Negotiate Your Best Deal!

There are several keys to negotiating:
1. Dont get discouraged and never make it personal. Remember that a salesmans job is to make the most money possible and your job is to buy the vehicle as cheap as possible. Also, remember a salesman makes 30% of the profit. It is always nice to arrive at a win-win situation. The dealership has to make money to stay in business, but you can get a fair deal at the same time.

2. Know in advance how much you are willing to pay for the vehicle. Start lower than that point and hopefully meet around that point. A salesman is going to start high and come down, hopefully reaching your threshold. But, do not look at a $25000 vehicle and think you can buy it for $15000. There is definitely not this type of markup unless there are large rebates on a new car.

3. Do not have second thoughts if you make an offer and the deal is taken. Many times salesman will go to the manager and say this is the most the customer will pay for the vehicle and the manager will so ok, go ahead and do the deal. Just because the deal is taken quickly does not mean you offered too much!

4. When a salesman leaves to get your price and is gone for several minutes, do not think this a plot to keep you waiting. On any given day, there may only be one manager on the desk working 5 deals. It takes a little time because you have to wait your turn. I can say there is no gain in making a customer wait.

5. Dont be afraid to make an offer. Many customers will say they have to go look at other vehicles because they are fearful of negotiating. This is the fun part of buying a car. Make it enjoyable. Write your offer on the buyers order and put a smiley face or write a little note, maybe the sales manager will find this humerous and take your deal.

6. Make it easy on yourself. Know what price you should pay when you go in. Check out Yahoo! Autos to get a quote on the vehicle you are looking at. A real quick form to save a bunch of bucks!

New Car Negotiation, Price Quotes, and Finance Advice
Car Buying Price Negotiation

CCWS and Ford End 24 Year Relationship

Champ Car has shown Ford the exit ending a relationship that began in 1982.

With that will go the pace car team an those great rides we all liked so much. Seen the new LOGO .........not a mention of Ford!

Champ Car claims to have another manufacturere lined up to become presenting sponsor????

But wait there's more.........Champ Car says the pace cars rides are being replaced by Stoddart's F1 two seaters.

WickerBill sez;

Well there's a real head scratcher!

Sebring Session Four Testing Times




Sebring Session Three Testing Times





Sebring Session Two Testing Times

Doornbos .....52.912
Dalziel ..........54.048

Sebring Session One Testing Times

Legge........... 52.166
Wilson......... 52.426
Pagenaud..... 52.528
Dominguez... 52.529
Bourdais...... 52.581
Tracy........... 52.763
Rahal........... 53.125
Doornbos ....53.195
Vasser......... 53.634
Dalziel .........56.421
Figge........... 57.260
Jani............. 58.118
Tagliani..... 1:15.893

IRL-CCWS Merger, Merger Go Away.........Forever?

With testing beginning tomorrow let's get this foolishness out of the way now so when May comes around we can concentrate on racing!

Originally written in 2004 it still applicable today!!!!

Perhaps the term reunification is adding to open wheel racing’s problems. Reunification implies that at some time in the past there was unity. Reunification, it would seem, suggests a return to that unity. Does anyone remember the blissful co-existence of CART and the IRL. I don’t’ think so! Okay, let’s call this proposed getting together of these businesses a merger, or buy out, or perhaps you prefer to take the business edge off and refer to it as unification. Whatever term you prefer there’s no escaping the fact that CCWS and IRL are businesses with all the trappings and their products are the sport of open wheel racing.

When one looks at CCWS and IRL strictly from the business view you can’t help but realize how frail they both are. Hard core racing fans, no matter which side they affiliate with, tend to be blinded to frailty of these businesses. Either or both could easily fail. Auto racing is very expensive and requires funding from many sources. Someone once said if you want to make a small fortune in racing you will need to start with a big one!

When CART was formed there were some very successful business people involved yet in the end they were not able to generate a meaningful and lasting growth so the business wound in up in bankruptcy court. However those same founders have continued to operate and lead their personal businesses with astounding success. They had a nice run with CART until the IRL came along. In business this is called competition. It was not just competition though, there was plenty of that from NASCAR and others, but this was direct competition in the form of open wheel racing. The business of CART failed to recognize the IRL as competition and went about racing as before and finally went bankrupt. What’s difficult to understand is how this group of extraordinarily successful businessmen with their independent successes could have failed so dismally in this joint venture. They all must have good business acumen, yet as a group that business acumen must have been somehow gotten cancelled.

