. Its exceptional ride and handling capacity plus its segment-leading safety features along with its unique design makes it a perfect vehicle for people with active lifestyles.

To deliver better performance and value the Jetta SportWagen is going to be offered in three engine options: an upgraded 2.5 liter, five cylinder engine that now delivers 170 horsepower, a 2.0 T four-cylinder engine that produces 200 hp and a 2.0 liter clean diesel engine which is scheduled to hit dealerships in early part of 2008. The 2.5 L Jetta SportWagen will hit dealerships this August and will be followed by the 2.0T four cylinder engine Jetta SportWagen.

The new Jetta SportWagen has also retained the performance and fun---characters that distinguish the Jetta plus add it up with a sporty feel turning it into one unique vehicle. The SportWagen contain a usable cargo room measuring 32.8 cubic feet reaching an impressive 66.9 cubic feet when the rear seat is folded down.

The new SportWagen is ideal for people with active lifestyle that requires for more room. Its optional fold-flat front passenger seat provides additional cargo space. Plus its fold-flat front passenger seat is available with ‘V-Tex’ leatherette seating. And just like its Jetta brother, the SportWagen continues the tradition of providing a long list of standard equipment.

Some of this standard equipment includes: air conditioning, cruise control, anti-theft vehicle alarm, CD player, four-wheel anti-lock disc brakes, traction control, eight-way adjustable front seats with height, and a height-and-telescoping steering wheel, angle and lumbar support adjustments. The panoramic sunroof is offered as an option for the Jetta SportWagen. This special type of sunroof provides passengers with an impressive 12.7 square feet of daylight or starlight plus an open air connection with the outdoors.

The Jetta SposrtWagen is also equipped with a long list of standard safety features that includes driver and front passenger front airbags, Side Curtain Protection®, driver and front passenger side thorax airbags, and rear-impact optimized head restraints on driver and front passenger seat. The “Side Curtain Protection” is a registered trademark of Volkswagen of America.

Volkswagen of America, Inc. is base in Auburn Hills, Michigan. It is subsidiary of Volkswagen AG the manufacturer of top-of-the-line VW hoses and Europe’s largest automaker headquartered in Wolfsburg, Germany. Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest producers of passenger cars such as the Rabbit, New Beetle, New Beetle convertible, GTI, Jetta, GLI, Passat, Passat wagon, Eos, and Touareg distributed through 600 independent US dealers.

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Benjamin Hudson works as a supervisor at one of the top engineering firms in the business district of Louisiana. He is also a freelance journalist and has passion for anything automotive.

Paintless Dent Repair: Myths And Facts About Car Dent Repair And Insurance

Paintless Dent Repair: Myths and Facts About Car Dent Repair and Insurance
By Theodore Olson

The long arm of car repair insurance doesn’t stop at extended warranties or tire road hazard insurance. Marketing gurus have found all sorts of knick knacks to insure. Among the top are ding and dent protection plans. Ding and dent insurance is growing steadily, and addresses those unsightly shopping cart and parking lot dings.

Dings and dents are fairly synonymous terms, although a ding is smaller than a dent. You’ll notice a dent. You’ll need to squint, or catch the vehicle in the right angle or sunlight to see a ding. Some dings are smaller than eraser heads.

Like extended warranties or tire insurance, dent and ding protection plans promise to pay for damages in part or in full for a specific period of time. These plans are primarily sold by new car dealerships and cost a few hundred dollars.

Ding and Dent Repair: Paintless Dent Repair

Ding and dent repair is called PDR, short for Paintless Dent Repair. There are many companies that perform this service: Ding Doctor, Ding King, No Dents, Dent Wizard…the list goes on. Some are better then others, although ultimately it’s up to the skill of the PDR technician. Prices are similar.

How is it done?

Most PDR techniques are non-intrusive. The PDR technicians use specially designed tools and gadgets to slip behind the damaged panels and manipulate and massage the damaged metal back to its original form.

