Pioneer "Bullitt" trailer video

A cool slot video done for the Pioneer Bullitt Mustang.

SCX/GTslots special cars

Rich Shanfeld of Great Traditions has commissioned some special edition cars from an artist. He's had them painted, by hand for prizes to be given out during the SCX National Championship race in Philadelphia this weekend. More information can be found at this link about this race.


Hi folks -- since I am coordinating this competition for 2011, I decided to also post the announcement on my blog. I want to spread the word on this as much as possible. I encourage both undergraduate students and graduate students to apply.




In order to encourage research and writing effort among university students in the area of automotive history, the Society confers its annual award for the best student paper in the auto history field. The award is named for Richard Scharchburg, the late Professor of History at Kettering University, eminent automotive historian, and past president of the Society of Automotive Historians. Persons submitting papers must be enrolled at educational institutions (upper-class undergraduate or graduate level) at the time of submission. This competition is international in scope, but papers must be in the English language. Papers already published or scheduled for publication will not be accepted.

Manuscripts should not exceed 10,000 words, and should be double-spaced. An abstract is requested. Judging criteria include clear statement of purpose and testable hypothesis, accuracy and thoroughness of research, originality of the research, documentation, quality and extent of bibliographic resources, and writing style. Diagrams, graphs, or photographs may be included. Submissions are to be electronic, in Word 1997-2003 format or pdf files only, to the e-mail address below.

Possible subjects include but are not limited to historical aspects of automobile companies and their leaders, regulation of the auto industry, financial and economic aspects of the industry, the social effects of the automobile, highway development, environmental matters, and automotive marketing, design, engineering and safety.

A cover letter should be included stating the student’s address, school, program, advisor, and stage in studies. The student should indicate how the paper submitted will relate to his or her professional future. Submissions must e-mail dated by June 10, 2011. All papers submitted will be acknowledged.

Upon recommendation of the judges, the winning paper will considered for publication in the Society’s Automotive History Review. The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize of $500.00.

Submissions should be sent to: John A. Heitmann, Ph.D, Chair, Student Awards Committee

Department of History

University of Dayton Tel: 937-229-2803

300 College Park Fax: 937-229-2816

Dayton, OH 45469-1540 e-mail:

Passing of a slotbrother

It's been reported by a member of Slot Car that Bruce "Da Vols" Kramer has passed away of a stroke. Bruce has been a member on a number of message boards and his posts were enjoyed by a number of us that enjoy this hobby.

Rest in peace Bruce.

New Fly Riley/bodies coming

Flyslot will soon be offering Riley Bodies according to this latest news.

Intercontinental LeMans Series Schedule

BRASELTON, GA (Monday, November 29, 2010) -- The Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) today confirmed that the two premier races on the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón 2011 schedule would be featured as part of the prestigious Intercontinental Le Mans Cup championship next season.

The Series’ season-opener -- the 59th annual Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring presented by Fresh from Florida (March 19) -- will be the first race of the 2011 ILMC championship and Petit Le Mans (October 1) will be the sixth race of the seven event global championship format.

“Having our two showcase events – the 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans – as key components to the prestigious Intercontinental Le Mans Cup will raise these two great races even further in stature on the global stage,” said Scott Atherton, President and CEO of the American Le Mans Series presented by Tequila Patrón. “We look forward to the many corporate partner opportunities and renowned race teams that these events will attract as we play a vital role in establishing the ILMC as one of the premier motorsport competitions in the world.”

The 2011 six-race 2011 ILMC calendar includes:

1. Sebring 12 Hours (Florida USA) March 19
2. Spa-Francorchamps 6 Hours (BEL) May 8
3. Le Mans 24 Hours (FRA) June 11-12
4. Imola 6 Hours (ITA) July 3
5. Silverstone 6 Hours (GBR) September 11
6. Petit Le Mans (Georgia, USA) October 1
7. 6-Hours race to be organized in China (name defined in relation to circuit) November 12

The inaugural 2010 ILMC season included one race from each of the ACO sanctioned Le Mans series’ - Silverstone (Europe); Road Atlanta’s Petit Le Mans (North America); and Zuhai, China (Asia). Petit Le Mans with record race week crowd in excess of 124,000 saw Peugeot’s Team Total claim the 10-hour/1,000 mile endurance title among a diverse and prestigious international grid.