For a business to succeed it must make money, what other reason would there be for a business to exist? So long as CART was a public corporation their profitability, or lack of, was public knowledge. Determining the financial status of a private company is difficult at best so we aren’t likely to know much more than they want us to about them. Yes, it’s possible to set up a similar business on paper and plug in some expense and revenue estimates and make a good guess but that’s all it is - a guess. The CCWS and the IRL can be infused with private money until the owners run out or they can be made profitable by the use of good business practices and we aren’t likely to know for sure which is the case. If the owners have to continue funding the business then it is not likely to continue for very long. If either CCWS or IRL, or both, can execute a solid business plan then the fans will be rewarded with continuation of open wheel racing in this country.

With the two series beginning to look like gas stations on opposite side of the street it will surely be difficult for both series to survive. There may not be enough fans left to support one series let alone two. On the other hand if two businesses are managed properly perhaps they can both grow their respective fan and sponsorship bases, both of which are badly needed to assure the continuation of open wheel racing in this country.

There have been many suggestions as to how to combine (reunify?) the two series, but so far all we have is an agreement to disagree, whatever that is. Perhaps the combined series would be the best solution but then again maybe not. Competition is good for business, what would the quality of the products we buy be like without it. There are many businesses whose products are similar if not the same. Can two open wheel racing series survive? In time we should know. The future of open wheel racing in this country is in the hands of four individuals. Three of whom were successful in other business before forming a new racing series. Does this sound familiar? The other has used the family money to form a racing series and has never really demonstrated business success in any market.

Perhaps it was never meant to be, if open wheel racing was profitable wouldn’t there have been other investors lining up to get a piece of the action. Is open wheel racing just the floundering stepchild of wealthy egomaniacs that aren’t interested in anything but being king? For the sake of this 50 year fan of open wheel racing and all other fans, I hope someone figures out how to make it work.

Bill Sheets © Copyright 2004

Red Bull and Jani to PKV

Swissman Neel Jani and Red Bull are joining PKV racing for the 2007 season. JV says the Swissman will be driving number 21.

WickerBill sez;

Let the announcments begin!

2008 Pontiac G6 GXP

Pontiac G6 GXPThe 2008 Pontiac G6 GXP is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in early fall. The GXP with Pontiac is known for performance, ride, and handling.
The engine will be a 3.6L V-6 with variable valve timing. It is rated at 252 horsepower and 251 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine offers DOHC powerplant that will offer increased performance and better fuel economy. It will join the Pontiac line of G6 to offer an option for those who have to have more performance in their ride!

Mazda Ryuga Concept

Mazda Ryuga It seems Mazda had a big hit at the recent Auto Show with the unveiling of the Ryuga Concept. Have you noticed the odd names of cars. Ryuga is a Japanese word for GRACIOUS FLOW. Whatever the name, Mazda captured the essence of Gracious Flow with this concept vehicle. Where do I sign up for this one!

New Car Versus Used Car; Which One Should You Buy?

This is a question that I, as a car salesman, get daily. Everyone is sort of confused about which one to buy. The main thing customers are concerned about is getting a good deal.

Let me say this; Consider pricing between the new vehicle you want compared to used car pricing of the same model. I will use the GMC Envoy because this is one that I sell.

A new GMC Envoy with leather interior will cost about $34000 pretty well equipped. Now with rebates and discounts lets say you can buy one for $31000-this is just an example. Include your tax, tag, title fees and your payment will be approx. $550-$600, this is also an approx. figure. This payment will change according to your rate determined by your credit. Now lets say you plan on trading this vehicle in 2 years and you did 60 month financing. At the end of the 2nd year, you probably will still owe about $26000. I am guessing at these figures, but I have been selling for 10 years so probably real close to being accurate.

Now, take this same well equipped GMC Envoy in a used model. You can buy last years model with 18000 miles for approx. $22000 with a payment in the $400 to $450 range. You also plan on trading this one in 2 years. In 2 years you owe approx. $16000-$17000.

Now, when the used car manager appraises these 2 vehicles you will get a better idea of how things work. The used one will have a few more miles because of the miles on it when you purchased it. The extra miles may cost you $1000 dollars. The new one may appraise for $14000 leaving you a negative equity of $12000. The used one may appraise for $13000 leaving you a negative equity of $4000-$5000. Now you can see the value of buying a used car over new. I have had plenty of customers that purchased a new car that are having trouble trading because of the large negative equity whereas the one that purchased the used vehicle can trade because they are in a better position for the bank. Now, if you put money down when you purchased the used one, you are even in better condition.

