General Motors Fuel Economy

"Only GM has the most cars that get 30 miles per gallon or better on the highway". You have heard the commercial, well here is a list of the cars: Buick Lacrosse, Chevy Cobalt, Chevy Aveo 5, Chevy Malibu, Chevy Malibu Maxx, Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevy Impala, Chevy HHR, Pontiac G6, Pontiac Vibe, Pontiac Grand Prix, Saab 9-3 Sport sedan, Saab 9-3 SportCombi, Saturn Ion.
*Based on 2006 EPA highway estimates.

GM is also looking to the future with advanced engine technology to save us money on fuel costs. Have you heard of Active Fuel Management? This is a technology that allows the vehicle to operate on 1/2 of the cylinders when driving with light loads. When full power is needed, the other cylinders kick in. For instance, at cruising speeds on the highway, your V8 engine will operate on 4 cylinders. When you are accelerating from a traffic light, your vehicle will operate on 8 cylinders. The vehicles that offer this technology in the 2006 model year are: Buick Rainier, Chevy Trailblazer, Chevy Monte Carlo SS, Chevy Impala SS, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Envoy XL, GMC Yukon, Pontiac Grand Prix GXP, and Saab 9-7X.

Still looking at GM Engines, there is (VVT) Variable Valve Timing. This helps to lower emissions and optimize combustion for greater performance and fuel economy. This is done by keeping the timing of the intake and exhaust valves in sync. The 2006 GM vehicles offering VVT are Chevy Colorado, Chevy Malibu Maxx SS, Cadillac CTS, Buick Rainier, Chevy Monte Carlo, GMC Envoy, and Pontiac G6 GTP.

Now for Flexfuel engines using E85 Ethanol. E85 vehicles can run on gasoline or a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline. Did you know that for every 37 gallons of E85 ethanol used you are saving a barrel of oil! GM is projected to have nearly 2 million Flexfuel vehicles on the road by the end of 2006. Available Flexfuel vehicles are these 2006 models: Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Impala, Chevy Monte Carlo, Chevy Silverado, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, GMC Yukon XL; and these 2007 models: Chevy Avalanche, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Yukon.

GM has numerous Hybrid transit buses on the road in US and Canada which reduce emissions by up to 90%. Also, BMW and DaimlerChrysler have joined GM to develop a two-mode full hybrid for rear, front, and all wheel drive vehicles.

Maybe if more manufacturers would join together for the good of all we could drastically reduce our dependance on foreign countries for oil. I have heard of an engine that is in the prototype stage that converts H2O Liquid to an H2 Gas. Wouldnt it be nice to run our cars off water! I believe the technology is there, but it will take money out of too many pockets to push forward.

Bourdais Wins Montreal

Sebastian Bourdais held on to win the Montreal race this morning. Tracy was second sandwiched between the two Frenchmen, Bourdais and Philippe who finished third.

It seems ironical that Tracy's fate in the race would be manipulated by the two Frenchmen after the weekend of interaction between Tracy and the mostly French crowd. Tracy commented at the post race press conference that chiding was all in good fun and taken as such.

WickerBill Sez;

Bourdais' points lead is nearly insurmountable.
The attendance was 110,000 for three days up nearly 10% from last year, - Tracy's doings? Too bad this was the last Champ Car event scheduled for this track!

KK at Infineon

Quoted from Speed:

Kevin Kalkhoven made in impromptu appearance at Infinion on Sunday morning to talk with Tony George about the possibility of staging doubleheaders in 2007.

"Mario (Andretti) invited me to come to talk with Tony but it wasn't about unification," said Kalkhoven, the co-owner of Champ Car who lives 30 minutes away outside of San Jose.

"We discussed the possibility of running a couple events together but I'm not real optimistic at this point."

IRL founder George had no comment on the meeting, which also included Honda's Robert Clarke, who refused to talk about it.Andretti and Clarke both tried to mend the open wheel split during the past year and the 1969 Indy 500 winner would only say: "I can't really talk about it but I think we're making progress.

"It's believed the events being considered are Long Beach ( Champ Car), St. Petersburg (IRL) and another road race at mid-season.

WickerBill Sez;

As I have said all along a phased deal is a must, could this be the first phase?

Biodiesel Engine or Biodiesel Conversion

Biodiesel Engine or Biodiesel Conversion: Which One is Right for You?
By Mike Cubert

Whenever we talk about biodiesel we mean the process of converting waste vegetable oil to an alternative fuel called biodiesel (or biodiesel conversion) which is then poured into unmodified diesel tanks in place of petroleum-based diesel. There is, however, another practice that comes to many minds whenever the term biodiesel comes up. This phenomenon involves the conversion of the engine rather than the oil, modifying a normal diesel engine to where it can run on unmodified waste vegetable oil (grease, fat, lard, etc.), in essence turning it into a biodiesel engine.