Does it work?

Actually, it’s incredible! It works so well that in the majority of cases the dings and dents are completely removed. They’re invisible, gone, can’t-believe-your-eyes fixed.

I saw a soccer-ball-sized dent removed from the rear fender of a $120,000 car. The dent also had a large crease, which makes repairs even harder. After thirty minutes there was no visible detection that a dent was ever there. The repair cost the client $400. Traditional body shop estimates were hovering at $2700.

PDR positives

  • Very low cost compared to traditional body shops

  • Same day repairs—even while-you-wait service

  • No paint work, sanding, or traditional bodywork required

  • Original paint remains—helps retain vehicles looks and value

  • Body panels remain intact—maintaining structural integrity

PDR negatives

  • PDR does not address scratches or paint chips that are often associated with dings (Many PDR companies will address chips and scratches, but it’s not PDR technology)

  • Many areas of body panels are not accessible, so PDR is not an option

  • Plastic bumpers or any plastic components can’t be fixed with PDR techniques. Since the bumper is the most common area to get damaged, this is a significant downside of PDR technology.

  • Some damage can occur to door panels, paint, interiors, window glass and hardware, although damage of any kind is rare.

Do you need PDR insurance?


Should you get your dings fixed using PDR techniques?

Hell, yes!

Let me explain…

Insuring against dings and dents does not make economic sense. Ding repairs average around $50 per ding. Some dings cost $99 to $149 to repair. Two to four dings can run $100 to $450, depending on the size of the dent. Insurance at this level is just not necessary. Moreover, it’s a gamble you will lose.

To benefit from a $300, two-year plan, your vehicle would need to sustain multiple “PDR repairable” dings or dents. Despite your coverage, you may not even notice the dings, making a claim impossible. Also, despite the amazing PDR techniques, they can’t fix everything, especially the chips and scratches that so frequently accompany a ding—should dings even occur.

Yes, get your dings fixed with PDR (if they’re bothering you), but don’t buy an insurance plan.

Protection plan economics 101

An article by Terence O’Hara in the Washington Post is a wonderful piece on the insanity of protection plans, and is applicable here. He writes:

The decision to buy an extended warranty…defies the recommendations of economists, consumer advocates and product quality experts, who all warn that the plans rarely benefit consumers and are nearly always a waste of money.

'[Extended warranties and protection plans] make no rational sense,’ Harvard economist David Cutler said. ‘The implied probability [of an issue] has to be substantially greater than the risk that you can’t afford to fix it or replace it. If you’re buying a $400 item, for the overwhelming number of consumers that level of spending is not a risk you need to insure under any circumstances.’

…extended warranties play upon a basic human trait to avoid loss, even if it means sacrificing a possible future gain. In this case, the gain is all the other things of value that a consumer could buy with the money that was spent on a warranty

Fix your dings

Fix your dings and dents (if you want) as they come—maybe every spring. Fixing dings keeps your car looking pristine, and increases its value. But don’t bother with a protection plan. Save your money.

Hold off on that paint job

Quality paintless dent repair is often a great substitute for those considering full paint jobs. Whenever possible, it's best to keep the original paint. Good PDR combined with a professional detail can restore vehicles to show room condition for less than $500.

Go with the best

Since 1983 Dent Wizard has been pioneering PDR technology. Their PDR technicians undergo extensive and ongoing training. The rates are reasonable and the quality is excellent. Always request a master PDR technician, as there are various levels of abilities.

Check with local dealers

Dealerships in your area may offer Dent Wizard. Your vehicle does not have to be of the same make as the dealership. In other words, you can bring your Chevy to a Ford dealer for PDR work.


Do it yourself paintless dent repair is easy.

No it ‘s not. It requires training, skill, and experience. There are many who practice PDR techniques who crack or flake the paint, or who create ripples in the metal.