I am not saying every new car purchase is bad, but you stand a better chance with a good used car. We also do not know exactly how much a car will depreciate in these 2 years, but this is my experience in past years. So, look at a good used car and compare pricing while you are at the lot.

Used Car Prices and how they are determined!

2 New Races Added to Champ Car Schedule

The long rumored Belgium and Holland races have finally been added to the Champ Car schedule bringing the total to 17.

2007 Champ Car World Series Schedule

Upadated 2/17/07

April 8 Las Vegas, Nevada
April 15 Long Beach, California
April 22 Houston, Texas
May 20 Zhuhai, China
June 10 Portland, Oregon
June 24 Cleveland, Ohio
July 1 St. Jovite, Canada
July 8 Toronto, Canada
July 22 Edmonton, Canada
July 29 San Jose, California
Aug. 12 Road America Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin
Aug. 26 Huesdin-Zolder Belgium
Sept. 2 Assen Holland
Oct. 21 Surfers Paradise, Australia
Nov 11 Mexico City, Mexico
Dec. 2 Phoenix, Arizona

Events in BOLD are new races for the 2007 season

Classic American Muscle Car Chevy Camaro

Chevy Camaro It is not surprising to see GM bringing back an American Classic. Ford brought the Mustang, Dodge brought the Charger, GM will be bringing the trump card with the Chevy Camaro!

The Chevy Camaro holds a close resemblance to the 1969 Classic Camaro with a few updates to bring it back to life. It is said to offer the LS2 Engine with 400 horses, 21 inch wheels on the front and 22 inches on the back. I have read some reports that it will offer a cheaper V6 engine for insurance purposes for the younger driver. Watch for big things out of this one, and you know what will be next-we have to have the big brother, the Pontiac Firebird! I have seen some pictures of the smokey and the bandit hood, but have not heard for certain. Thanks GM for getting this one right, unlike the GTO blunder. Dont get me wrong, The GTO is a very nice car, but the name had to live up to very high expectations.

When Is Best Time To Buy A New Car-Continued

I told you at the end of the year, that it was a good time to buy a new car. It was a good time to buy a new car, right? Well, guess what? It is still a great time to buy a new car.

Dealers are finding new car sales very sluggish and are very motivated to move some iron! If you think they are not motivated, visit a local dealership which offers your car of choice and see what you can buy one for now. Get ready though, you may drive off the lot in that new car.

The end of 2006 ended with a bang and new car dealerships are wanting to continue the momentum into 2007. Nothing beats a great December followed by an awesome January. January for new car sales has been lagging. Any 2006 models left over are a MUST GO for January. For instance, on my lot, there is a 2006 new Buick Rendezvous that is discounted $10,000 without any haggle. It will be an easy deal and almost a steal. There are others that top the $5000 discount. Many GM dealers still have Red Tag Sale tags in the windows, so make it easy to pop by when they are closed to see what deals are being offered.

Many people want to come after a dealership closes, but dont be afraid of Salesmen. All you have to tell them is to give you a little time to look around in peace. Ok, no problem, especially with the cooler temps. We will not hastle you, look around in the day when you can see. Just ask for a business card and please use it if you decide to buy from this perticular dealer. Salesmen will appreciate you for asking for them when you return.

GMC Acadia; What Consumers Are Saying

GMC Acadia I am a car salesman for a GM Dealership and was happy to see the GMC Acadia finally arrive. Consumers are flocking in to see the design that replaced the 3 row GMC Envoy XL.

I have not talked to anyone that does not love the new design. The only complaint I have heard is about the engine. The 3.6 Liter V6 may be a little under-powered for the size of the vehicle, but the 26 MPG Hwy mileage helps persuade a would-be buyer that there is plenty of power.

There are plenty of options on the vehicle to satisfy any taste. You can get 2 sunroofs, navigation, DVD, option of cloth or leather, heated seats, memory seats, just to name a few. The pricing is not bad either. The cloth base model starts out around $30,000 all the way up to fully loaded topping $42,000 and a large range of options in between. If you have not driven or seen the GMC Acadia, take time to go by your local GMC dealer to take a look. You will be very surprised at the inside space with the 3 rows of seats.