Thus the now famous and aptly named Grease Car. With greasecar as but one shining example of many, biodiesel engine conversion is gaining widespread appeal and it is no wonder: imagine pulling up behind McDonalds and getting all the free fuel you can carry! Its true. Restaurants have to pay to get their waste vegetable oil carted away. People needing to fuel a biodiesel engine are doing them a favor, taking it away for free.

Many fast food restaurants, in fact, prefer if you establish committed relationships with them, coming by regularly to pick up a consistent amount. That way, they can adjust their contract with their actual waste disposal provider accordingly.

One New York City man has driven over 3,000 miles on his biodiesel engine modified 1985 Mercedes station wagon off of free fry oil he gets from his corner deli.

Biodiesel engine conversion appeals to many because its a process that only needs to be done once, where as actually biodiesel conversion must be performed every time the tank runs dry. With the burgeoning rise in biodiesel fill-up stations around the country, however, that advantage wont weigh as heavily for long.

If youre interested in having a biodiesel engine all your own, you can buy packaged biodiesel engine conversion kits to help you. These conversion kits come with full instructions and all the necessary equipment needed to modify any car with a diesel engine to run on straight waste vegetable oil.

You can even buy a more heavy duty biodiesel engine conversion kit built especially for heavy duty trucks.

Once a standard diesel engine is converted to a biodiesel engine, it can still run on regular, petroleum-based diesel (which is a very good thing - imagine being stranded at a service station because theres no vegetable oil in sight!)

Waste vegetable oil used in a converted biodiesel engine must first be filtered to prevent clogging up the fuel lines. It is recommended, in fact, to filter it more than once, through successively smaller mesh filters (theyre measured in microns, the smaller the number of microns being the finer the mesh). You can find filters of different sizes at most auto supply stores.

Now, there are many among us who, well aware of our own mechanical limitations, wouldnt want to risk messing with our cars that way, and most of the biodiesel information in this website will speak primarily to these people, with such info as where to purchase biodiesel fuel and how to do your own biodiesel conversion. If, however, you feel empowered to spruce up your diesel engine into a biodiesel engine, more power to you. Either get yourself a kit or a thorough book on the subject and then get on your way. And whichever route you go, we wish you the happiest of travels!

Biodisel is clean, renewable, cheap and popular. The best part is that it is very easy to make it at home. Visit our biodiesel making section for how to information.

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Making E85
Is a Hybrid Car For You?
BioDiesel Conversion
BioDiesel Process
Take a Ride In a Hybrid Car
Hybrid Tax Credit
Pursuit of Hybrid Synergy
Electric Hybrid Aptera
Hybid Cars, Whats the Big Deal?

Is A Hybrid Car For You

Hybrid Car

Is A Hybrid Car For You
By Kadence Buchanan

You may have seen one zipping past you in the high occupancy lane, a lone driver at the wheel. It's a gasoline-electric hybrid car and driving in the HOV lane is just one of the benefits of ownership in many states. But what is a hybrid? How does it work? Is it the right car for you and your family?

A hybrid car has a both a gasoline engine and a battery. The battery is recharged by energy from the gasoline engine that would normally be lost during braking or decelerating. The car uses either the battery or the gasoline engine depending on several factors including how fast the car is traveling. Sometimes, both will work together to provide an extra boost of power without using too much extra fuel.

The result of this technology is cars that get significantly better gas mileage and produce less carbon dioxide emissions that traditional gasoline powered cars. For example, according to Honda, the 2006 Civic Hybrid gets 50 miles to the gallon on the highway, 14 miles to the gallon better than the 2003 regular Civic. When driven the national average of 12,000 miles, that represents a savings of 69 gallons of gas and 258 pounds of carbon dioxide per year.

In the early days of hybrid cars, there were few models to choose from. People desiring to purchase a hybrid car were stuck in tiny cars with little cargo space. Today, however, manufacturers produce hybrid cars and light trucks in nearly every category including family-sized sedans, sport utility vehicles and minivans. The smallest cars still get the best gas mileage, but larger hybrids consistently outperform their regular siblings in gas mileage and carbon dioxide emissions.

Unfortunately, hybrid cars cost more than regular models. In the case of the 2006 Honda Civic, the hybrid model costs almost $7,000 more than the regular model. Congress passed a law providing tax credits for hybrid car owners that took effect on January 1, 2006 that would save the buyer of a 2006 Civic Hybrid $2,100. It would take several years to break even on the purchase of a hybrid counting gasoline savings alone. However, many hybrid owners are as dedicated to the environmental benefits of driving a hybrid as they are to the money they save.

