The Phantom by W.T. Burge

The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central

The phantom is a replica of a 1936 Bugatti Atlantic and was built by W.T. Burge from Truant Studios. A steel bodied wraith with gargoyle headlights, and was built from the ground up using only a Volkswagen motor, trans axle, steering and suspension. The Shell of the car is made up of small pieces welded together. The eyes glow at night for the scary look. An amazing art car!!!!
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central

The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central

The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central

The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
The Phantom by W.T. Burge - Art Car Central
Photos via Truant Studios

México, Finalmente

México ascendente siguiente, que ganará, que se estrellará, que cuida! CCWS finalmente va a terminar esta estación pathetic y a conseguir encendido con procurar tener una estación 2008.

CCWS consiguen su acto juntos!

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central
Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central

This video was shot recently at ArtCar Fest 2007 on the first day of the event in San Franscisco. Its called Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car and its volvo covered in over two hundred and fifty computer controlled lobsters, bass, trout, catfish and sharks. the Choir performs a repertoire ranging from pop tunes to classical opera. All songs are tightly choreographed by an energetic orchestral conductor, The Lobster Formerly Known as Larry. Exceptional solos performances are, of course, provided by The Three Basses: Jose Carperas, Placido Dolphingo and the incomparable Luciano Ichthyology.
Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central
Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central

Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central
Sashimi Tabernacle Choir Art Car Central


Inside the Art Car Mind Video

Here is a very cool video about what it means to have an art car and the mind set behind it. Featuring the writer of the Art Car book Harrod Blank, and Artcars such as Daisy Springer, Mondrian Mobile, Colt-mobile, Vain Van, Carthedral, Cinnabar charm, Cailfornia Fantasy Van, Cardalabra and Truck in Flux.

Shuttle Van Art Car by Bill Viereck

SHUTTLE VAN is made by BILL VIERECK using a 1996 Caravan. It has a 42" tailfin, and 3,600 handpainted tiles, 3 thrustercones and a 1700 watt fog production system. I met Bill recently at artcar fest 2007 this year who came all the way from Texas. This is an amazing car in terms of the electrical set up in the trunk. My wife has a minivan but she wont turn it into an art car...Yet:) - Review of one of the best online car cover sellers

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Dirty Art Car ???

This image featuring Leonardo's "Mona Lisa" with Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night" is shown at its peak. These images drawn in the dust are obviously quite impermanent. One of the cool things about them is how they change over time. More dust accumulates as the car is driven down the road. Early morning dew streaks and dots the image, creating a patina. A light shower creates a deeper patina...
by Scott Wade

Truck in Flux by Philo Northhrup

Truck in Flux created by Philo Northrup.Its a pick up truck decorated with parts from other ArtCars(Come Play w/Me, the Duke, RatGirl, the Grape, and others). Philo says "It's not just a rolling assemblage; it's a rolling scrapbook - a rolling library." It's also the first ArtCar to get a living garden.

CCWS 07 Good Bad Ugly - You Decide

Here are SOME of the high/low lights of 07. You categorize them.

KK cavorting with penguins.
GF cavorting……..somewhere since the Houston event.
Turmoil in the front office?
Steve Johnson’s duties adjusted, Tony Cotman assumes day to day responsibilities.
New car introduced and successfully debugged.
Two teams merged, resulting in 1 car less than before the merger.
Only 17 cars show up on race day.
3 races cancelled - Phoenix China Denver.
Attendance down Edmonton up at Cleveland.
Overall attendance up - down?
Las Vegas success questionable.
Las Vegas in question for 08.
CCWS rumored to be in negotiations to buy Vegas.
Musical drivers continues.
Pay for ride continues
Teams continue to struggle for sponsors.
Schedule for 08 not finalized.
Fan base growing or getting smaller.
De-credentialed Robin Miller - 1 less to write about CCWS.
Where are the sponsors SJ has been working on.
CDW rumored to be out.
New venues for 08.
08 schedule rumored to have only has 5 US races.
Two more Europe events rumored for 08.
One less street race in 08 San Jose gone.
Portland gone for 08 – one less road course.
Laguna Seca back for 08.
Team owners rumored to be questioning the direction of CCWS.
Rusoport call it quits.

