2009 Acura NSX, Acura 2009 Future Cars

Acura demonstrated world with there opening NSX that they could acquire a super car and use it on a daily basis driving. Long awaited the current NSX is there since 1991 with some minor updates.

Acura NSX is expected to tap the roads by 2009. The 2009 Acura NSX is going to target Ferrari F430 and Lamborghini Gallardo in a big way and is for sure a big dent into their market.. According to gossips Honda is already testing prototypes for the car in Japan. Front-engine layout, and mid-engine like one in the earlier model is worked on. The car is also probably to have V10 engine with 500 horsepower.

Super Handing All-Wheel Drive is most likely to be used in 2009 Acura NSX as is right now in Acura RL. It will send power to front wheels whenever required. Otherwise front engine layout would run most of the power to the rear wheels.

Cheap Car Insurance; Top 10

Would you like to drive a vehicle that has the cheapest Insurance? Would you like to know which cars have the lowest Insurance before buying a car? Well, here they are:
-Buick LeSabre
-Oldsmobile Silhouette
-Honda Odyssey
-Buick Park Avenue
-Pontiac Montana
-Mercury Grand Marquis
-Buick Century
-Chevrolet Venture
-GMC Safari
-Oldsmobile Bravada
This is a list of the 10 cheapest cars to insure. This is figured by the safety features that these vehicles have, the # of accidents reported, the age of drivers, etc.
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Equifax Credit Report

Before you buy an auto, know your credit score. This will help you determine what type of interest rate you will pay. A score over 700 will get you the best rate. A score from 650-700 is still good, but under 650 will start to increase the interest rate you will pay. The Equifax link on this post will give you an idea of what your credit is and what items you can pay off to make it better. Most customers do not know the items on their credit report. Don't make this mistake! Always check your credit at least every 6 months to make sure all items on your credit are yours.

The Credit Crunch has made Car Buyers more aware of keeping their Equifax score at its best, especially since many lenders are only using Equifax Credit Scores. Another problem many customers are having is the highest white collar crime ever committed, Identity Theft! Get Equifax Score Watch Now! and avoid this costly and long term problem. It is almost impossible to get items removed from your Credit Report, even though they may be from Identity Theft.

Car Buying Tip; Money Down!

There is a belief among customers that a down payment on a car goes directly into the sales persons pocket. This could not be further from the truth. Now, I will say to make your best deal on the car first, but when it comes time to do financing, always put money down. Not only will this decrease the amount that you are financing and lower your payment, but may also get you a better rate with the lender as you will be financing that much less under their guidelines. The banks look at book price when financing a car, and always take into consideration the fact that they own the car, up until the time you pay it off. This will also make it easier to trade this vehicle down the road if you so choose because you will owe less and avoid being upside down.

Car Buying Tip; Beauty Is Only Skin Deep!

Wow! Just remember, beauty is only skin deep. When buying a car, take it to your mechanic to have him check it out and make sure there are no problems with the car. It may look AWESOME on the outside, but dont fall in love until you make sure it is the right match for you. Great analogy huh?

CCWS IRL Merger Update

According to the Indy Star.

1. TG and KK have agreed conceptuallyto share ownership. Needed is a mediator for resolving disagreements!
2. Talks are continuing to have Champ Car teams run Indy in 2007.


WickerBill Sez;

Who will own the American League and who will own the International League?

Mario Andretti and Rick Mears have both been mentioned as possible mediators for the new series. Frankly I don't think either has what it takes to be Commisioner. This arrangement will fail without a single strong leader. Right Dan Gurney?

Finally as I have said before, an overnight coming together won't happen it will have to be a phased operation. At least that looks like what they are considering.

Allmendinger Makes it Two Straight

57,000 watched as AJ not only avoided the wall Sunday he mostly avoided the agricultural racing that the other competitiors were participating in. Except for a brief shunt at the begining of the race which required some minor repairs he ran another very good race winning the Cleveland event.

