Porsche returns to LeMans in 2014!

Porsche returns to LeMans in 2014 for LMP1!!!!!!!!!

Slot MiniAuto #81



Michael Schumacher vuelve a ocupar una portada de Slot MiniAuto después de unos años de ausencia. El nuevo Mercedes GP Petronas de Superslot es el protagonista. Junto a él destacamos el nuevo Ferrari 156/85 de Ostorero, el Pegaso Berlineta Enasa de Top Slot y el nuevo Ferrari 250 GTO de Racer.

En el interior reportajes de las últimas novedades: Subaru WRC de MSC, Ford GT40 de Slot.it, Mazda 787B de MRSlotcar, Ford RS200 de Superslot, Pegaso Cangrejo de Slot Classic y el chasis TWR11 de Twister. Además destacamos el reportaje de nuevo chasis de Tecno Slot para modelos a escala 1:43.

(A la venta el 30-06-2011)

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Michael Schumacher stars in a Slot MiniAuto cover after years of absence. The new Scalextric Mercedes Petronas GP makes it possible. Next to it highlight the new Ferrari 156/85 of Ostorero, Top Slot Pegaso Enasa Berlinetta and the new Ferrari 250 GTO of Racer.
Inside reports from the most recent novelties: Subaru WRC MSC, Ford GT40 Slot.it, Mazda 787B of MRSlotcar, Scalextric Ford RS200, Slot Classic Pegaso “crab” and TWR11 Twister chassis for raid slot. Also highlight the article of the new Tecno Slot chassis for 1:43 scale models.

(On-Sale 30/06/2011)

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(More information on www.revistasprofesionales.com)

New Scaleauto 1/24 Felbermayr RSR

The new Scaleauto 1/24 Felbermayr Porsche RSR.

A pair of Sideways DP's for sale

I little plug for a pair of cars I'm selling... a rare pair of Sideways DP's for sale on SCI.

New MRRC Ford GT40 arrival

New MRRC Ford GT40's arriving next week according to REH Distributors.

Pimped out Mercedes rat rod low rider art car

Pimped out Mercedes rat rod low rider art car
Its been a while since my last post and I wanted to post this multi-faceted unit I found on the 24 hour lemons facebook. This older stretch Mercedes is complex work of art complete with spoke rims, rusty flame job, low rider suspension and some checkers to complete the weirdness. Not sure were its headed but its weird enough that it ended up making me smile. Will the owner of this Mercedes step forward and be congratulated:):):)

New 1/24 Scaleauto Jaguar

Cars 2 demo in Connecticut

A Cars 2 demo I did over the weekend in Branford CT. It was great introducing slots to what will hopefully be the next generation of racers.

Ed's West Virginia Roadtrip in his New A5 Audi -- Sutton, WVA

Beside the County Clerk's Office, Sutton, WVA.

A Face Even a Mother Could not Love!

Hudson nash Next to Court Housse, Sutton, WVA.

Reopened theater, Sutton, WVA.

Main Street, Sutton, WVA.

The Audi A5 proved to be an excellent performer on both the really fine Interstates in West Virginia but also on the twisty backroads with their "S" curves. Quattro hugged the curves like glue. I now know why we increasingly are seeing so many car magazines using West Virginia's senic highways and by-ways for featured test drives. We drove into the little town of Sutton that once was a thriving small town with three new car dealerships and an economy based on the timber and logging industry. No more, as Sutton, like many small towns off the beaten path in West Virginia is, if not quite a ghost town, at least a town where time seems to have slowed to a snails pace of a bygone time. A town caught in a time warp.

Looking down Main Street one sees mostly empty shells of once finely crafted detailed buildings. Stepping into the country courthouse right off of Main Street we noticed a large framed photograph beside the Country Clerk's office that was titled "The Presidents of the United States." The president's photographs stopped with Lyndon Baines Johnson. Or perhaps that's the time when federal monies were coming in big time to help this impoverished state. Right next to the Courthouse was a vacant, largely unkept yard where a sad and battered 1957 Hudson "Hash" was parked bearing a face that only a mother could love.