Series teams and factory efforts that competed in at least one Intercontinental Le Mans Cup race last year were Drayson Racing, Jaguar’s RSR, BMW’s Rahal Letterman, Ferrari’s Risi Competizione and Porsche’s Flying Lizard Motorsports. In addition, Flying Lizard regular season drivers Patrick Long and Joerg Bergmeister placed best in GT class at Zuhai in Porsche’s 911 GT3 R Hybrid that ran as unclassified due to its hybrid status. Drayson Racing competed in all three events and placed third overall in the ILMC championship.

Food Choices

From the Newsweek article "Divided We Eat":

"This is our charity. This is my giving to the world," says Alexandra,finally, as she packs lunchboxes—organic peanut butter and jelly on grainy bread, a yogurt, and a clementine—for her two boys. "We contribute a lot."

This is not just self-congratulatory masturbation. The "savings" of cheap food, brought about by way of equal amounts of cheap oil, are in reality buck-passing. Those "savings" are borne by the public in the form of healthcare costs (11% of which treat type 2 diabetes alone), pollution, and even directly out of our pockets in the form of subsidies for those "cheap" and very empty calories.

It seems self-defeating to give to charitable public health concerns while at the same time compounding those very problems with your own lifestyle choices. Instead, spend the extra on sustainably-produced foods that have far less negative impact on public health

New Carrera D132 accessories arrive in North America

Most of the DIGITAL132 accessories have now arrived in the Carrera of America warehouse in New Jersey!
The Pitlane (*30356-see below) is scheduled to arrive next week as are the extra borders for the track pieces associated with the new accessories.
30353-Driver Display

30354-Start Light

30357-Position Tower


30352-Control Unit

... and join the Carrera Facebook page at this link!

Batman slot racing!

Holy crap this rocks! Batman and Robin are slot racing in this video!