It was a rather dizzying race with all of the spins and shunts that occured. PT and SB came together again, this time bullet proof Bourdais got the short end of the deal and was taken out and taken to the hospital for CT scans. Tracy's car climbed over Bourdais cockpit, the bottom of Tracy's car clobbered Bourdais helmet knocking him out. Bourdais was cleared at the hospital with no injurys and is expected to run at the next event in Tronto.

GM 0% Financing 72 Hour Sale!


Yahoo! Autos will give you the best pricing to go with your 0% financing!

GM to announce 72 hour sale starting Tuesday June 26. It is a sale to pull out a great June for GM. The sale will offer 0% financing up to 72 months not including Pontiac Solstice and G6 convertibles. The 0% applies to 06 models only, but are offering lower financing rates on 07's, just not 0%. GM has stuck to their guns and not followed Chrysler and Fords' 0% financing up to this point. They caved a little with this offer, but it is supposed to end July 5th. If GM sticks to their philosophy, they will offer sales during the year that last a few days. This will give them more relevance with an offer that does not linger for months and months. Save on VW Auto Parts

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Car Financing; Shop For Best Deal

One of the biggest expenses when buying a car, is the financing. The finance manager at a dealership only gets paid when you contract at a higher rate than what he can buy the money for. Lets say you qualify for 5.9%, the finance manager is going to make a point or maybe even 2 points and charge you 7.9%. Shop around and always check the bank you do your banking with. Also, check local credit unions that offer auto loans to the public. If you shop the best deal, you will save 10 to 20, maybe even 30 or 40 dollars a month. Multiply this by the number of months that you finance the car. Dont forget to check online sources for auto financing, those at the top right of this page are great starting points.

GM OnStar; Popular Auto Option

GM's OnStar is becoming more popular with the car buying public. On Star's one year free safe and sound package covers airbag deployment notification, remote vehicle diagnostics, remote door unlock, emergency services, stolen vehicle location assistance, roadside assistance, accident assistance, remote horn and lights if you are having trouble locating your vehicle, and 30 minutes free personal hands free calling. When OnStar was first introduced customers were apprehensive and did not want this feature and now they will not consider a vehicle without it. The dealership that I work at has a 92% renewal rate after the first year. The second year costs $199, but most customers feel this is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

GM's OnStar Feature has added voice activated Navigation. You contact an OnStar Advisor, tell them where you want to go, they download the route to your vehicle, voice commands tell you every turn to make. You can even go to Map Quest on the Internet and plan out a trip, download the trip to your OnStar Account, after naming the trip you can download it to your vehicle for directions and destinations that you have pre-determined on Map Quest. You can even plan how many miles you want to drive per day, where you want to stay, etc. OnStar is adding new features that Customers have found they do not want to live without.

National Corvette Museum’s Commission Impossible
-The Corvette’s not just an expensive, shiny Viagra bottle – it’s an icon. But can the museum start another American revolution and put some hard cash in its pocket?

I'm not even sure why Kentucky needs a Corvette Museum. I suppose people with kids need to have a place to take them on Saturdays. They can look at all the Corvettes and marvel at what GM was once able to do. Today, Corvette is very separate from Chevrolet.

Where once, teenagers with posters of 'Vettes on their wall could at least buy Corvette's ugly cousins from Chevy lots, today, there's nothing that really shares in the go-fast-for-cheap bloodline. Nobody's going to buy a Cobalt because they like the Corvette.

However, that didn't stop one member of the Corvette museum's inner-sanctum, a GM exec, no less, from offering the museum money if it could convince 100 non-GM drivers to switch to a Chevy, Pontiac, Buick, Hummer, Cadillac, GMC or Saab.

Of course, it would probably take more than the $25,000 the guy's offering the museum to actually figure out how GM could do this.

There's not a lot of appeal in these marks for those who haven't already bought into the GM fantasy. However, if you prize comfort you've already got a Chevy SUV GMC, H2 or Caddy.

But maybe, you just want a shiny new car with two sunroofs without the burdensome pressure and inconvenience of having a job - in which case you've probably already got a Pontiac adorning your parents' driveway.

Perhaps, watching Frasier while reading books about wine and listening to world music in a Starbucks are all highly appealing to you - in which case - you still won't be running out to buy a Saab because, of course, you've already got one - in yellow.