But the kicker came when we walked to the end of Main Street and saw the marque on the long closed movie theater, now reopened on weekends for limited times and currently showing the film "Cars 2." My first thought was "maybe there is a future for Sutton, West Virginia." Everybody loves cars, even in a town where there is little to do and where time seems to have stood still.

New Scaleauto 1/24 Gulf Porsche

Click to see larger images of the this new Scaleauto Gulf Porsche Cup car.

Link for live streaming Nurburgring 24


Live coverage of the Nurburgring 24 at this link... hopefully not blacked out for non-German markets.

Cars 2 Carrera event in CT

Saturday June 25th Carrera of America will be doing a demo at the Regal Cinemas Branford Stadium 12 in Branford CT from about 11am all day. We will have a Disney Pixar Cars 2 GO!!! set on display (for racing too) and we will also have preproduction samples of the 1/32 Lightning McQueen and Francesco.

325 East Main Street
Branford, CT 06405
(203) 481-4089

New Cartrix GP cars coming

A new Lancia and Vanwall Cartrix cars are coming soon to North America.

New H & R Motor

Coming soon new H & R motor HRMCI 26,000 rpm # 12 V double shaft

Summer School 2011 -- The Automobile and American Life

HST 344 -- Science, Technology and the Modern Corporation: The Automobile and American Life

Class Meeting: MTWTHF 9:25-10:40 a.m., HM 125

Instructor: John A. Heitmann

Office: 435HM (x92803).

Office Hours: By appointment
E-Mail: John.Heitmann@notes.udayton.edu

Blog: http://top-gear-car.blogspot.com

Texts: John Heitmann, The Automobile and American Life.
Ben Hamper, Rivethead.
Lee Iacocca, An Autobiography.

Grades: The final grade for this course will be based upon one Mid-Term Exam, (30%), Two Critical Book Reviews (40%), and Final Exam (30%). The grade scale is as follows: A 94 to 100; A- 90 to 93; B+ 87-89; B 84-86; B- 80 - 83; C+ 77-79; C 74-76; C- 70-73. A similar pattern applies to lower grades. Letter grades are assigned a mid-point numerical grade. Additionally, attendance can influence your final grade at my discretion: if you miss more than 2 classes, one letter grade will be deducted from your grade; if you miss more than 4 classes, a two letter grade reduction will take place. Grade averages may be influenced by such factors as trends over the time of the course; for example, how you finish is far more important than how you start. Policies for exams strictly follows History Department Guidelines, and make-ups will only be offered with a valid, documented excuse.

Critical Book Reviews: Three critical reviews of assigned books serve as integral assignments in this course. Each review should be 3-5 pages in length, typed, double spaced. One should aim to critically summarize the book, aiming sure to discuss the authors content, themes, and perspectives, and then also provide an introspective response to the book that incorporates one’s own evaluation of the work’s authenticity and value.

Attendance at lectures is crucial if you are to expect a good grade in the course, and I want you to be at every class if that is at all possible. On many occasions material presented is not covered in the readings, and so many of the ideas discussed central to the development of modern science are complex and often confusing. Your attitude and what you bring in to the classroom can make the difference between a mediocre offering and a most positive educational experience.

Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated and offenses will be punished accordingly. A first offense will result in a failing grade for the exam or paper in question; a second offense will result in a failing grade for the course.

Course Purpose: It has been said that the automobile is the perfect technological symbol of American culture, a tangible expression of our quest to level space, time and class, and a reflection of our restless mobility, social and otherwise. In this course we will explore together the place of the automobile in American life, and how it transformed business, life on the farm and in the city, the nature and organization of work, leisure time, and the arts. This is a most complex transition that we will study, as the automobile transformed everyday life and the environment in which we operate. It influenced the foods we eat; music we listen to; risks we take; places we visit; errands we run; emotions we feel; movies we watch; stress we endure; and, the air we breathe.