One of the fears when hybrid cars first became available was that maintenance and insurance costs would be prohibitive. Research has shown that regular maintenance costs for hybrid vehicles are no higher than for regular vehicles. Additionally, hybrid car owners are less likely to be involved in accidents and some insurance companies have begun offering discounts to hybrid car owners.

Kadence Buchanan writes articles on many topics including Automotive, Outdoors, and Recreation.

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Making E85
Is a Hybrid Car For You?
BioDiesel Conversion
BioDiesel Process
Take a Ride In a Hybrid Car
Hybrid Tax Credit
Pursuit of Hybrid Synergy
Electric Hybrid Aptera
Hybid Cars, Whats the Big Deal?

How To Save Big Money On Your Car, Truck or SUV

How To Save Big Money On Your Car, Truck or SUV
By David Maillie

With the current price of gas at over $3 a gallon, the economy in a downturn, and no relief in site, we need to start conserving and saving everywhere we can. The car is a great place to start. Here are some tips from the National Institute on Highway Safety:

Dont take unnecessary risks. You can get in an accident and get hurt and you can also get a ticket, fine or worse. Speeding greatly increases the odds of an accident. It also increases fuel consumption and can result in a ticket. A speeding ticket alone can cost over $200 in fines and court costs easily plus there is added insurance points and costs which can easily cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Basically, do not speed as it will cost more than you realize.

Scope out your local gas stations and find where the closest and cheapest gas is. It does no good to buy cheaper gas 30 miles away and burn half of it driving there and back. Use the internet as there are many websites that will actually help you find the lowest prices on gas and tell you exactly how far they are from you. Its amazing the price difference in gas stations. In one mile from my house there are 2 gas stations and one is $.12 per gallon cheaper than the other. Twelve cents may not sound like much, but on a average 20 gallon fill up that will save you $2.40. With regular driving, that could result in a free tank every month or two.

Here is a great way to save money on your car that most people still will not do, shop your car insurance. We see it on TV every day in ads from Geico and Progressive. By shopping your auto insurance you can save hundreds and even thousands in some cases. Its not because your current insurance company or agent is ripping you off, its mostly due to the fact that each company has different underwriters, qualifications, and standards. What may be a safe or low premium car for one company may not be for another. If you shop your car imsurance around, you will be amazed at what you find. You could save enough for a mortgage payment! Loyalty will end up costing you big, sorry insurance agents, but its true.

Be safe. Keep your car maintained. This includes everything from oil changes on time to following the manufacturers recommended maintenance plan for your car. Notice we said manufacturers and not dealers. Most car dealers are purely interested in generating service revenue and will recommend many unnecessary and expensive treatments and services over the life of your car. Want proof, compare he manufacturers recommendations with the dealers. You will always see a big difference. Just remember this, regardless what the dealer says, the manufacturer built your car, designed your car and backs your car. I would always take the manufacturers word over the dealers.

These are just a few great tips that will definitely save you big money on your car, truck or SUV.

David Maillie specializes in automotive safety products and information. He holds numerous patents and awards for his patented headlight cleaner and restorer. For more great information, tips, safety and money saving products for your auto please visit

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Why Ford Motor Company Is Losing Market Share Fast To Hyundai


Why Ford Motor Company Is Losing Market Share Fast To Hyundai
By David Maillie

Hyundai is fast taking over the American automotive landscape. They originally targeted GM and Ford, but now have Honda, Toyota and even luxury automotive names like Lexus and Acura in their sites. Ford has tried to keep up by purchasing Jaguar and reinventing the classic GT40, but it cannot keep up as these are small profit areas and Fords bread and butter was its Taurus in the 80s and early 90s. It lost this market share to Honda and Toyota in the 90s. Ford is trying to reinvent itself and find a new profitable niche, but it appears that the time for its demise is soon approaching.

Ford Motor Co. announced just this last week that it was going to cut another 30,000 or so workers, shut down several plants and cut production by over 20 percent. That is not a good sign. They even announced that they will be giving some dealers the boot. That is an even worse indicator. A cardinal rule of business according to the Harvard Business Review is that you never cut your sales force except to replace them with a more effective sales force. Else all you will do is reduce your sales. While Ford is closing down and circling its wagons, Hyundai is opening more dealers and rewarding and paying its sales staff better than ever.

If you have a good sales staff or organization and you reward them properly they can sell anything to anybody. Look, when Hyundai started selling in America, people were leary, there were new upstarts Kia and Daewoo was going down the drain. People did not trust or even want to consider Hyundai. Even with great incentives and a longer warranty they were not selling well. Then Hyundai revamped things and focused solely on its sales. According to Hyundai Motor America (HMA) President and CEO, Ok Suk (Owen) Koh:

We knew that our sales would make us or break us so we made that our number one issue. We took every thing positive that was being done in the entire industry and brought it all together at Hyundai. From innovation and new technology like Toyota to owner loyalty like Lexus. We knew that if we did this and kept sales as our top priority that we would come out on top.