The point is, there hasn't been a new reason to buy any of the brands the museum needs to get their money. Rumours have it that the money, so desperately needed by the Corvette Museum would go to build a life-size papier-mâché replica of the Corvette. It would have a working, papier-mâché engine and be made entirely from Corvette drivers' divorce papers.

Ford's done a wise thing by creating a halo car for the Mustang. High school kids trying to keep up the grades to get a V6 Couple can look up to the GT 500. Just think about how hard you'd pound those index cards. study guides and see-and-says if you knew that just one 'D' and you get a Malibu instead.

GM Auto Workers Deadline

GM Auto workers deadline is today June 23, 2006. They must decide whether to keep working at a job that is uncertain or take an early buyout. Some would receive a one time buyout of over $150,000. The auto industry is seeing a surge in sales, but GM is trying to cut expenses in hopes of expanding the bottom line.

Car Trade Allowance Explained

I have customers every day tell me that their trade in is worth $2000 more across the street. Let me tell you why it is worth more there. It is called trade allowance, what is allowed on your trade. When a car is appraised it is given an (ACV) Actual Cash Value. The ACV is going to be pretty much the same wherever you have your car appraised. Now say you are buying a $29000 used SUV that is marked up $4000. I can show you that your car is worth $2000 more, take $2000 from profit, and still make $2000. You can juggle the numbers any way you want, but always look at the bottom line.

Negotiate Your Best Car Deal!

One of the keys to negotiation is understanding the language. Most car dealers use the trade difference method and this is very confusing to some customers. For instance, the salesperson will say "We will trade for $7000 difference, plus payoff, plus TTF-Tax, Title, Fees". Just to make things simple we will say that you are buying a $27000 vehicle. This means that your vehicle appraised for $20000, or less if there are rebates involved. Now, you may owe $30000 on your car, meaning that you are actually financing $37000 on this vehicle, plus TTF. Most customers cannot understand that the payoff has to be added back to the deal.
$27000 minus $20000 is $7000 trade difference, plus payoff, in this case $30000 which will give you $37000, plus TTF.
This method is used to make you forget about how much your trade is worth because it makes you focus on the payoff instead of the amount appraised on your car. Ask the salesperson to break your numbers down so you can analyze them better. Sale price, trade amount, rebates if applicable, taxes, and so on. I myself would rather lay everything out in the open for the customer and not give the old smoke and mirror approach.

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Allmendinger Aviods Walls - Wins Portland

Quote: Robin Miller's Straight from the Gear Box

As races go, it was a cracker -- no cautions and 105 laps of qualifying to quote runner-up Justin Wilson. As crowds go, it was one of the best in several years here in Portland and certainly one of the most animated. As storylines go, well, it couldn't get any better for Champ Car.
In one of the wildest weeks of dramatic turns and surprise moves, A.J. Allmendinger went from out of a job to back in a car to victory lane.

How he got there was a script so made-for-television perfect that you would have thought NASCAR ordered it.

"I think it was good for the series and I think it was good for somebody else to get up there on the top step of the podium besides Sebastian (Bourdais)," said Gerry Forsythe, whose opinion understandably might be a little skewed since he's the one who replaced Mario Dominguez with Allmendinger.

"A.J. did a helluva job and I don't think he put a wheel wrong all day."
Forsythe had to watch his cars sweep Sunday's show (James Hinchcliffe captured the Atlantic race) on television because he was attending a wedding and missed his first race of 2006.
What the co-owner of Champ Car missed was an affirmation party for the only American in his series.

Why Carl Russo gave up on his 24-year-old protege remains up for speculation and discussion but it certainly shocked everyone in the Champ Car paddock since RuSPORT became a reality because of Allmendinger's success in Barber Dodge & Atlantics and Russo's affection for him.
One thing Russo said all week, and again Sunday afternoon when he congratulated his former driver in victory lane, was that A.J. had an abundance of talent and would be a winner some day.
It's just that nobody imagined it would be in his debut for Forsythe Racing.