One of the most popular features has to be the one handed flip and fold seat to enter the rear seat. Another is the automatic lift gate, and the 2 sunroofs. The front roof opens like others, the rear moonroof has a stationary glass, but has a push button closure on the upper center console in the front.

Toyota Detroit Vehicles Pursuit Of Hybrid Synergy Drive Vehicles

Toyota Detroit Vehicles Pursuit Of The Hybrid Synergy Drive Vehicles
By Ann Knapp

Hybrid cars are fast becoming more and more popular due to the rising fuel costs and the prices of hybrid cars are becoming more and more affordable. The performances of hybrid cars are also comparable to diesel/petrol cars so there is no reason not to get it.

Major car manufacturers have made claims that the hybrids are the vehicles of the future. This is due to the demand that people are now making as a way of negotiating the overpriced gas prices that have risen steadily over the past few years. The hybrid vehicle is certainly the solution that many people have been searching.

The reason why hybrid cars save fuel is because the car is not permanently running on petrol. There are times when the car is powered by the electricity from the batteries. This is the reason why the consumption of gasoline is dramatically lowered thus reducing the petrol bills of the owner.

The Toyota Prius hybrid car is my top pick because it offers the best performance for the price you get. It cost around $19,000 which is the cheapest out of the three. It has more horsepower at 110 hp and can do 60 city mpg and 51 highway mpg. It is a family sized car which can hold 5 people quite comfortably with some space left in the trunk. It also get a 4.5 score for its crash test rating. For price and performance, you can't beat the Toyota Prius.

Lets take a closer look at the Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive vehicles.

Toyotas HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE is the new type of power train that combines the strong attributes of two kinds of power sources: the electric motors and the gas/petrol engine. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE delivers world class performances in terms of the fuel efficiency, low emissions, drive ability and quietness desired of cars today.

The HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE power unit integrates the strong elements of an electric motors and a gas/petrol engine. It is not merely a package that has an electric motor and a gas/petrol engine on board. Toyota applied cutting edge technologies based on our latest research to integrate the dual power sources in the most ideal way.

There are other models called hybrid vehicles in existence, but Toyota is fully confident that our HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE is the most advanced hybrid powertrain in the world. In fact, HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE is one of the very few systems in the world in 2005 that fully complies with the UNs definition of a hybrid vehicle.

At least two different energy converters and two different energy storage systems

In 2003, the UN defined a hybrid vehicle as follows: A hybrid vehicle is a vehicle with at least two different energy converters and two different energy storage systems (on-board the vehicle) for the purpose of vehicle propulsion.

HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE carries a gas/petrol engine and electric motors as energy converters and a gas/petrol tank and battery as storage systems, thus satisfying the UN definition.

There are several ways in which electric motors and a gas/petrol engine can be combined. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE uses what is called a Series Parallel Hybrid System. This is an ideal combination of the "Series Hybrid System" that Toyota has been developing and the "Parallel Hybrid System", which has a different approach. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE takes the best of what each system has to offer and integrated them into a single system, the best of both.
By adopting the Series Parallel Hybrid System and incorporating cutting edge technologies, Toyota has improved and developed the powertrain, electricity generation and control systems. As a result, we are offering many benefits never before possible with a conventional powertrain.

HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE makes intelligent selective use of its electric motors and gas/petrol engine to deliver fuel efficiency comparable to cars of one class smaller in engine displacement/body size, and at the same time the power comparable to cars one class larger. HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE delivers the highest level of fuel efficiency for cars of the same-size engine displacement.

Although HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, it also offers driving performance, the original appeal of cars. In particular, the seamless acceleration, powerful take off and overtaking acceleration and undiminishing G-force are new driving sensations which can only be experienced with a hybrid car.

HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE pursued outstanding fuel efficiency with the goal to reduce CO2 emissions, and also realized a significant reduction in emissions of other substances in its exhaust gas.

For example, Prius not only complies with the worlds most stringent regulation, AT-PZEV (Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) Regulation of the State of California of the USA, but it also complies with EURO-IV regulation implemented in EU from 2005. Highlander Hybrid has also been certified SULEV compatible, meeting the most stringent of California's automobile exhaust emissions regulations LEV II.

All the models equipped with HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE, including the two models mentioned above, have cleared the stringent exhaust gas regulations enforced in various countries of the world.