Basically, Hyundai is gunning for top sales in America and worldwide and companies that cannot keep up, like Ford, are destined to fall unless they take drastic steps or measures.

Instead of cutting its production and, more importantly, its sales staff and dealerships, Ford should focus on fixing the problem. By cutting back you will only make it worse. What Ford needs to do is rekindle itself with the younger generation. It has tried and failed miserably. Expensive ads on American Idol did not work, reinventing the mustang has not yielded the results that were expected. It is time to get help. What Ford needs is a new leader. One that could easily revamp their product line and reputation and bring them back from the brink. Lee Iacocca, was the wonder boy of Chrysler. He brought them out of the same identical financial hole. Bill Ford is not and will not ever be capable of this. This is true in most mega rich and entrepreneurial families, the kids will never attain 1 millionth of the accomplishments of their fathers. They do not have the ability or the drive. It is not in them. It is not something you are born with, its something you learn through experience. What Ford desperately needs is Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs has become one of the greatest success stories of all time. In the 70s and 80s he created Apple Computer and dominated the personal computer market. In the 90s he came back and brought Apple back from the brink and then he created and dominated the personal music player industry with the iPod. He also created Pixar animation studios and has dominated that area. Steve Jobs has the uncanny ability to take companies in entirely different fields and make them super successful. Ford and the automotive industry would be a cake walk for him. So, Ford, here is a bonafide guaranteed solution to your problems. Get rid of Mr. Ford and do whatever it takes to get Steve Jobs on board. You will then be able to open plants, increase the number of dealers, and increase jobs. Someone should email this article to Ford before it is too late.

David Maillie specializes in automotive research and safety products. He holds numerous patents and awards for his patented headlight cleaner and restorer. For more great similar research, tips, safety and money saving products for your auto please visit:

Methanol vs Ethanol

With the IRL going to Ethanol next year they have opted to go back to the 3.5 L engine to make up for some of the power lost by switching from methanol to ethanol fuel.

Something called “latent heat of vaporization” is what is responsible for alcohols better than gasoline performance in racing engines. This is in spite of the fact that alcohol has less power per unit volume than gasoline. The Latent heat of vaporization is also what gives methanol the edge over ethanol even though ethanol has more power per unit volume than methanol.

So why the change to Ethanol? Obviously has nothing to do with performance, likely just a PR move!

For a good read on alcohol fuels:

Caught in the Crossfire...'s lameness.

Remember the Crossfire?

Yeah, no one does. And yet, if the desperate housewife on your street didn't go for its mid-life crisis tackling appeal - maybe this thing will do the trick. Chrysler Firepower Concept

Maybe this is the dad version. After slamming doors and screaming about his wife doesn't really understand him - he can storm out and get into this, Hemi-powered, 1.5 ton Viagra bottle . Cause that's what this is. It's even called the Firepower - to remind you that you don't shoot blanks. The idea of this sort of sporty Chrysler actually makes the Corvette seem like it's for young people. Check out the story on Car's awesome new website - fun fact: Car's been a hair away from publishing my Escalade test-drive for 4 months. I'll let you know how that goes.

Hybrids pay for themselves? Why don't me one, by themselves then.

A think piece.

My main man Bobby S picks up on the CNN story about Hybrids paying for themselves. Sure, it might take six years - and, by that point, gas will be so expensive that hybrids will pay for themselves even faster. This is making my head hurt. However, a fun note is that an unidentified source at Galpin Ford - the kick-assingest Ford dealership in California - actually pointed out to me that...big finish...The Hybrid Escape gets worse gas mileage than the terrorist loving, baby seal clubbing, wood-burning, none-hybrid model.

But Basic Transportation, how the hell can that be? Because of added weight and the fact that - I'll say it again - hybrids only run on electricity at or below around 30MPH - the whole thing is a conspiracy to make you forget that electric cars exist, that ethanol/biodiesel is a lot cheaper and easier to produce, that fuel-cells are more treehuggy and that Honda actually made a Civic that ran on water and made muffins in the glovebox, but the CIA covered it up.

Only the last one is made up.

The Dodge Nitro. How to feel:

How to feel about it?

I've seen the Nitro a bunch of times at car shows. On one hand, it can be customized and - on rims, with tints, a blackout grille, and TVs in the headrests - this thing will be alright. But so will anything. Aside from that, do Volvo-driving soccer moms really need another family truckster with 4x4? Let's be honest with ourselves. If you're serious about your 4x4ing, you won't be going for this Dodge. That'd be like taking your cousin to the big dance - deep down, you'll know you can't really do anything serious.