Hi folks -- Ed Garten is a good friend of mine who has often contributed to this blog. Below is his story of how he first came to love the cars that he enjoys so much to see at car shows and on the road. It is also a tale that conveys the powerful effect of sense of place on our lives.
After reading the story below, click open the U-Tube video link at the bottom.
"Hey, Mrs. Jones, how's the Willys runnin' these days?" "How's that old Hudson performing for ya Mr. Jackson? Ever think of taking it to the racetrack over in Virginia?" "How you doin' this afternoon, Miss. Lowe, ever think about gettin' rid of that Henry J of yours? The new Fords are really pretty you know." "Seems to be some oil leakin' out of the rear end of your Studebaker Mr. Ross, just noticed it when I parked my bike beside it to bring your paper up to the house."
Come along on a ride as we begin at the old bridge crossing the Greenbrier River at the intersection of West Virginia Routes 3 and 12 and head up Tunnel Hill into Hilldale (the rural southern West Virginia community where I grew up in the 1950s and early 1960s). This was very poor community then as now. Then continue on to the end of Hilldale and down the mountain into and through the next village of Talcott (famous for the C & O Railway, the Big Bend Tunnel, and the American folk legend John Henry). Yours truly graduated from Talcott High School in 1965 with a huge graduating class of seventeen young people.
But, from the top of the hill entering the village of Hilldale until one decends the mountain on the other end headed toward Talcott, that was my newspaper route delivering the Hinton Daily News from the age of 13 until I gave up the paper route a week or so before high school graduation. Essentially a two mile long paper route. Can you imagine delivering to approximately 60 customers on this long and hilly route in the middle of winter and in a deep snow? The Hinton Daily News sold for 5 cents an issue, six days a week. I would collect from my customers on Saturday -- 30 cents for the week. I made 2 cents profit and the newspaper company got 3 cents. If everyone paid in a given week I would "collect" approximately 18 bucks and made a cool $7.20 a week for my labors (or a buck twenty a day if you look at it that way). But some of my customers each week would always claim they couldn't pay because their welfare check hadn't arrived yet or (as I sometimes suspected, they had left some cash behind at the liquor store). In those cases the common Appalachian phrase would be to me: "Can ya carry me?" Meaning: "Can you collect next week when I might have some money on me?"
To think that, today, I sometimes spend a buck twenty for a parking meter, a very small bag of chips, or a can of Coke. We learn lots of lessons relative to how, at an early age, we handle and view money don't we? And that period in life as a paper boy taught me many lessons about the value of money, not to mention valuable lessons related to self-discipliness, promptness, and courtesy. What lessons have you learned about "money and life" over the years? Moreover, for those of us who had jobs as young people, what might we have learned about other folks at an early age? As a paper boy I learned that everyone is different. I learned to interact with diverse personalities and, sadly, I sometimes saw a dark side of life: Fathers that severely beat their children, alcoholic mothers and fathers who came to the screen door to get their newspaper but who could barely stand up. I also had generous and giving folks on my paper route including wonderful men and women who every day, without fail, would inquire of my health or ask how school was going. Many of these folks would give me a little Christmas present as the holidays approached. A warm pair of socks, a bag of candy, a dollar bill in an envelope with my name on it, all gifts that spoke to my heart and showed their appreciation of my service as their paper boy (well, the candy spoke to my stomach).
Tellingly, my love of automobiles probably developed during those years delivering the newspaper -- literally I knew the make, model, and year of every single car in our rural community and if I saw one of my customers I'd typically ask the person: "How's the Willys running Mrs. Smith?" or "How's that old Hudson doing for you Mr. Jackson, ever think of taking it to the racetrack over in Virginia?" or perhaps to the elderly spinster in our village: "Excuse me Miss Houchins but when I parked my bike to bring your paper up I noticed that one of your recap tires is peeling off. Might be good to think about some better tires for winter, just for safety's sake?" And the old bachelor who looked like his car: "Mr. Jones, ever think about gettin' rid of that Henry J of yours?" For some reason as a young boy, memorizing every detail of every car found along my paper route was important to me. Perhaps I was the only kid in the community who knew everything about everyone's car! A walking automotive encyclopedia! Of course a few of the cars I admired were, as they said down in the hills, "up on blocks" and likely would never see the highway again (but there was always hope). The first "foreign cars" as we called them that I ever saw as a newspaper boy were owned by customers. A elderly couple's son had just returned from an Army tour in Europe and there sitting beside his house was a red Alfa. Wow! The first Italian car I'd ever seen. And then another customer, considered to be an eccentric in the community, bought and parked in front of his house a used Simca. A year later he bought an old Hillman to give the Simca company. No mechanic around would touch either car and within a year both were "up on blocks" never to be driven again!
And there were some sad times delivering papers. For example, I recall picking up my load of papers the afternoon after John F. Kennedy had been killed. PRESIDENT KENNEDY DEAD: NATION MOURNS said the front page of the newspaper. I was only 13 years old but I tied a little American flag on the carrier of my bicycle -- even arranged it so that it was flying half staff. I recall walking onto the porches of all of my customers, knocking on their doors, and then the man or woman of the house appeared, saying with tears in my eyes: "Isn't it so sad, so sad......."
The money earned from my paper route was not to be sneezed at and I had my priorities for how it was to be spent. First priority was to keep my bicycles (I had two) in good mechanical shape so that "the news would always go through." Of course expenditures on a few frills also took a few dollars every once in a while: An extra reflector (for safety?), a new carrier rack, streamers for the handlebars, a new electric horn perhaps. And, yes, every week I might spurge on an RC and a Moon Pie (what for us hillbilly boys would have been known as "health food.) But the bulk of my meager earnings from that paper route went directly into a savings account at the National Bank of Summers in Hinton, West Virginia -- to be saved for first year expenses at college and for textbooks. As a freshman my first novels by J. D. Salenger, Albert Camus, Hemingway, and others were bought with "savings" from that paper route! Does deferred gratification pay off in the long run? Perhaps......but, when was the last time I read Camus? (smile).
But, hey, check out my "paper route" from 1961 through 1965.