The PDR products sold on TV do the same thing.

No! Not even close. There's no good substitute for the art of PDR.

Scratch and dent repair are the same thing.

No. A ding is a small dent, which can often be repaired via paintless dent repair procedures. A scratch is an actual break in the surface of the clear coat or paint, requiring traditional body shop techniques, or touch up paint.

It’s easy to learn how to repair dents on cars.

Maybe for some, but it’s a skill that few master. Dent Wizard offers a great training program. The management and staff are top notch.

What’s the best car dent removing protection plan?

Money in your bank account!

Ted holds extensive certifications from Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, GM, and ASE. Over a twenty-year period in the automotive service industry, he has served as a technician, shop foreman, shop manager, shop owner, service advisor, service manager, and service industry consultant. He is the author of eight books and numerous articles on the automotive service industry.
Other Works by Ted Olson Include:

  • ARREST the Automotive Service Industry!

  • Maintenance Myths: A Step-by-Step Guide to STOP Getting Ripped Off!

  • Auto Repair: The Shocking Truth About Who's Ripping You Off and Why!

  • Automotive Service Pricing Strategies—a fair pricing guide for service centers

  • Being the Best—a comprehensive customer service handbook for service advisors

  • Service Center Personnel—an auto repair informational for general service staff

  • Service Mission Statement—a philosophical proposal to improve customer service

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Las Vegas Grand Prix - Good and Bad

Well, the opener is over and not surprisingly the winner was not Bourdais. Many preseason observers opined that this year might yield a more level playing field given the new car and all that entails.

And so it did with Will Power winning and outpacing the field most of the weekend. Add that with a couple of rookies in the top five, Doornbos 2nd, Gommendy 5th, and we may have set the stage for some exciting racing the likes of which we haven’t seen for a long time.

It’s only the first race of the season and I’m sure that the old guard isn’t going to let the new guys run away with the Championship.

The problem with fueling will be solved which had it not existed, the outcome of this race might have been different.

As for the attendance it would be hard to estimate, from where I sat it looked like grandstand 1 was about 60 to 70 percent full. I would expect that not to be enough to give the promoter a profit. One of the two pit suites was filled but the other was nearly empty.

There was not lack of promotion as I saw many commercials on television and much signage throughout the city. The TV stations eagerly reported on the activities but disappointingly referred to it as the Las Vegas Grand Prix leaving out any references to Champ Car for the most part.

The track seemed to draw praise form the participants but access for the fan was limited. The view from GS1 was too narrow.

The paddocks were inside some very large and unique structures used by the World Market Center as exhibition centers. Oh yes they were air conditioned. Access was great but not fan friendly. The transporters were parked such that the work areas were the length of the transporters away where we had access making picture taking difficult for the average camera owner.

The pits were not accessible except during specified times when only a walk through was allowed. If you have ever been to Road America you would say there is no comparison. Extremely disappointing to me!

There were many volunteers stationed throughout the event doing their usual wonderful jobs. Every one saw I thanked for being there and helping. BOO-YA to all the volunteers!

What’s the state of the series? Well all the cars had some sponsorship on them. There were seventeen starters. If it’s true they are not on welfare then I am encouraged for the future. What does the future hold? The picture will become clearer in 08!

Used Car Pricing: The Insanity Of Used Car Prices

Used Car Pricing: The Insanity of Used Car Prices
By Theodore Olson

Used car prices are elusive, despite numerous attempts to harness them. We’ve all heard of Retail, Private Party and Trade-in values. But do these “help” in determining a vehicle’s real value?

When we turn to the web for prices, it gets even more elusive. One web site places a retail value on a car at $18,000. Another puts it at $21,000. What should we believe?

If sellers are looking to get the highest price for the car they’re selling, and the buyer wants to get the best deal possible, is there such thing as a fair used car price for both parties?

The answer is yes, but both parties have to be on the same page.

We’ll call this “page” Fair Market Value.