And so, briefly, don't spend 20K on this. And, whatever you do, don't spend close to 30 for the leathered out, 4x4 (link to 'price announced Autoblog story). Basic Transportation suggests something basic - like the Jeep Unlimited.

Truck Accessories


Let's face it, trucks are the business. From the fairly compact run-around-town SUV models right through to the monsters that eat up the off-road trails while keeping a truck load of passengers comfortable, there's nothing like them. The large size has become a hit with the modern consumer who wants a vehicle that is safety conscious and capacious enough for the comfort of its occupants plus the big gear that modern leisure demands. The truck purchase is just the start - next up is the accessorizing.

Some of these truck accessories purchases are true upgrades in that they look after the value of the truck - grille protectors stop damage to the grille, which is a big money item to replace. Protection for the side of the machine will also pay dividends in elongating the life of the truck.

The most popular truck accessory, according to Lund International, is the running board. The benefits of a running board go beyond making it easier for everyone to get in and out of the SUV or passenger truck; these boards give the rider and driver a place to knock off outdoor elements like sand, mud and snow. Of course, these runners also complete the look of the truck. Due to their popularity, many truck manufacturers are starting to offer their own models to make the choices easier. For the more rugged trucker, Brite-Tread Running Boards are handsome boards with a strong durability factor.

Second on the popularity list is the protector for hood, shield and grille. Lund, Westin and others offer great bug stoppers for the windshield and hood that put an end to the damaging build up of little creatures that can wreck the paint job or windshield. Another nice, popular idea is to personalize this shield with a popular logo, brand or motto to live by. A grille protector is a purchase that can save your grille, but that has a secondary value as a real style statement.

Beside the protective truck accessories line there are those bits and pieces that add to the look of your machine. If you want to be sure no-one misses you (and tell yourself this is about road safety if you want) then you should make a small investment in lights - a bumper light kit, an LED light panel, under-body light strip, a stainless steel license plate holder ... Just check out the big auto hardware retailers: Ace Hardware, Sears Hardware, Pep Boys and so on.

Many truck owners purchase a truck for its size and ability to tow "toys" like boats, snowmobiles, ATV bikes, motorcycles or race cars. This means the truck needs a special hitch that fits a trailer. Some popular hitches are Street Scene hitches and Valley Receiver hitches such as those found at,, and

There are also plenty of truck accessories that can be bought via the car makers - Dodge or Jeep for example. Many websites offer an online look at various manufacturer's styles, including Lund, Stull, Westin, KC Hilites, Go Rhino, as well as many others. One example to check out is

Copyright 2006 Steve Dinman. All rights reserved.
Steve Dinman runs Rhino Truck Accessories- easy to find truck accessories info fast.

Money Saving Tips For Everyone

If you want a good read, check out some past carnivals with some great advice for anyone:
Festival Of Frugality.
Carnival of Cars
Carnival of Inspiration
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Young Driver has Clear View of Chasm

By J.R. Hildebrand

WickerBill Sez;

J.R. is wise beyond his years!

Holy Crap! Basic Transportation spawns off-shoot, Cool Cheap Cars blog.

Brain bogglingly, Basic Transportation has spawned itself an offspring. The Cool Cheap Cars post on bt got such a massive response (I think my dad read it and told a buddy), that it's now led to a brand new blog.

Prepare yourself for - the a much better looking that this - Cool Cheap Cars at will be devoted to cars, SUVs and trucks that people can actually afford. Anyone can sound smart when telling you about how fast the new Ferrari is. Who cares? Are you a banker? Has the stock market been good to you? I didn't think so.

Cool Cheap Cars will keep you on the cutting edge of cheapness AND coolness. Still under development, Cool Cheap Cars aims to become not only the number one car and truck blog but also the most-visited, best loved and cheapest website on the world wide web (or 'web' as the cool kids call it.)

Auto Insurance Quote

There are several things you can do to save money on your auto insurance.
-The best way to save on auto insurance is to have a good driving record!
-One of the best money saving ideas for car insurance is to shop around for the best deal. The easiest way to do this is on the internet--you can get several quotes from one form.

Before you buy a car, check what the insurance is going to cost you. There is a big difference from a safe car compared to a car that had crash test problems. There are some company's that offer discounts for good driving records, certain features on cars, good grades, or even non-smokers, so make sure you find out what discounts are available with the company you are with.

Raise your deductibles to save on your car insurance premiums. If you have a $100 deductible, your insurance will be much higher than if you have a $500 deductible. If you have your car financed, make sure what the lender requires--usually $500 deductible. This may also vary by state.