Newman Slot It

A new limited Edition Newman Slot It Porsche.

Slot MiniAuto 74



El nuevo Lola Aston Martin LMP1 de Superslot, es el principal protagonista de la revista Slot MiniAuto del mes de diciembre. Junto a él se destacan en la portada los nuevos Vodafone McLaren Mercedes J.Button de Carrera y el Porsche 997 GT-N de NSR.
Para los más nostálgicos coches muy especiales. Por un lado el Biscuter Voisin de Slot Real Car y los protagonistas de la película Bullit realizados por Pioneer, el Ford Mustang y el Dodge Charger R/T. Además la prueba del nuevo Lamborghini Diablo de Ninco.
En este número comienza la novena edición del concurso COCHE DEL AÑO, con un nuevo formato que lo pone al alcance de la globalidad de los aficionados.
En el interior, un especial con más de 100 regalos para las próximas fiestas navideñas.
(A la venta el 29-11-2010)

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The new Scalextric Lola Aston Martin LMP1, is the main protagonist of the Slot MiniAuto monthly magazine of December. With him, on the cover, the magazine highlights the new Carrera J. Button Vodafone McLaren Mercedes and the Porsche 997 GT-N NSR.
For the nostalgic ones, few very special cars. On the one hand the Slot Real Car Biscuter Voisin and the protagonists of the Bullitt movie, Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger R / T made by Pioneer. Inside pages includes, the new Ninco Lamborghini Diablo track test.

This issue introduces the ninth edition of the CAR OF THE YEAR contest, with a new format according to the profile of the Global International fans.
This magazine includes a Special with more than 100 gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

(On-Sale 29/11/2010)
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Photo of 1936 Terraplane: Robert Johnson's Terraplane Blues

Thanks to Ed Garten for the photo of an Uncle's magnificent 1936 Terraplane (Orville Wright was given one). An inexpensive Hudson, it was the subject of one of the great Blues songs of the 1930s, played by artist Robert Johnson.

And I feel so lonesome
you hear me when I moan
When I feel so lonesome
you hear me when I moan
Who been drivin my terraplane
for you since I've been gone
I'd said I flashed your lights mama
your horn won't even blow
I even flash my lights mama
this horn won't even blow
Got a short in this connection
hoo-well, babe, its way down below
I'm on hist your hood momma
I'm bound to check your oil
I'm on hist your hood momma mmmm
I'm bound to check your oil
I got a woman that I'm lovin
way down in Arkansas
Now you know the coils ain't even buzzin
little generator won't get the spark
Motors in a bad condition
you gotta have these batteries charged
But I'm cryin please
please don't do me wrong
Who been drivin my terraplane now for
you-hoo since I've been gone
Mr Highwayman
please don't block the road
Puh hee hee
ple-hease don't block the road
Casue she's restrin (?) a cold one hindred
and I'm booked I gotta go
Mmm mmm
mmmm mmmm mmm
You ooo oooo oooo
you hear me weep and moan
Who been drivin my terraplane
for you since I've been gone
I'm on get deep down in this connection
keep on tanglin with your wires
I'm on get deep down in this connection
hoo-well keep on tanglin with your wires
And when I mash down your little starter
then your spark plug will give me a fire.

Happy Thanksgiving -- The turkey car!

No, not Turkey like the middle east, this is a turkey car. This doesn't look really like it is set up as a permanent art car, but it certainly brings forth the holiday spirit. Looks lie a Beetle to me, under that cover.
Are you thankful for the car that you own and drive? If so, what is that car and why?
Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Ninco Dec. News

Ninco's December news.

Crochet Doily Art Car

Crochet Doily Art Car

Its been a while but this Crochet Doily Art Car was found Prague and its an old Skoda Octavia Combi was well worth the wait.

Awww, poor baby!