"Did we think A.J. could win races?'' said Mike Cannon, engineer for Allmendinger. "Definitely. Did we think he'd win today in his first drive for us? Of course not. But I guess if somebody wants to know what we thought of him, well, obviously we know he can win races."

He did it in convincing and impressive style -- leading 100 of the 105 laps and withstanding immense pressure from his pal and former teammate Wilson. Unlike a year ago, when he threw away a win at Edmonton, A.J. never missed an apex or tripped over a lapped car.

In this instant gratification world we live in, so much emphasis is put on immediate results and people were saying crazy things like "When is this kid going to win?" and the truth is he's only been in 32 races. Jenson Button is zero-for-105 and Casey Mears hasn't won in over 100 Cup starts but there were such high expectations for Allmendinger.

"I was sick of finishing second and nobody put any more pressure on me than I did because I've always won and I expect to win," said Allmendinger, who jumped up to third in the point standings. "I can't begin to describe how this feels because of all the things that have happened in the past few days.

"Forsythe Racing made it fun again for me and I'll never be able to thank them enough."
Of course this wasn't just a one-act play. Cristiano da Matta, who took a ride with Dale Coyne because he still has passion to race in this series and didn't want to sit on the sidelines, was rewarded for his attitude with A.J.'s ride at RuSPORT.

Dominguez, who was leading at Houston after winning the pole position, wound up as the loser in this transaction when Forsythe cut him loose after his second accident involving teammate Paul Tracy.

He drove here for Coyne, who is always the good soldier in these deals, and Champ Car still needs Mario to be competitive since it ends the season in Mexico City.

Another Mario, last name Andretti, was in the pits at Portland and made the following astute observation: "This is one of those deals that appears to be good for both guys (Allmendinger and da Matta)," said the two-time CART champion.

It certainly was well received by the fans, who chanted USA, USA and stuck around to help A.J. sing the national anthem. Funny thing, Americans appreciate the many talented foreign drivers who have made Champ Car their home during the past 27 years but they still love to cheer for one of their own.

Bourdais is a super star who had a great run and appears to be headed for a third consecutive championship. But Forsythe was right -- this series needed a new winner and having someone named after A.J. Foyt worked out nicely.

As for the original terms of Allmendinger's employment (a two-race deal and then it would be appraised), Forsythe said the kid passed the audition and has the ride the rest of '06.
"I'm sure of that," he said. "No doubt. We'll keep him."

The last time Forsythe had an American driver was Danny Sullivan in 1982. He went on to do some pretty big things and maybe this is the beginning of a good red, white and blue relationship.

WickerBill Sez;

What Robin said and the 77,000 attendance was a 20 percent improvement over last year.
Cool Cheap Cars
-Don’t make monthly payments like a jackass.

New cars are good. New trucks are good. However, for your latest automotive purchase to be even slightly cool, you’ll have to spend at least around $18,000 American, hard-earned squilla – plus tax, license, registration, full-coverage insurance, plus washing it!

That means that, instead of spending your money on something useful, like food, a home or cigarettes – you will be paying a car company hundreds of dollars every month just for the privilege of driving a fairly nice set of wheels.

Basic Transportation feels that this is bull plop. And so, with the help of my friends and yours at eBay, let’s look over some pre-owned­ vehicles that will still look good in front of the club and let you keep your money, while occasionally sharing it with a mechanic of your choice.

Lincoln’s latest sedan is the Zephyr, a Mazda 6 with a Ford Fusion on top of it, topped out with some nifty xenon bulbs and shiny plastic plus leather seats and many, many Lincoln emblems, so that you don’t get confused.

If you want Lincoln elegance, you’ll just have to go spend $30K. Or – don’t.

Instead, check out the gorgeous, restored Lincoln Continental from forty-five years ago. White and red, vinyl interior, suicide doors, big-block V8. There’s always plenty on eBay and always costing way cheaper than they look.

You’ll feel good driving it – which is something the Zephyr can’t deliver for twice the cash. The best part? If you ever manage to get tired of this beautiful Lincoln, just sell it for the same amount.