That being said, how do we interpret the market to determine fair market value? Since most sellers and buyers are going to try to interpret the market to his or her advantage, let’s even the playing field.

One of the most profound remarks I’ve heard to establish a better playing field for used car pricing comes from industry expert and owner of Medway Imports, Barry Roth. He states:

“To find market value, you need to take all the pricing data you find for a particular vehicle and throw out the high and low prices. What’s left in the middle is where you’ll find a fair market value.”

While this doesn’t address the used car pricing problem entirely, it does remove the unrealistic numbers that many clutch to like the drowning to a life preserver. It moves folks to more reasonable prices according to the market.

A lot of time is spent on popular web sites (for better or worse) to “help” determine used car pricing. But one should also follow and watch the market to see what cars are being advertised and sold for—if they’re being sold at all.

Visit for a host of great information on used car pricing.

Used car prices are also determined via auction pricing, and industry used car guides such as Black Book and the NADA Official Used Car Guide.

Importantly, even these books don’t settle the used car pricing debate. Here’s a publisher’s note on the inside cover of the latest NADA guide.

It states:

The vehicle values in the N.A.D.A OFFICIAL USED CAR GUIDE,® are developed by N.A.D.A’s editors based on many sources of information. These include reports of actual transactions throughout each area for which the guide is published.

The values in this guide assume a vehicle is clean. Appropriate deductions should be made for reconditioning costs incurred to put the vehicle in a salable condition. An exceptionally clean vehicle or one that bears a guarantee, warranty, or manufacturer certification should bring a premium price.

Please read your guide carefully when determining the value of optional equipment. N.A.D.A.’s editors believe that most optional equipment has little or no value on older cars. This is especially true of options that cost relatively little when new and which deteriorate with age or use. Only the more popular vehicle options are listed in the guide. Unless otherwise stated, all vehicles are assumed to be equipped with automatic transmission, air conditioning, compact disc player (and/or AM/FM stereo cassette,) power steering, rear window defroster, and tilt steering wheel. For other standard options, please review each vehicle’s listing.

As you can see, even the most respected used car pricing guide “assumes” quite a bit, leaning heavily on the “opinions” of its editors to determine “appropriate deductions” and thus the ultimate value of a particular car.

So where does this leave buyers and sellers? After both parties throw out the high and low prices, it leaves them in the middle of the market. This is where they’ll each get a fair shake (assuming vehicles are “clean”). Finding a good or "clean" used vehicle is another story.

Theodore P. Olson (Ted)
RepairTrust...Making sense of Auto Repair Prices
Ted Olson holds extensive certifications from Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, General Motors, and ASE. He is the author of eight books and numerous articles on the automotive industry.
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Used Car Prices and how they are determined!

eBay find: Prettiest way ever to spend $177K - 1955 Chevy Bel Air

Shhhh. Behold its beauty for a moment.

Mercedes Benz To Offer 40th Anniversary Edition CL65 AMG Performance Coupes

Mercedes-Benz to Offer 40th Anniversary Edition CL65 AMG Performance Coupes
By Dwayne Thomas

2007 is a significant year for Mercedes-AMG for two reasons: the first one is the arrival of a new top model, the CL65 AMG high-performance coupe which delivers 450 kW/612 hp V12 engine and rounds off the AMG range. It will also take part as one of the 40th Anniversary limited edition models. The second reason is the coming of the high-performance brand of Mercedes Car Group (MCG) which will commemorate the companys 40th birthday for this year.

The new CL65 is powered by an AMG 6.0 Liter V12 biturbo engine likened to those employed to the S65 AMG and SL65 AMG twelve-cylinder models. The AMG 6.0 Liter V12 biturbo engine delivers a maximum output of 450 kW/612 hp with a maximum torque of 1000 Newton meters which are reflected in its outstanding performance data that states that the CL65 AMG can reach 100km/h in 4.4 seconds and reaches the 200km/h in a matter of 13.3 seconds. The maximum speed that it can reach is 250 km/h but still electronically limited.

