New Scaleauto motors

The new Scaleauto long can motor, 20,000 rpm at 12v, 284 gcm torque.
The SC-08b also 20,000 rpm at 12v, 216 gcm torque, and long double shafts.

Joy Ride: An Auto Theft (1976)

The Film Archive: Joy Ride: An Auto Theft (1976): "This cautionary tale was aimed towards young, thrill-seeking teens. " So the introduction to this film goes.

I need to spend a bit more time with this educational film, but here are some initial observations. First, those two boys need haircuts! Seriously, supposedly this film it was based on a real-life incident in which three teens were killed and one, the girl Vicki, was left paralyzed. The film's lack of realism might just have done the opposite of the writer, producer and director's intentions, however. Is it boredom and wanting girls that are the primary motives behind young people joyriding? is it opportunity? These kids were from the middle class. If the cars were not so readily availble would they still want to steal a car? Is it socioeconomic background? Do educational films work with young people? Sometimes I wonder.

The Vocabluary of a Car Thief, 1930

Hi folks -- there are a number of sources that describe the various words taht car thieves used in the past. What follows is taken from a 1930 paper on the subject, that I found sort of amusing.

Automobile Thieves Vocabulary

Bent -- stolen

Bent one -- a stolen car.

B.I. -- a Buick.

Breezer -- an open car; a touring car.

Caddy -- a Cadillac.

Clean one -- a motor car from which thieves have (or think they have) erased all identifying numbers.

Consent job -- an automobile stolen with the consent of the owner, who will collect insurance and not prosecute the thieves.

Coop -- a coupe'.

Dauber -- a motor-car painter who does hurried jobs for thieves.

Dog-house -- a small garage rented from a householder in a residence district, used for the safe storing of a stolen car for a few days till it can be disposed of.

Ducker -- a Dodge car.

Front room -- a sedan or limousine.

Golfer -- the same as a Caddy.

Gravy -- easy profit.

Hit one -- a car stolen within the previous twenty four hours, the loss of which has perhaps been reported to the police.

Hudson pup. -- an Essex car.

Kinky, adj. -- stolen. The same as bent.

Kinky, noun. -- a stolen car. The same as bent one.

Overnight job -- a car stolen from the previous evening and probably not yet reported to the police as lost.

Owners job-- the same as consent job.

Papa -- a Lincoln car.

Right Guy -- a dealer who buys stolen cars.

Send to school -- send to the state penitentiary.

Shed -- a closed car.

Slicker -- a stolen car newly painted.

Smacker -- a dollar.

Spider -- a Ford car.

Stranger -- a car stolen at some distant point.

Studie -- a Studebaker car.

A proverb -- Never steal anything you can't sell right away.[1]

[1] Atcheson L. Hench, "From the Vocabulary of Automobile Thieves," American Speech, 5(February, 1930), 236-7.

New SCX Audi R10 coming

Are You Ambitious? Some Project Cars, for Sale at the Cars and parts Swap Meet in Springfield, OH

A 1950 Chevy Panel Truck. I hope you have a good set of tools!

And metric tools at that! The rear bumper was lying on the ground on this gem.
A 1956 Mercury. With motor.
This is a 1953 Buick/ Can't you tell?
I am not a truck person. As a project, it would take an entire retirement!
A 1948 Chevy in Need of Some TLC

Hi folks -- back in the groove, sort of. I went to the Semi-annual Cars and Parts Swap Meet and Show yesterday at the Springfield Fairgrounds. With all the rain we have had, there was plenty of opportunity to park in the mud. Many cars for sale, and the parts vendors were plentiful, although mostly Ford and GM parts for sale. Few foreign cars to say the least. Junk galore here. Above are some photos of car and truck projects that would surely destroy your pocketbook and soul. Do not even think about it!

Back in Dayton, Ohio. Friday Night Cruise-In, Beavercreek, May 27

Hi folks -- returned to Centerville last Monday, only to be greeted with a lawn that needed to be mowed, and lawn mower that needed servicing, rain every day, and a hailstorm on Wednesday night. I sure miss Lisa, Tony, SD and Coronado!

So I went to the Friday night Cruise-In, now at I-675 and US 35. It was a gray and chilly night, and not that many cars were there. Here are some of them, however, the ones I found most interesting.

Slot Miniauto 80-June

Dos grandes Súperdeportivos, el McLaren MP4/12C de Superslot y el Mercedes SLS AMG Coupé de Carrera llegan a las pistas de Slot. Ellos son los protagonistas de nuestra portada de Junio. Además destacamos una entrevista en exclusiva con Salvatore Noviello en la que descubrimos algún secreto de NSR, - en Facebook se podrá leer la versión íntegra en italiano - , y las pruebas del nuevo Corvette C6R de NSR, el que ha de ser el rival del mítico Mosler, el Alpine A310 de Le Mans Miniatures, y 2CV Sahara 4x4 de Scalextric.

En el interior, un pequeño homenaje a Dan Gurney, que recientemente cumplió 80 años, coincidiendo con una nueva versión del Eagle Gurney Weslake de Superslot, la prueba del Ferrari 250 Scaglietti de Slot Classic y del Pegaso Berlinetta Saoutchik de Top Slot.

Se completa con una bella historia del Land Rover Serie I de Palau del Tren Slot Collection y un repaso a los Lancia D20 que participaron en Le Mans en 1953.

En las noticias, un interesante avance de las novedades de FlySlot Car para este 2011 y algunas del 2012.