It is ironic, sadly and supremely so, that the group of citizens now crying and complaining over the Transportation Safety Administration’s new full-body scanners and aggressive pat-down searches are the same that drive SUVs, minivans, and cars for half-mile trips to the grocery store, to work on days when it’s “just too cold” to wait for the bus or deal with a homeless person on the train, to the gym in order to run on a treadmill, and because “I bought it, so I might as well use it.”

This is a nation so lazily and vociferously addicted to oil, believing that driving everywhere is a civil right and a way of life that they voted for George W Bush, twice, and his gigantic expansion of our already unwelcome presence in the Middle East to outright war. Not that we’d have avoided war with another president, not without changing our ways. Obama is proof of that, ineffectiveness incarnate. But by electing Bush and a propaganda machine, we convinced ourselves we could go on living as we always have, with the small inconvenience of ensuring that our Middle Eastern oil supplies aren’t endangered by Chinese or Russian intervention by intervening ourselves.

That’s the cost of “freedom,” right?

Do you really think that we’re still in Afghanistan to ensure democracy? US combat operations in Iraq may be over but our occupation is not. Do you really think that the weapons-of-mass-destruction-fiasco was just an honest error in intelligence and judgment? You are stupider than your Hummer makes you look.

Do you really think that we’re there to “steal oil?” You are stupider than your Prius makes you look.

We are awaiting the inevitable: the supply crunch. Soon there will not enough available energy at affordable prices to go around among Europe, China, Russia, and the US. It is then our Asian mission will be realized; and once it is, the terror threat will recede far into the background. If you think all parties involved will politely negotiate their way to an agreeable resolution to this shortfall, you are stupider than your protest sign makes you look.

Until then, terrorism is the most visible consequence of our oil addiction, and we bitch and moan about the TSA “abuse” with zero sense of irony. By simply reducing the amount we drive through means theoretically within our grasp we could totally eliminate our dependence on any foreign oil and any need for energy-defense missions. Most trips fewer than two miles could be made by some other mode than automobile. Why do you need so much shit from Target at one time? Why do you need such a huge truck? Can’t you drive something with better mileage? Why can’t you live in a denser area that is closer to transit?

These are all choices that you can make. However, if you have chosen to live in the suburbs and more than 2 miles from your nearest food source, voted for the candidate who cut funding for transit, or would rather drive because the bus “is for losers,” then I don’t want to hear anymore complaining about being turned into a creepy, 3D, black and white centerfold or having your genitals touched by a glorified security-guard no more qualified to be a garbage man and probably paid half as much.

We have only our own selfish behavior to blame. We're losing essential liberty for a little convenience. 300 million people changing a little can change a lot.

Flying Lizard Motorsport to enter Daytona 24

November 23, 2010 – Sonoma, California – Flying Lizard Motorsports announced today their entry for the team's fourth Rolex 24 At Daytona on January 29-30 in Daytona Beach, Florida. For the first time, the team will run a Porsche-powered Riley Daytona Prototype. The Flying Lizard No. 45 DP is powered by a Porsche Motorsport- prepared, 911-based flat-6 engine. The chassis, previously run by Brumos Racing, won the race overall in 2009. Flying Lizard is working closely with Riley Technologies and the Action Express team to prepare the car and wishes to thank Jim France for his support of this effort. The team will run the car at the official series test at Homestead, December 1-2. The driver lineup will be announced later this year.

The team's history at Daytona has been bittersweet, with many close finishes. In 2004, the No. 74 Flying Lizard Porsche GT3 Cup was second in GT and third overall, in 2005 the No. 75 Porsche finished thirteenth, and in 2009 (with TRG), the No. 67 Porsche finished second in GT.

"The Daytona 24 is such a great race," said Flying Lizard team principal Seth Neiman. "We've always enjoyed competing here and are looking forward to the new experience of running a DP. I really want to thank Porsche Motorsport for their engine support and Bill Riley for his help as we come up the learning curve in this class. One of our main areas of focus this year is the significant endurance races and this is a great place to start. After the race, we'll head back to our American Le Mans Series program to get ready for the season opener at Sebring in March."

