Gas Prices To Soar Summer 2012; $5 Per Gallon?

There are rumors that gas prices could soar to $5 dollars per gallon or more in the summer of 2012. Are you prepared to pay double the amount you are now paying for gas? If the analysts are correct, you may want to start looking for a more fuel efficient vehicle now!

The reasons for the rise in gas prices go something like this, Iran is cutting the flow of oil coming thru its country if sanctions continue against their nuclear program....that is the short answer. If you are like me, I question how much of the US Oil Supply comes from that region? From my reading, it looks like 1/3 of the Worlds Oil Supply comes thru that region, but the US directly sees only about 6 percent of that oil. It always goes back to the golden rule, he who holds the gold, makes the rules.

We will see how 2012 fares for gas prices, but everyone can make a difference. Car pool where you can, try lowering unnecessary trips to town, buy more fuel efficient vehicles, and check for ways to get better fuel economy out of your present vehicle.


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