2010 Camaro Concept

The Camaro concept made its first appearance at the 2006 North American International Auto Show, with styling that wowed the crowd and the styling will not change all that much when the car goes into production. The fifth generation Camaro will be based very closely on the concept, which is powered by a 400 horsepower aliminum small block LS2 V8, has a T56 six speed manual transmission and what GM says is a sophisticated chassis with four wheel independent suspension.

The engine is fitted with Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation technology to save fuel, enough says GM for the concept to get 30mpg or better.

While the concept does have four seats, the ones in the rear are for very short people only, as there's not much room in there.

"Millions of people of all ages fell in love with the Camaro for all of the right reasons," said Ed Welburn, GM vice president, global design. "Camaros were beautiful to look at and offered performance that could rival expensive European GTs. Yet they were practical enough to drive every day and priced within the reach of many new car buyers."

And then, after the Camaro coupe came the convertible at the North American International Auto Show in 2007. The production convertible will follow the coupe, with an on-sale date in late 2009. This time the concept came in orange pearl paint, with gunmetal gray racing strips.

Tom Peters, General Motors' director of exterior design for rear-wheel-drive and performance vehicles, says they wanted to make the car stand out more: "We opted to go with bright metal accents, as opposed to satin finish, for things like the exhaust tips and fuel filler, and even the rear lights have a polished look. The wheels are different, too. We wanted to do an update of the redline tires from the 1960s, but instead of the red line going around the tire, it's actually on the wheels."

The changes to the concept are obviously around the rear end of the car. Even though the car is a concept it has been engineered to take a folding roof in the trunk. The windshield will be taller on the production version as well. The roof itself is not fitted, and there's the possibility that a hard top folding roof may be on the production car.

And by the way, it seems that the story of Bob Lutz walking in on the team developing the Camaro concept when it was close to its completion and simply saying 'no' and then walking out again was slightly incorrect. It was actually General Motors' Chairman and CEO, Rick Wagoner who ordered a redesign at the last minute. Apparently the design was far too closely styled after classic Camaros.

Another Race this Year

Anyone else heard the rumor, there's another race this year. In Australia yet! Holy cow I've forgotten the drivers names from the last race. I'm told it won't matter some teams have new ones!

GM Certified Used Cars Making Great Buys

Many customers are finding that a GM Certified Used car makes for a great buy. The buyer gets the assurance the vehicle has received a 117 point check, they get a vehicle history report, a 3 month 3000 mile added vehicle warranty, a 5 year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty, and new vehicle rates for qualified buyers.

I find that more and more buyers know about certified cars, but wanted to let everyone know what a great buy they are. If you find that new cars are a little out of your price range, check into GM Certified Cars, Trucks, and SUV's. Click Here to find out more about GM certified Cars.

Used Car Prices and how they are determined!

Buck Pimps out an Enclave for the 'Urban CEO'. Sounds suspicious.

Buick Enclave Urban CEO Edition

If you really run a tech company, rap record label, hell, even an insurance company - you're not driving a Buick. But what if you want to spend 10 thousand dollars less tcustom pimped orange Hummer H2han the price of an 93 Buick RivieraHummer H2 - about 45 grand? Well, Buick has a suggestion they're debuting at the SEMA show. Autoblog has the details, but here's what we know. It's an Enclave, which is actually the least-sad Buick since the 93 Riviera - lowered, on big wheels and with a glued-on ground treatment that makes it look like a C student's Porsche Cayenne! And that's not bad! The 45 grand is the price of an Enclave, plus, let's say airbags, bumpers, sideskirts and rims. Let's say 50K - but you can build your very own 'Urban CEO Enclave' (it was better than calling it The Street Pharmacist Special.

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