Quiet running is one of the benefits of electric motors powered HYBRID SYNERGY DRIVE — for instance, early in the morning or late at night through a residential area. You can even move quietly in and out of a parking garage, where sound is often amplified.

One example is our Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle (FCHV) that was released on a limited distribution basis in Japan and the U.S.A. in 2002. It employs a FUEL CELL, in which electricity is produced by allowing hydrogen and oxygen to react chemically. We delivered a very clean car that only exhausts water.

Hybrid technology is a universal technology. It aims to achieve optimal total energy efficiency by optimal management of the combination of two or more of viable powertrains available at the time.

It holds endless potential that extends to the following generations, far into the future. Our goal is to take hybrid technology to the next phase of its evolutionary progress and to disseminate it throughout the world.

If you are looking for Toyota Hybrid vehicles within the Toyota Detroit Michigan market you can find them at Rinke Toyota. Rinke Toyota is the number one volume Toyota dealer in Michigan. The new hybrids such as the Toyota Prius Hybrid, the Toyota Camry Hybrid, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid, you will find them at Rinke Toyota.

Toyota Detroit Michigan customers now have an online showroom built with Toyota Detroit Michigan shoppers in mind. Rinke Toyota is the number one volume Michigan Toyota Dealer. You can now use the Rinke Toyota website to provide Michigan Toyota shoppers and beyond the benefit of exclusive Internet specials, secure online financing from the comfort of your home or office and all the details you need on the entire Toyota line up. When it comes to great deals and treatment from a Toyota Detroit Michigan dealership nobody can like Rinke Toyota can.

Michigan Toyota customers now have an online showroom that was built with the Michigan Toyota shoppers in mind. Rinke Toyota understands that Michiganers look to the internet for information, discounts and to save time. For that reason Rinke Toyota now utilizes our website to provide Michigan Toyota shoppers and beyond the benefit of exclusive Internet specials, secure online financing from the comfort of your home or office and all the details you need on the entire Toyota line up.

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Chrysler Groups Recalls 62,400 Vehicles For Brake Failure

Chrysler Groups Recalls 62,400 Vehicles For Brake Failure
By Tracy Dawson

Chrysler Group is recalling about 62,400 vehicles because their braking system may fail to work. Among the vehicles to be recalled are the 2007 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

The recall is specifically includes 62,369 model year 2007 Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler 300, Jeep Commander, Jeep Compass, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Liberty, Jeep Wrangler, Dodge Nitro, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger and Dodge Caliber vehicles to fix the brake system Electronic Control Unit computer.

The instrument panel warning lamps of the aforementioned vehicles may illuminate and be followed by failure of Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), anti-lock brake system, traction control and speedometer functions. The failure could lead to loss of control.

No injuries and fatalities have been reported due to the brake system failure. The owners of the affected vehicles will be notified in February next year. For the meantime, customers experiencing warning lamp illumination should take their vehicles to a certified Chrysler dealer for the necessary inspection.

The brake system plays a significant role in the performance of the vehicle as well as in the safety of the occupants. The brake pedal, which is attached to the brake cylinder, can be an indicator of serious vehicle problems like leaks and uneven pads. The combination valve must also work together properly. The valve helps regulate pressure. The wheel cylinder is also deemed a critical element in the drum brake assembly. It contains pistons that thrust the shoes against the drums when slowing down. The drum brake assembly is used to take the rear wheels of most wheels to a stop. Disc Brake assembly, on one hand, absorbs more heat than the drum brake. These parts contribute to the efficiency of the vehicles.

Chrysler Group is an American automaker that has existed independently from 1925 to 1998. The automaker has already established remarkable and popular vehicles. It is also famed for its Dodge genuine auto body parts. Jeep vehicles are also phenomenal. In addition, Jeep Cherokee auto body parts are well-regarded in the auto industry.

On the other side of the automotive realm, General Motors will be expanding a recall of its SUVs and pickups. In all there are 1,357,000 vehicles form part of the GM recall. Said recall is due to the malfunction of the anti-lock brake system integrated to GMC and Chevrolet body parts. Affected vehicles include GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL, Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban and Tahoe.

Tracy is a 29 year old researcher and writer from Dallas, Texas with extensive experience in writing auto-related articles and covering automotive related events. She is currently a contributing writer for a leading automotive e-zine. You can visit Dodge genuine auto body parts and Jeep Cherokee auto body parts for more information.
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