Luxury not your thing? You might be looking at a civic or the Fit (you, lamer) for some practical transportation. $20K isn’t too much to spend on a sensible daily driver, you say to yourself. But that’s money you can spend on hot-air ballooning around the world or a bathtub made out of gold. Why not spend one tenth of that on a late 70s/early 80s Granada. The car of cars – wow your friends with your retro flava.

There’s plenty of other cars that deliver the same roomy practicality and don’t really cost anything at all. Looks pro at the office and you can park it in the hood! For one notch higher, choose a sweet little 60s Plymouth Fury or Nova four-door. They can all be had for less than $10K, - the Granada goes for 2 and, unlike the sucker ides, they don’t loose all that once they’re yours. Check back for more cheap, eBay goodness, in future installments of ‘Cool Cars you Can Purchase (CCCP).

GM's 2007 New Body Style Chevy Silverado

This is an early look at the new body style Chevy Silverado. This was originally scheduled to be a 2008 model, but GM is pushing this to be sold as a 2007 model to replace the current Chevy in the fall. This is an early look and there may be modifications; GM has a lot riding on this to remain as the #1 selling GM vehicle.

Car Buying Tip-Summer Service

There are a few things you should service during hot summer months. Of course have your oil changed every 3000 miles, but every other oil change, rotate your tires. This will keep the tread wearing even and avoid tires on the front wearing quicker than the back. Check the tread by turning a penny with Lincoln head down and placing upright inside tread. The head should be covered to some degree. If you can see the entire head of Lincoln, it is time for new tires.

Belts and Hoses should be checked or changed during summer months. The last thing you want to do is get stuck on the side of the road with a broken belt. Not only will it be hard to change on the side of the road, but an inconvenience for someone to come pick you up. Who wants to be stuck on the side of the road in the winter? Or summer as far as that goes. Keep your belts and hoses from breaking or leaking.

Battery should be checked in the summer time. Winter is very hard on batteries as you need the cold cranking amps to just start your car. The battery will tell the life on top. When you buy a battery, they will mark it to where you can tell when it is time to change. I would recommend every 2-3 years probably, although most will last 4-6 years.

Alternator should be checked in the summer to make sure it will be strong enough to keep your battery charged. The Alternator is an integral part of your car. If the alternator goes out, it will drain your battery and will probably ruin your battery. The alternator keeps your battery charged when you are driving and when it goes out, your battery is no longer charged and is just a matter of time before it is gone. You will always know when the alternator goes out because your car and lighting will start acting crazy when you are driving. If you have had one go out, you know what I mean.

This is just a few things you can check, but you can always take your car to a mechanic to get a proper check on your car to make sure you do not get stranded. Most Mechanics know the things to look for that may cause you a problem.

Tips To Improve Your Credit Score

This article has been revised and moved Here! Just in case anyone is still following this link.

If you have ever been to buy a car and the salesman told you he could not get you financed, you would want advice to improve your credit score. The #1 way to improve your credit score is to keep your credit card debt to a minimum. If you have a $500 credit limit on your card, keep your balance at $249 or less. If you go over half of your credit limit, you will not receive maximum points on your credit score. Get a copy of your credit report and analyze ways to improve your score. There may be items on there from years back that you already forgot about. If there is an old debt, contact that company and see about a settlement to get it off your report. If there are errors on your report, contact the credit bureau and dispute these items. The main thing is always be aware what is on your credit and take a proactive approach to keeping it clean.

Car Buying Tip-Check Into Leasing An Auto

Oh me, I said the L word! Why is everyone so scared of a lease. Ask anyone who has money and they will tell you to lease anything that depreciates (ie Car) and buy those things that appreciate (ie house). The reason behind this makes sense. If you ever pay a car off before you are through paying for it, you will most likely owe more than it is worth and if you do keep it long term and pay it off, what do you have? An old car that is worth very little! On the other hand, if you lease your vehicle you will have a lower payment and can trade more often without having so much negative equity. Most people are scared because of the mileage limitation, but you can build miles in up front. Now, if you drive 50,000 miles a year, NO, a lease is not for you. If you drive 15,000 miles a year, I would not consider anything other than leasing. Check into GM's Smart Buy option where your name is on the title and you do not have to carry higher insurance coverages. You also have options at the end of the Smart Buy--you can purchase the car, refinance the car, trade the car, turn the car in, or even sell the car. Best of all, with residuals, you know exactly what the car will cost you at the end of 3 or 4 years. Dont be scared of the L word, check it out, it might be exactly the option you have been looking for.