If you have an older car, drop the full coverage and pay for liability only. If you wreck an older car, you will not get much money for it anyway.

WEAR YOUR SEAT BELT! It has been proven in studies that drivers who wear seat belts are in fewer accidents because they are more aware of being in an accident. It is also the state law in many states and could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

Allmendinger Makes it Four in Denver

AJ A collected his fourth win of the season at Denver, besting the field in a wild a woolly event. AJ's crew out strategized (sic) the Bourdais crew putting AJ out on the last stint with the Bridgestone blacks allowing AJ to pull away from Bourdais who had worn out his Reds long before his last stop.

Although Tracy, who had no P to P left, was well ahead of Bourdais on the final stint when Bourdais and his new Blacks came storming back catching and passing Tracy wide at the entrance to the last turn of the race. Anyone that knows Tracy knew he wouldn't let that go unchallenged and when he saw the inside open he blasted into it lost grip and knocked Bourdais and himself out of the race finish.

An angry Bourdais ran across the track and pointed a finger at Tracy and gave him a shove, ala Tag two weeks ago.

All of this allowed Junqueria and Dan Clark to get podium finishes,

WickerBill sez;

Tires: What are the REDS for qualifying????
Will Bourdais finally draw a real penalty for shoving Tracy and not just a slap on the wrist?
First turn report: No carnage.........well not at the turn - Tag spun Tracy and busted the front suspension. Hey CCWS, still waiting for a clean First lap race!

The Electric Car We All Want.

- New-School technology, oLd sKool flAva.

There's just nothing quite like cruising yo six fo. Today, you can put Lambo doors on your Chrysler 300 - rim it up, drop in some amps - and you've got a pretty cool car, one that looks right in front of the club. If you trying to roll extra hard, you might spring for some airbags, remote-controlled ones - so you can drop it like it's hot as you walk away. Doing all this to the current breed of electric cars, what few there are, just wouldn't work.

However, there's West Coast tech-hippies (think Burning Man) that have been converting ordinary, pimpable cars to electric for years (some, decades). The article you can see by clicking on the title is from L.A. Weekly about an L.A. comedian who's had a '48 Oldsmobile, like the one pictured, converted to an all-electric, lowrider. Though the juice box takes up most of the backseat, it's a small price to pay for an electric car that can actually do burnouts - and, presumably, other stuff regular cars can do - like not making you look like a lamer to the ladies. You've just witnessed the future of sustainable motoring. Remember where you were at this moment.

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Smart monster truck. No, I mean, really, Smart.

Most folks in America haven't encountered the Smart ForTwo. Part of Daimler (Benz), Smart's been making the FourTwo since 2000 and it's surprisingly comfortable and you can park perpendicular to the curb and, of course, it gets fantastic gas mileage.

We'll get a chance to check out the practical little car thing when it comes to the States next year. In the meantime, however, superfreaks at the Smart offices (or whatever) in Greece decided to spend what little time they may have on taking the 84hp, six-cylinder, diesel engine and transmission from a Unimog uber truck and shoving it up skirt of the tiny ForTwo. The result is pure Greek comedy - minus all the insest. To give credit where it's clearly due - Greek 4x4 Rally Champion/God Stefanos Attart was the one who designed the thing.

This bad boy you find your eye drawn to is the ForFun - something that will never get built but exists as a bit of a publicity exercise - and there's nothing wrong with that. The ForFun couldn't fit the Unimog's unbelievable suspension - but it does feature individually-adjustable shock absorbers.

Check out to see a couple more pictures - they've been kind not to sue me for using the above image.

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daMatta Continuing to Improve


Earlier today, Champ Car Medical Director Dr. Chris Pinderski, who has been very involved in da Matta’s care and recovery process, flew to Wisconsin to monitor the condition of da Matta. He visited da Matta and spoke with da Matta's family and attending physician, Dr. Randall R. Johnson.

The following statement is an update on da Matta’s medical status.

"Cristiano continues to make slow but steady progress while in the Intensive Care Unit at Theda Clark Medical Center. At this point in his recovery, Dr. Johnson has begun to decrease Cristiano's sedation. The care Cristiano has been receiving has been excellent and he'll remain in the Intensive Care Unit while his condition and progress are being monitored.”

WickerBill sez;

For further upates go to Rusport website

10 Used Car Buying Tips

Here are some great used car buying tips to save you money. They are in no specific order, but maybe they will save you some money!

1 Check for pricing on the used car you are looking at. This is what most banks use to finance cars.

2 Check Kelly Blue Book for a guide on your trade.

3 Dont get too caught up on the trade value as most never get payoff for their vehicle. Instead, look at the bottom line. If the dealer uses wholesale on your trade, make sure you get wholesale price on the used car you are buying.