The standard features that are included in the CL65 are the following: an AMG body styling, 20-inch AMG forged wheels, unique AMG interior and highly advanced technology such as the AMG sports suspension, based on the Active Body Control System and the anticipatory occupant protection system PRE-SAFE®.

Also included in the CL65 is the AMG high-performance brake system with new double-frame sliding calipers that provide maximum deceleration without fading. And in times when emergency braking is required from 100km/h, the CL65 AMG comes to a standstill at 35.6 meters which represents a maximum deceleration of 11.1m/s2. And since its created by Benz it will also come equipped with top-of-the-line Mercedes auto components such as the Mercedes starter.

To mark the 40th anniversary of Mercedes-AMG--- the high performance brand of the Mercedes Car Group--- a new type of paint finish which reflects the status of this exclusive version and are restricted to just 40 vehicles in the whole world is going to be used. The AMG Alubeam which is a unique paint finish and seen only on a handful of Mercedes show cars is going to be applied on the CL65.

The AMG Alubeam makes use of a process wherein the paint gleams like liquid metal. The color, which seems to be stretched over the vehicle body like a metallic skin, emphasizes the compelling lines of the large Mercedes coupe while the light further makes the color to become more vivid. This remarkable paint finish is achieved through the use of pigment particles which measure just 30 to 50 nanometers allowing them to be incorporated in the surface of the paint much more evenly. As a result, the light is reflected more intensively and at the same time the luster of the paintwork is enhanced. No ordinary car paint with pigments measuring between 100 and 300 nanometers is capable of providing such remarkable effect.

A perfect paint calls for an equally perfect body surface. The Mercedes experts were able to achieve such in the CL65 through an elaborate process before the actual painting stage. The AMG Alubeam also has a clear coat which enhanced scratch resistance and in turn provides greater protection from environmental influences.

The CL65 is not only amazing from the outside but also in the inside. The CL65 AMG “40th Anniversary” edition features two-tone EXCLUSIVE PASSION all-Nappa-leather upholstery with a diamond pattern, a color-coordinated Alcantara roof lining and embossed V12 logos on the front head restraints. Likewise, the airbag unit of the AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel is also finished in Nappa leather. High-quality trim elements made from genuine carbon gives the CL65 a sporty look.

To serve as a reminder of the incomparable history of AMG a lettering of the 40th Anniversary is placed on the center console to confirm the exceptional character of the new coupe. A “ONE OUT OF 40’ badge on the hand rest of the COMAND controller is also provided as evidence of the car’s highly exclusive status.

The CL65 is designed by the specialists of the AMG Performance Studio which was set up last 2006. The 40th Anniversary CL65 belongs to the exclusive category of vehicles with distinctive look and feel that differentiates them from the series-production models.

For more about you Mercedes parts needs like Mercedes starter, visit your trusted online source.

Dwyane Thomas is a part time cook and full-time auto-enthusiast. This 31-year old Civil and Environmental graduate is a consultant at one of the engineering firms in Pennsylvania.

USED CAR FOR SALE; Tips To Sell Your Car Instead Of Trade

It is much easier to Trade Your Car when you purchase a new one, but you may be able to get more Money by Selling Your Own Car.

Used Car For Sale; Tips To Sell Your Car Instead Of Trade
First and foremost is to make your Used Car For Sale look good. Take it to a professional detail person and spend $75 to $100 to make it look Great, or spend a day and do it yourself. Make sure to clean the engine, underneath, door jams, etc.

Used Car For Sale tip 2 would be to make sure you change the oil and all fluids. Flush the radiator and put new antifreeze. Make sure brake fluid is clean. You may even want to change the transmission fluid.