News used with permission of Flying Lizard Motorsport. Pre-season Test Oct. 2010 photo -- © 2010 Brian Cleary

Book Signing at the NAHC -- Rubbing Shoulders with Sirens of Chrome!!

Hi folks -- I had a great time at the NAHC book signing on Saturday in Detroit. One of the most interesting aspects of the event, this year and last, were the folks associated with author Margery Krevsky. Her book, Sirens of Chrome: the Enduring Allure of Women Auto Show Models, is highly recommended. Krevsky, the owner of a modeling agency that specializes in placing models at car shows, knows her stuff. She has been in the business since the early 1980s, and indeed even changed the nature of the job for these young ladies by arguing that they should not only look pretty, but be knowledgeable about the cars they are standing near, thus having the ability to answer questions posed by potential customers.
The importance of women in marketing and buying automobiles throughout the 20th century can hardly be debated. But beyond a handful of historical studies done by a small but growing group of scholarly folks, there is little else. And certainly Detroit insiders need to be heard. That is accomplished in Sirens, a book about the models and images of models that were associated with car shows. The reproduced images give one plenty to think about, and thus this is an important book for that reason alone.

Diego Rivera, Murals, the Detroit Art Institute, and a Friday Night Concert

Hi folks -- last night I went with friends Susan and Bill Leslie to the DAI to view the Diego Rivera murals, painted during the early 1930s at the request of Edsel Ford. I have seen photos of these murals many times (only sections of!), and I must say there is NOTHING like visiting the place and meditating in front of this art in person. It is the Sistine Chapel of Industrial America, stunning in terms of scale, color, and detail. The power of this is not in the machines, which form a necessary backdrop, but the people -- their faces, expressions, muscles, angularity, clothing. And of course there is much more than the factory in sections of the mural both above and below scenes from the Rouge. There are images of war, science, medicine, primitive men and women, and raw materials. There are workers at the dies, in casting engine blocks, in assembling rear axles, and lines of workers, entering the plant in the morning and leaving at the end of shift. It is a story of human aspirations and frustrations, of birth, death, modern technology and science, and a world in transition.

There was a musical group in this hall on Friday night, a group playing folk music from the 1930s -- most appropriate given the setting. The harmonica and kazoo, along with an odd assortment of unusual instruments, took me back to a time that on one level was happy, yet on another note filled with challengers not dissimilar from those of 2010.

Audi Driver Frank Biela wins 24 hour (slot) race!

Now this is just tooooooo cool! Check this item out from the Audi Motorsport newsletter (thanks to slotbrother Dr Vanski for the heads up on this one!)

RCCO: For the second time in succession Frank Biela has won the 24-hour race for slot cars around the Nurburgring-Sudschleife. The five-time Le Mans winner piloted an Audi R8 LMS together with two journalists and the Boss of Slotracing-Werk to a dominant victory. In addition to the Drivers' Championship Audi also won the Manufacturers' Championship in the rallye racing Carrera Cup 2010 (RCCO).

Frank Biela is a slotter... I love it! And for the "second time in succession". Not only does he race but evidently he's good too!

New Racer Fiat 642 slot truck

News for Racers first slot truck to show today.

Book Signing this Saturday, November 20, 2010, NAHC, Skillman Branch, Detroit Public Library

Fifth Annual Automotive Authors Day

Saturday, November 20, 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.
Detroit Public LibraryRose and Robert Skillman Branch121 Gratiot Avenue(In downtown Detroit behind the Compuware Headquarters)

Historians and motor heads of all ages are invited to attend Detroit's largest gathering of automotive history writers. Over twenty authors who write about the world of cars and their societal impact will assemble in the Skillman Library, home to the National Automotive HIstory Collection, to share with the public their passion for all things automotive. Books will be available for purchase.