(A la venta el 30-05-2011)

Slot MiniAuto en Facebook


Two great supercar, the McLaren MP4/12C of Scalextric and the Carrera Mercedes SLS AMG Coupe reach the Slot tracks. They are the main protagonists of our June cover. In addition we highlight an exclusive interview with Salvatore Noviello that discovered us some NSR secret - you can read the Italian full version on Facebook - and the test of new NSR Corvette C6R, which is to be the rival of the legendary Mosler, the Le Mans Miniatures Alpine A310, and Scx 2CV Sahara 4x4.

Inside, a small tribute to Dan Gurney, who recently turned 80, coinciding with a new version of the Gurney Eagle Weslake of Scalextric, the Slot Classic Ferrari 250 Scaglietti Test and Top Slot Pegaso Berlinetta Saoutchik.

Magazine is Completed with a beautiful story of Land Rover Series I, Palau del Tren Slot Collection, and a review of all the Lancia D20 attended in Le Mans in 1953.
In the news, an interesting development of FlySlot Car updates for this 2011 and some of 2012.

(On-Sale 30/05/2011)

Now Slot MiniAuto in Facebook

New SCX Peugeot 908 coming

New Ferrari 458 Italias coming

New Carrera 458 Italias coming to North America in both Digital 132 and analog.

New Autoworld HO's-Dodge Fever

NO.49 Dodge Challenger Concept
NO. 50- '03 Viper Competition Coupe
NO. 51- '69 Dodge Charger
NO.52- '71 Dodge Challenger
NO. 53 - "69 Dodge Daytona
NO.54 - '70 Dodge Challenger Convertible

Autoword X-Traction Release 9 DODGE FEVER #SC231 and should be in the US by early June.

Thanks to REH Distributing for this news.

New Sideways Dallara, Autosport Pacific info

This model will be available very early in June. Please mind photos are still relevant to a preproduction sample.

We have also been forced to release SW11 cars before long awaited SW10 Riley MkXX AIM Autosport PACIFIC due very difficult tampo printing setup for that model. SW10 will be therefore available at beginning of July.

At the same time we will also introduce in price list a new chassis for Dallara DP (stock code - MK01A EVO ) ready to accept new 6 screws Slot.It motor mounts but overall injected in new material which, after testing performed, showed an important increase of handling and performance.

The EVO chassis will be also available for Riley MkXX (stock code MK01 EVO) at same time of release of SW10.

Street Racers Chargers coming soon

Harry's showing photos from Pioneer of the new Pioneer Chargers which are on the way soon to the US.

Audience Survives Luchador Pile Driver at Houston Art Car Parade

Audience Survives Luchador Pile Driver at Houston Art Car Parade
This Luchador Art Car was seen doing "Pile Drives" at the Houston Art Car Parade, and the good news is that no one got hurt.

Onslot Racing going out of business sale!

So Rick from Onslot Racing says he's going out of business... so let's help him sell his inventory. He's got lots of cars in stock, but they're going fast and everything is 25% off!

Graffiti Fiat Art Car

Graffiti Fiat Art Car
I found this little Graffiti Fiat beauty the other day, Love it.

NASCAR/Carrera event at Hall of Fame

A video from the NASCAR Rev'd Up event at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte.

LeMans Miniatures photographer

What an excellent little model of a photographer! This isn't new really but I was remiss in not posting it when I first saw it some time ago.
Image from

General Lee Rally Art Car

General Lee Rally Art Car

Every so often, someone enters a General Lee into one of our events, this was Cima Racing's entry into Home2Rome 2010. We generally see more General Lees in Europe than the US probably because of the politically correct thing that surrounds the Confederate Battle Flag in the US these days. The chances of an Italian throwing a brick through the window of a General Lee in Europe is marginally less than in New York for instance.

This car was originally sourced from a tv props department for a very famous TV programme about cars. I haven't seen the episode so I'm going on witness statements but the car was bought within budget (£150/$275) on the condition that it was made into a General Lee.

What is surprising is that this car was not at all perfect. You'd think that a 15 year old Lexus would be in fairly good condition, but not this car. It had a bad time getting through its MOT (yearly UK safety check), and despite the aerial on the roof, the CB didn't work in the slightest. Car to car communication involved shouting loudly whilst the windows were down (thats if they would go down). It also had other issues so I'm told.

The theme is obviously quite simple but it's important to be accurate.

And I don't mean the 01 or the Battle Flag on the roof, I mean, it needs a Daisy Duke. You see, any old person can paint their Lexus orange, and put a number on the side and put an accurate Confederate Flag on the roof.

But what sets this car out is the Daisy Duke it was sporting.

This ArtCar is for all the Daisy Dukes out there!

By Justin Clements Street Safari
Original posted on Art Car Central 

General Lee Rally Art Car

General Lee Rally Art Car

General Lee Rally Art Car

Avant Slot Kremer Porsche and Mirage GR8

Images sent to SCNews by of a new Avant Slot Kremer Porsche and Mirage GR8. See this link for more information.

Gravity Defying Lego Bike

Gravity Defying Lego Bike

Mutant Monday is brought to you by Brikapolis with this gravity defying
Lego Art Bike, to go along with these other lego art cars here on Art Car Central.

by Brickapolis

SCX Citroen DS

A new SCX Citroen DS to show today.

New Ford RS200-MSC is showing a new MSC-6007-Ford RS200 Swedish Rally 1986 Kalle Grundel / Benny Melander -Montecarlo Chassis

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