Used Car For Sale tip 3 is to make sure your brakes and tires are in good shape. This is something everyone will check. If your tires are worn, spend $300-$400 and put new rubber all the way around. If your brakes squeek or do not stop correctly, put new pads on and turn the rotors. Rotors are usually visible through the wheels and look better if they are nice and shiny.

Used Car For Sale tip 4 is to make sure there are no lights on your dash. When I say lights, I mean Check Engine, Service Engine, Change Oil, etc. I guess I should say lights on your gauges. This is a direct turnoff for a Used Car For Sale.

Used Car For Sale tip 5 is to park your Used Car in a high traffic area to be seen. This is probably one of the most important of all tips. The more people see your Car For Sale, the better your chance of selling your car.

Used Car For Sale tip 6 is to price your car where it will sell. Take it by your local dealer and ask the Used Car Manager for pricing advice. Most will be more than happy to help, Especially if it is the dealership you intend to purchase from once you Sell Your Car.

Used Car For Sale tip 7 would be to make sure you put a phone # that you can be reached. I know this sounds crazy, but many people put a home # when they are never home. Put your cell # so you can be reached any time.

Used Car For Sale tip 8 is to have a car fax ran on your car along with all service records and any of the tuneup records you just performed on your Car. These records and history of a Used Car will go a long way in getting top dollar.

Used Car For Sale tip 9 would be to price your car where you have some negotiating room as everyone loves to dicker. Everyone wants to think they got a deal. Price your Car 10% more than you are willing to take for the Car. If you want $5000, price it at $5500. If you want $10,000, price it at $11,000. You get the idea. A more expensive Used Car will merit a larger discount.

These are just a few tips to help you get top dollar for selling your Used Car instead of trading. You may have to spend a little money to make it more attractive, but the return may be worth it. It also depends on how fast you will be ready for your New Car. If you are in a hurry, it may be easier to trade. Try Selling Your Car 2 to 3 months before you are planning on Buying A Car. This will give you time to see if Selling Your Car is going to be an option that will work. You might find yourself Buying A Car quicker than you thought. Good Luck and Leave me a Comment if you have more tips or if any of these tips helped you Sell Your Car.

Pervs at Porsche Help You Get with Barely Legal Teen Girls!

Orange County Orange Porsche BoxterLet's face it. The most popular reason for owning a proper sportscar isn't to go fast. We can all appreciate their niceness, but only freaks like Tom Cruise actually buy one with their money. Next time you see a Ferrari Maranello or a Pegani Zonda stuck in traffic, the balding guy behind the wheel avoiding eye contact with other drivers - know this: he got thFamily Guy Quagmire Giggitye car to get hot teen girls.

Successful people can indulge their wrongest of impulses and the perverts at Porsche, who've catered to date-rape-drug aficionados for decades, have decided to offer a sexed-up version of the unsexiest Porsche ever, the Boxter with some shiny accessories. Because they know teen girls love those.
Teen GIrls in Schoolgirl outfitsAccording to Autoblog, The Limited Edition Boxter will offer nothing for going faster. Instead, there's that designer shoe-like shade of GT3 RS Orange. Let's call it Orange County Orange. Plus there's big black wheels that the ladies also love. Let the grooming begin!

There's a long history of wacky colours and teenage girldom. Check out the special colour Steve Saleen created for his daughter. It's named after her - and I'm guessing she's not making payments on the car, either. Puts your dad's presents into perspective, doesn't it. (more pix of Molly Saleen's Mustang if you click). Pink Molly Pop Mustang

Of course, any babe-magnet/pimp mobile owner knows that paint is everything. The General Lee or the Starsky and Hutch Grand Torino would just be basic transportation, 'A' to 'B' cars if they were silver or white.

Britney Spears before shaved headYellow, orange, kermit green, Listerine blue - those are colors that make hot teen girls drop it like it's hot- and Porsche and Steve Saleen know that. Check out the Wrangler, Mustang and Defender - in a colorful-car threesome in the very, very background of the first Britney Spears video. Remember when she was 'teen' and a 'girl' before the shaved head,kid and rehab?
Offended? Feel free to complain in comments, below.