Attended parking is available in the Compuware visitor lot south of the Skillman Branch on Farmer Street. This event is free and open to the public. For a complete listing of participating authors, and maps of the area, please visit Other inquiries may be directed to The DPL Friends Foundation office at 313-481-1357 or

Participating Authors Include:

Lindsay Brooke, Ford Model T: The Car That Put the World on Wheels

Mark Cantey, Driving Style: GM Design’s First Century

John Clor, The Mustang Dynasty

Tom Cotter, The Corvette in the Barn, The Cobra in the Barn and other “Car in the Barn” books

Mike Davis, Detroit Area Test Tracks

Arthur Einstein, “Ask the Man Who Owns One”: An Illustrated History of Packard Advertising

Patrick Foster, Kaiser-Frazer history; Studebaker: The Complete History; and books on American Motors and Jeep

Robert Gabrick, Go the Greyhound Way: The Romance of the Road and Sterling Trucks Photo Archive

Robert Genat, Woodward Avenue: Cruising the Legendary Strip

John Heitmann, The Automobile and American Life

Charles Hyde, Storied Independent Automakers: Nash, Hudson, and American Motors

Paul Ingrassia, Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry’s Road From Glory to Disaster

Margery Krevsky: Sirens of Chrome, The Enduring Allure of Auto Show Models

Randy Leffingwell, Muscle: America’s Legendary Performance Cars and Legendary Corvettes

David Lewis, The Public Image of Henry Ford: An American Folk Hero and His Company

Jim Luikens, Standard Catalog of Mercedes-Benz

Walt McCall, City Service Hook-&-Ladder Trucks, Encyclopedia of American Fire Engine Manufacturers

Thomas McPherson, Miller-Meteor: The Complete Illustrated History and The Henney Motor Company

David Newhardt, Art of the Muscle Car and books on Camaro and GTO

Timothy O’Callaghan, Ford in the Service of America

Tracy Powell, American Auto Legends and Cadillac at 100

David Rockwell, We Were the Ramchargers: Inside Drag Racing’s Legendary Team

Jim Schild, Maximum Performance: Mopar Super Stock Drag Racing, 1962 – 1969 and Proving Ground: A History of Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth Racing

Jason Vuic, The Yugo: The Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in HistoryAnthony Yanik, Maxwell Motor: And the Making of Chrysler Corporation

Cayman R Livestream

Watch the unveiling of the new Porsche Cayman R at this link.

Flying Lizard to compete worldwide!

November 16, 2010 – Sonoma, California – Flying Lizard Motorsports announced today preliminary details of its 2011 racing program. The Sonoma, California-based privateer team will return to the American Le Mans Series, fielding two Porsche 911 GT3 RSRs--the No. 45 and No. 44--in the GT class for the nine-race season.

"2010 was a phenomenal year for the ALMS and GT was clearly the place to be," said Seth Neiman, Flying Lizard Team Principal and Driver of the No. 44 Porsche. "We fought a long, tough battle all season, and came away with the drivers' championship. All credit goes to some very tough racing by Joerg (Bergmeister) and Patrick (Long) and an incredible performance by the crews at every single event this year."

Neiman continued, "For 2011, of course we'll be competing again for all of the ALMS GT championships. The ALMS calendar is solid and with some new venues and times it will help keep us all on our toes. Additionally, next year we will increase our emphasis on the important endurance races worldwide."

Jens Walther, President and CEO of Porsche Motorsports North America (PMNA), added, "Flying Lizard and Porsche have forged a great relationship, combining the expertise that both organizations bring to the track; the race results speak for themselves. I am excited to continue our partnership for 2011 and am looking forward to our eighth consecutive season with Flying Lizard competing for the GT championships."

News used with permission from Flying Lizard Motorsports

NSR Porsche/Ford GT arrive in US

Now at Professor Motor (and other North American Dealers, the NSR Porsche 911 Rally Cup (and the white GT and white kit as well) and Ford GT40 Mark II.
Also there will be a National Championship Race for NSR including the Porsche this coming April at Professor Motor... details to follow here on Slot Car News.