4 Consider financing the used car for fewer months. Try doing 48 months if you can swing the payment. If you finance longer, try paying a little extra on months that you can. Know your Credit Score. Get Your Equifax Credit Report Now!

5 Negotiate your best deal! After you have done this, tell the dealer they have a deal if they will pull a carfax report and everything is clean. Dont pay for a carfax yourself. Most dealers have an account where they can pull it for you.

6 Check the oil in the used car you are buying to make sure it has been changed. You can check inside the windshield, there will usually be a sticker telling when the next oil change is due. Check the back exhaust to make sure there is not excessive black residue around the opening--this would indicate that it may be burning oil.

7 Once you have negotiated your best deal, tell the salesman that you have one more used car to check out at a nearby dealer. Go to your car, even if you drive around the building and come back. If they let you leave, you are probably getting the best deal possible.

8 Remember to apply for your financing prior to looking for a used car. Try applying online at RoadLoans Auto Finance. I have sold 2 customers this week with roadloan checks in their hand. Roadloan and will make sure that you do not pay too much for your used car. Roadloan gave my customer a better rate that I could offer! DONT FORGET, it is FREE to apply online through Roadloan. Click the link above and you will be taken directly to the 5 minute application. You will get an email with the results almost instantly.

9 Check your insurance on a specific car before you sign the dotted line. Shop and Compare Insurance online to see who will give you the best quote.

10 After you have purchased your car, make sure you do not leave anything in your trade because the trade may be gone by the time you return. Check your CD player and above your visors, and dont forget your garage door opener.

If you do not get treated professionally, go to another dealership. How you are treated at the time of purchase is a good indication of how you will be treated if you have a problem. Even though you are buying a used car, it is new to you. Most dealers will gladly take your business, even if they do not make as much on you as the next because you are equipped with some great car buying tips.

Used Car Prices and how they are determined!

Is this really the future of Chevrolet Cars? Really?

No...Really? Ford is all over the news. This isn't a Ford. And it's hard to say it's a Chevy. Chevy just makes Trucks and SUVs anyway, right? A Chevrolet motorcar, in fact, all cars made by General Motors used to be proud, bold machines. A Bel Air didn't give a shit if you didn't like fins. A Le Mans wiped its ass with safety. Novas didn't come with cupholders.

The problem with this turd isn't that it's small or that it's slow. Many fine automobiles are. But, is it a Suzuki? Is it an Isuzu? Daewoo? Hyundai? Kia? You see where I'm getting at. Putting a bowtie on this is like putting a slice of pickle on monkey's brain floating in beet juice - it don't make it American, it don't make it a Whopper. This ain't no Chevy. Now, according to Autoblog - and the release they copied and, then, painstakingly pasted - this sad thing isn't set to come to the States.

Meanwhile, my pappy's paying a benjy ($100) a week to gas-up his Tahoe. We're open to small, even slow cars. This Country made the Beatle what is is today. Even the Pacer had a place in our hearts, and it blew up. These were compact cars that had personality, charisma, that Herbie factor. Small cars are alright, but it's sad if they make you look like you couldn't afford a bigger car. A small car should make you look like you're too cool for a Denali. What the hell is this thing?

Want to see a small car that a person with self-esteem might bejewel onto his European driveway? The original was just voted the sexiest car of all time, or something very similar, by Top Gear magazine. That's because, when gas is the equivalent of six dollars a gallon, as it one day will be in Brentwood, and is today in much of Europe - small cars are much more attractive. Whether your other car is a Ferrari or a Mercedes or a Yacht, you'll want to get to work in something that manoeuvres through traffic and goes easy on the bloody petrol, mate. Parking and going down old city streets feels stupid in a Durango. Behold, in the tradition of old cars making a comeback (still pissed off the Microbus isn't coming back), check out the Fiat 500 - reborn (in 404 days).

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Pontiac G5

Pontiac G5 The 2007 Pontiac G5 is arriving in showrooms daily and features a 148-hp four-cylinder engine. A CD player and spoiler come standard for $14,995. There will also be a GT model that features, 173-hp engine that starts at $17,795.
I have not seen many ads for the Pontiac G5, but if you have seen a Chevy Cobalt, you have already seen the G5. Pontiac needed an entry level vehicle, but with the new value prices set by GM, we may have to pay them to sell one. What I mean by that, GM went to Value Prices, dropped prices across the board, but also with the price cuts came cuts to margins. The old Pontiac Grand Am had double the mark-up of its replacement, the pontiac G6. In the end, dealers will probably be rewarded by their year end sales, but salespeople will be squeezed into making minimum wage!

daMatta in Recovery Phase

It has been reported that da Matta in now in the recovery phase as he remains heavly sedated in the ICU. This following report was written by Robin Miller and posted on Speed:

WickerBill says;

C'mon......... Shorty

Mel Gibson and his Cars.