Ford, VW and Suburu Want You to Have Kids and go to Ikea.

That's an IKEA bookshelf. Take a good look at it. Does it arouse? Do you love it? Do you want to marry it? Well, you must. Because you, computer-savvy, middle-class person can't seem to get your fill. Piles upon piles of these combined with shopping at Costco and fertility pills that make you have quadruplets are apparently spurring on all the cars guys to start thinking cargo space.

Why else would a VW Getta 'Sportwagon', a new Suburu Impreza and a brand new Ford thing called the Flex all be debuting in New York. Yes, it's the most boring car show of them all, since it takes place on 'enemy territory' among those foot using, whale kissers. Wagons are plentiful!

The great thing about wagons that, unlike SUVs, they won't start being uncool one day. Since the 50s, surfers and, later, straight-up gangstas have made wagons cool.. The Flex shows some of that potential for being tweaked into coolness. Some custom paint (plenty of room to express yourself on a wagon). Some rims and a cargo area filled with subwoofers, longboards and a mattress - and you've got yourself a wagon that doesn't look like it's your mom's!

We actually like the Flex. It's a wagon that doesn't try to hard, and that's always meant 'classic'. Unfortunately, the Flex is Front Wheel Drive (FWD) - as in - not cool or sporty. It's got lots of glass, so it'll be light. Which is good. And it's got a shiny metal-looking thing on the tailgate - which is wagoony. It's even got a white roof like the FJ Cruiser. Yes, they're calling it a cross-over - but forget all that. Check out their (still not-quite-done) microsite for the Flex.

Check out some of these old school, rear-wheel drive wagons show how it's done.

The Ford Galaxie - a blood relative of the Flex. Notice the guy even shaved off the doorhandles along with the nice Woody Woodpecker touches. Matte paint and red wheels are enough to make this big, bad bastard kick ass!

Custom Chevy Caprice Wagon The Chevy Caprice Wagon was massive with customisers. My guess, it was the 5.7L bad-ass sitting under the hood. Plus, you could bolt on 96' Impala SS parts. Plus these were cheap after just a couple years!

When dead people just plain refuse to stay dead - who is it that you might consider calling? You god damn right, it's the Ghostbusters and their 1959 Cadillac Ambulance - officially called the Ecto 1 - since it's 'ectoplasm' that ghosts are made of. Also check out the fiends at Grim Rides Hearse Society to see more of these awesome 'wagons'.

Not just for car nerds: BT's MILF-off 2007 - take that Cars! Cars! Cars!

My favorite blogger and homie, Bob, on Cars!Cars!Cars! professes his love for Alison Krauss - who, I'm guessing, is big in America right now - where I don't live - that there's a seperate category on his blog for her name. I agree with Bob on most stuff he says - especially about the Monte Carlo. However, I don't get his thing with Alison. Go hang out in front of an elementary school in Orange County (you perv) and you'll see much hotter moms picking up their arian nation-looking kids.

But here at Basic Transportation, we follow the evidence. So, we're presenting the first-ever, BT MILF-off. You decide: (look what happens, Bob)

(no worries, voting won't take you anywhere else)

From Cool Cheap Cars - Really, really disgusting new Scion.

Lots of people didn't much like the Scion xB when it came out. Based on the Japanese Black Box, it just wasn't how L.A. people (where the first Scions were releases) looked at cars. L.A. folks want big trucks, or at least convertibles. Your car is who you are - and not a lot of people saw themselves as a slow refrigerator box. But the xB was cool enough to win over a lot of fans. With its impossibly massive interior (seriously, it's like an old Chevy Astro van in there) - and its low, low, low price - it was actually an OK way to go, car-wise.