Bollywood Taxi Art Car - Basanti the Bollywood Amby

Basanti the Bollywood Amby - Bollywood Art Car Taxi Top

I received this wonderful Indian Bollywood Taxi Art Car made from an Amby car, one of India Iconic cars from Valay the other day. Not only is it painted on the outside but its also got a great festive disco feel on the inside with plenty of red plush material and few Indian disco balls.. This is the Indian version of the Ultimate Taxi from Aspen Colorado.

Basanti is Julian Parr's brain child.
It's hand painted in Bollywood poster art style with Bollywood's most iconic movies and their songs from the past. Exteriors designed by Valay Gada and Satinder and the interiors done by Julian himself...

An ex regional director of Oxfam GB Julian needed to have fun after a day long of 'saving the world' and Basanti the ambassador does just that....It's kitsch, mad and brings a smile to even the urchins who for a second join the escape Bollywood movies provides to the masses from their tough days and keeps them going....

Basanti the Bollywood Amby - Bollywood Art Car Taxi Inside

Basanti the Bollywood Amby - Bollywood Art Car Taxi Top Rear

Basanti the Bollywood Amby - Bollywood Art Car Taxi Side

The Automobile and American Life: Quiz on Chapter 8, The Golden Age of the Automobile in America

Ok folks-- now we will see if any of my students ever look at the blog. This is their quiz for tomorrow. How many of these questions can you answer? You can find the right answers in my book, The Automobile and American Life (McFarland, 2009)!

HST 485
Dr. Heitmann
Quiz on Chapter 8

1. This University of Chicago theologian, after visiting the Chicago Auto Show in 1958, commented that the love of the automobile in America amounted to a religion. His name was ___________________.
2. Henry Gregor Felson wrote this book about cars for teenagers in the 1950s. Its main character was Bud Crayne. ____________________________.
3. This journalist wrote the important book Insolent Chariots in 1958, the first major critique of the American auto industry. _________________________.
4. This Ford executive formulated an important marketing strategy during he 1950s in which consumers were influenced to buy down rather than buy up – namely to buy accessorized, lower priced models. ________________________.
5. You watched this film about youth culture and the angst of youth during the 1950s in class last time. It stared James Dean. _________________________.
6. Another important book that was read by young men and women (especially young men!) during the 1950s was about sports cars. Its author was Don Stanford. ______________.
7. Name the two American sports cars that were introduced by GM and Ford in 1953 and 1955, respectively. __________________________ and _________________________.
8. Name the Hinton, WVA Ford dealer who is featured in chapter 8. ___________________.
9. Name the title of perhaps the first rock and roll song – its title featured a particular GM Brand. ________________________

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Car Culture History Quiz -- Olympian Cars of the 1930s

Hi folks -- try answering these questions, taken from my book the automobile and American Life, chapter 6. I regularly ask these kinds of "brain teasers" to my students. They often fall flat in trying to answer them!

HST 485

Quiz on Chapter 6

Dr. Heitmann Name_____________________________

1. Name the historian who argued that the downturn in automobile production and overcapacity was a central reason why the Great Depression took place. _____________________

2. Name the marque of car that during most of the 1930s was the best seller among high-priced brands in the U.S..


3. Without doubt, this was "the car of the stars" during the 1930s. It was vehicle that was of such quality and performance that it exceeded all European competitors of the day.


4. The "Coffin Nose" Cord was designed by this man, perhaps the most talented auto designer in America before WWII. __________________________________________

5. The German Edmund Rumpler, designed this vehicle in 1921, recognized as the first streamlined personal car. It is now on display at the Technical Museum in Munich. ______________________

6. This Chrysler engineer is usually given credit for the Airflow and Airstream cars of the 1930s. ________________________________ .

7. Name the two union organizers who were beaten up by Ford Service thugs at the so-called "Battle of the Overpass." _____________________________ and __________________________.

8. Perhaps the most famous of all blues songs about cars, the "Terraplane Blues" pushed car-human being metaphors to the limit. The artist who performed this song was _____________________.

9. This 1932 film starred Jimmy Cagney and featured Legion Ascot race track. _______________________

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