Few stories this week have captured our imagination like Mel Gibson's. According to the police report / charging documents, he was driving a 2006 Lexus LS when pulled over by an L.A. County Sheriff on Pacific Coast Highway.

But, wait a minute, surely a dashing, accomplished actor such as Mel wouldn't be caught dead in a dentist car like that - even if he did have an open bottle of tequila riding shotgun, nothing rockstars-up a middle-of-the-range Lexus.

Mel's got a proud history of driving cool stuff in his flicks. The extended cab Chevy truck in Lethal Weapon - this was before big trucks were cool. Before that, let's not forget the mean-looking 1973 Australian XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe customized as the 'Interceptor' in Mad Max. He even revived the role for a very special episode of the Simpsons.

In Payback, he drives a Chevelle and an old, beat-up Cadillac limo - too cool.

Plus, in 'What Women Want'. I think he takes a cab. Anyone of these fine vehicles would have made a much better option for being super drunk in. Sprinkle a little style on the 'ol, drunken jew hate.

  • Check out Jon Stewart tell it better on the Daily Show - Here.
  • Steve Colbert (he was funnier on the Daily Show) gives his take - Here.
  • Take your celebrity gossip kinda seriously, why are you here? You should be - Here.

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RVs for people who don't suck.

I like the idea of having a toilet and a couch wherever I go. It's not that I'm lazy, or fat, or a redneck. I just like to have the choice of being comfortable.

But RVs haven't really changed since the 70s and bring up a lot of feelings that I explored in my landmark, conversion van post. Check out Autoblog's feature on RV's that are pretty cool - plus, it includes the GM Futureliner, the awesome bus thing General Motors were using for something called Futurama - a touring show that showcased futuristic innovation throughout America.

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Forester Airbrake causes outbreak of throwng up.

'Wagon' didn't always mean 'disgusting' - but just look at this!

There was a time, when, if you were the kind of person that has lots of kids, more than 2 or 3, you'd have no choice but to get yourself a station (estate, for my UK friends) wagon. Today, only a rare breed gets themselves a wagon - and they're rarely cool-enough for surfers to buy after your kids move out.

This monster is the new Suburu Forester Airbrake, out in Japan. Suburus aren't even bad cars, though I've never heard of someone owning one, not even on MySpace.

Even the Benz and BMW wagons have an air of quiet desperation about them. Let's look at what a wagon once was, in another installment of Cool Cheap Cars:

Witness this gorgeous, 66 Plymouth Belvedere. A wagon from days when cars were named after presidents, not random crap (airbrake?).

Entertainment for the kids? Singing songs, maybe farting and blaming it on each other. However, this is something you could drive and not feel bad about spawning all them youngins. $10K

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Online Auto Loan

I had my first customer that purchased a vehicle with an online approval through Roadloans. You cannot beat receiving a blank check from a finance company and being able to negotiate like a cash buyer. They approved my customer for $15000 and financed 120% or NADA retail value which is easy to do. Many finance companys will approve a customer for 80% of loan value, which means the customer will have to pay $3000 or $4000 down to make a vehicle work. Roadloans gives you a way to finance a vehicle without putting a ton of money down. This is a great option for anyone looking to buy a car and they are not real strict with credit requirements. You do not have to have perfect credit to apply with them.

VW Auto Parts

VW Auto Parts
Car buying tips would not be complete without money saving tips on Auto Parts. VW Auto Parts are some of the hardest to find and most expensive of parts. Check how much you can save on VW auto parts on the partstrain site! I know this personally because I refered a friend here who has a VW Bug and he saved $180 on a 1998 VW Hood. Whether you are looking for VW Auto Parts or just need a battery, check out the prices and compare.

Here is some quick history behind the Volkswagen:
The creator of the Volkswagen is Ferdinand Porsche. In 1931 he designed a car carrying many of the features for the first Volkswagen. The test drive of this car took place in 1932, but due to the demand for motorcycles, Porsche couldn't find backing for his expansion ideas and lost the interest in developing the car any further. Right before giving up, Dr Porsche was approached by another company, NSU who planned a small car with a 1500cc engine. The result was "Type 32".
At this time Hitler had gained the power in Germany. In 1934 Porsche delivered a telegraph to Hitler, where he promised to have prototypes ready within 12 months. Porsche put out three different cars. An additional 30 cars were built by Mercedes-Benz, and the results were examined by state-employed inspectors. The two combined to make "HDF wagon". In 1938 Hitler announced that the Volkswagen finally was finished, after many years of development. The building of the factory began in 1938, but only a few civilian cars were produced before the production was changed due to the war.

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