But almost a decade later, Scion felt the pressure to do something new to the xB - so they made it ugly and more Toyota-like. Behold, the above picture of the uglified crap mobile that is replacing the beloved all box. It's rounder, its front end vaguely resembles Toyota vans and it's coming at you soon for $15,650. Look for the new Scion xB in Second Life too, it's even uglier.

A Chinese Chevy: How can You Lose?

If You're Under 25, you must be a DJ!

'Young people. With their music and their long hair. Get a damn job, you useless bastards!' That's just about how GM executives talk, we'd assume. Executive people are about the age to have teenage kids and who's more in touch with youth than their parents!

So, in a desperate, desperate death spasm of attempted coolness, Chevy has just shown off some shiny, new, teeny, tiny concept cars at the New York Auto Show. Needless to say, with how New York feels about cars - debuting very small and very slow rides simply must be done in walking capital of the United States.

But wait! It's not that all three of these little bastards might make it to production. Instead, like any good dad, Chevrolet has provided us with choice! Even you can go to and vote for the Beat, Groove or Trax as the concept you hate least. Also notice how they all have DJing related names, for that extra bit of small car funk.

Apparently, spinning some mad, phat vinyl is what all young people do all the time. They are the same exact people that, apparently, just crave the very hell out of tiny little cars. Witness this closeup of an orange Toyota Aygo, from last year's Paris show - with the hydraulic-powered rear(that's something we can all enjoy) that comes out on to reveal two turntables and a microphone. So play that funky music! (as long as you're not very tall)

Fake being cool and you can write about anything!

Hey Natalie Naff - they're called cars, please write about some.

Natalie's a tattooed, wannabe-vintage-tshirt -wearing Road Test Editor at Autoweek. Her column this week (linked) is a fascinating tale of her trying to smoke on a balcony in California. There's no mention of any vehicle whatsoever. How about how you can't get an ashtray in cars anymore? How about what smoking does to depreciation? How about how the H3 has been shown to cause cancer? (I made that last one up). But, seriously, what the hell?

Gee, Natalie - please tell me more. Share your insights and gift of wordsmithship with the rest of us. Or, give me a god damn break. I get that Autoweek sees how old-school they are - so let's get a hip, young smoker chick to write a little column of her feelings and oh-so 'with the kids' experiences.

Eh, sorry. I'm young(ish) and I even smoke. And I still don't buy it. Talk about cars - I'll get all the hip person commentary from people who aren't from Detroit, thanks.

Lease Versus Buy Car

Everyone always Asks, Should I BUY A CAR or LEASE A CAR? This is a very important question when going to the Car Dealership.

You need to look at your past car experiences to determine your future car needs. Some questions to ask yourself about your car.

1. How many miles do I drive my car?
2. What kind of condition do I keep my car in?
3. What do I use my car for?
4. How long do I keep a Car?

This is 4 very important questions when deciding to Lease or Buy a Car. If you drive over 15 or 20 thousand miles a year, I would suggest you BUY YOUR CAR. If you are rough on your car, like scratches, dents, wear inside and out, I would suggest you BUY YOUR CAR. If you use your car for travel and it is your main car, you may want to BUY YOUR CAR. If you keep your car a very short amount of time or a very long time, you may want to BUY YOUR CAR!

But, on the other side, if you drive 15000 miles a year or less, trade every 3 to 4 years, and keep your car in good condtion, you may want to LEASE YOUR CAR.

Look at the last car you traded. Did you have Negative Equity? Did you owe more than it was worth? If your answer is yes, check into leasing. Leasing gives you the opportunity to trade more often without having negative equity. You turn your lease in and pick out another. It is a great way to drive newer cars more often. Lease scares many people because their mothers and fathers said to NEVER LEASE! Why? It works great for many customers. I have customers call me and tell me to get a new vehicle of their liking ready and they will pick it up tomorrow. Easy for the customer and easy for the dealership.

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