Bullet Proof Bourdais

Sebastien Bourdais appeared bullet proof as he claimed his fourth victory at the Milwaukee mile Sunday, a track that had bested him in previous attempts. Bourdais suffered a punctured right rear tire on lap twenty and pitting under green for a change put him a lap down to the field.

The rest of the field, small though it may have been due to yet another first lap crash that took out four cars of the 16 starters, must have been licking their chops at the thought of SB being a lap down. – Note to Champ Car, getting tired of first lap carnage, do something -.

On lap twenty six another yellow helped Bourdais to regain some track position and when the leaders pitted in a sort of out of sequence strategy Katherine Legg who started 8th and finished 6th, inherited the lead, becoming the first female to ever lead a Champ car race. When the race went green she was able to hold of Wilson quite well but finally succumbed to him while overtaking lapped traffic.

Mean while Bourdais was slowly working his way back to the front, inheriting the lead during the leader’s second stop and was able to race away from everyone the rest of the way, winning his fourth race in as many starts.

Attendance - promoters announced a ticket distribution of 28,357 for the Champ Car World Series event, about 2,000 more than one year earlier. Actual attendance was estimated at 20,000. Although attendance is less than half of the peak of a decade ago, the crowd Sunday was at least double the size of that for the 2005 race.

General Motors Value Pricing

When you go to buy a car this year from a GM lot you will not see as much discount as in the past. General Motors went to a value pricing format that decreased the sales price of new cars from last year and also decreased the margins that dealers make. I believe GM did this to better compete with internet pricing. Many people are buying cars from the internet or at least comparing prices before shopping. You will enjoy the lower prices compared to last year, but dont look for the big discounts and rebates that were usually offered.

Save On Car Insurance Now!

Do you want to save money on your car insurance? Why not now to see how much you can save. It is free and easy and could save you hundreds per year. You will not know if you are paying too much for car insurance unless you check. You may say you are with a trusted company now, but this site will give you the best rates possible.

Car insurance has a degree of subjectivity. What I mean by this, Car Insurance agents can give you cheaper insurance rates by reducing the amount of money they make. There are certain items that are negotiable. You can take towing, courtesy transportation, etc. out of your quote. When you get pricing on the internet, you are getting the best quote possible because you will probably not be back. It will be a great quote! When you are in a Insurance agents office, they have your captive attention so can start out with high rates. On the internet, your first price will be the best price.

Car Trade In Value

Cars depreciate at an alarming rate! There are a few things that you can do to minimize the hit you take at trade in time. Be sure to keep all service records and make sure that the oil is changed at regular intrevals, preferably every 3000 miles. Keep the car clean, inside and out. When you go to trade the car, give it a good detail inside and out to give it the appearance of a car well taken care of. If you take care of your car, chances are you will sell it to an individual rather than trade it. Finance your car for a shorter period of time--48 months instead of 60 months, or double up on some payments so that the payoff keeps up with depreciation. The belief is that high end cars like Mercedes and BMW do not depreciate when in actuality they depreciate more because they are more expensive. Use common sense, if your car looks bad, you are not going to get top trade in value. Take care of your car!

Used Car Prices and how they are determined!

2007 GMC Yukon

There is mixed opinions on the 2007 GMC Yukon. I think it is the fact that by nature we do not like change. The old Yukon needed an update and I believe General Motors did it justice, but most say it has to grow on them. The flip and fold second row seats dont seem to be impressing shoppers at this time, but the ride is definitely nice. If a customer takes a test drive, the look of the Yukon gets much better. I believe that in time everyone will enjoy the new look as much as they did the old model.

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