The week of:

Week 1/June 27 Introduction; What our cars tell us about ourselves. The car in everyday life: the automobile age and its contradictions. Automotive Pioneers; Putting America on the Road; Henry Ford and the Model T; The Rise of General Motors; “Master Hands.”

Reading: Heitmann, .Introduction, Chapter 1-3.
Films: “Wild Wheels”; “Horatio’s Drive;” “Automobile Parade;” “Gussle’s Day of Rest”

Monday, July 4, Holiday!

Week 2/July 5 Advertising, Styling, Design and the Art of the Automobile
On the Road;
Reading: Heitmann, chapter 4.
Film: “Grapes of Wrath;” “Route 66;" “Detour.”

Review of Hamper’s Rivethead is due on July 6

Week 3/July 11 Religion, Sex, and The car as a Home
Reading: Heitmann, Chapter 5
Film: “Automobile Advertising 1910-1940;” “Thelma and Louise”; “Motorcycle Diaries”

Mid-Term Exam is July 15

Week 4/ July 18 The Interwar Years: The Great Depression, Aerodynamics, and Cars of the Olympian Age
Readings: Heitmann, Chapter 6.
Films: “The Crowd Roars;” “Burn Em’Up Barnes.”

Week 5/ July 25 World War II: Detroit, the Arsenal of Democracy; The Post War Industry and Technological Suppression; Chrome Dreams of the 1950s
Readings: Heitmann, Chapters 7-8.
Film: “Jitterbugs;” "Tucker;" "Rebel Without a Cause;" "Thunder Road;" "American Graffiti;"“Goldfinger;” “Thunderball” “Bullitt.”

July 27 Review of Lee Iacocca’s 's Autobiography is due.

Week / 6 August 1 Oil Shock I: Japan, James Bond, and Mobile Lovemaking; The Automobile World Upside Down, 1980s to the Present.

Readings: Heitmann, Chapters 9-10, Epilogue.
Films: “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” “Fast and Furious;” “The Bourne Identity.”

Final Exam, Friday August 4 9:25-10:40 a.m.

Autoworld Carfitti releases

New Autoworld Carfitti releases Autoworld SC232

New Carrera Ferrari 599xx coming

Coming soon from Carrera a new Ferrari 599xx in DIGITAL132, item number 30563.

Targa Restoration II -- Inevitable Issues

OK folks -- now the outer skin and the headliner are off, and clips and block nuts need attention. I ahve been corresponding with Dan Pechtel, who is probably the master targa top restorer around, and he is very skeptical whether I can do this in any way but half-assed. I need new M3.5 screws; a few clips, as three were destroyed when I got them off the first time; and now, Dan tells me, some webbing. Ouch. This is getting more difficult than first anticipated. My initial impulse is to plow ahead no matter what the obstacles. We'll see how it turns out in due course.

New SCX Porsche 911 Cup

Beavercreek, Green County, Ohio, Cruise-In, June 17, 2011

A very nice 1973 BMW 2002. Last year of the stylish, non-Federally mandated bumpers.

1971 Lotus Europa.
Greg's 1959 Alfa. The engine is slightly tilted to accommodate the Weber carbs. This car has lots of originality left.

Tartan Mobile For Sale - What a Bargain

Tartanmobile Art Car - Side View
Tartanmobile Art Car by Megan Kilian - Front View

This Tartan art car beauty is for sale for anyone looking to make a fashion statement this summer, here are the details:

Selling my car in Texas while visiting 7-14 days from now (Austin, then Dallas). I've inherited a newer vehicle which I'll be driving back home to SF instead of the Plaid. Asking $1,000, 1986 Toyota Camry, 177K miles, two owners in 15 years. Lots of new parts, repairs, updates--extremely well-maintained. No AC. Serious inquiries only, please contact me through Facebook: Thanks a bunch!

Winning is indeed priceless

Winning the Italian Championship.... priceless!
A great video.

Audi R8 LMS video

Well this is a pretty cool video from Audi showing the R8 LMS car.

And one more... why not :)

3 new Revell cars announced.

Details of release when available, until then enjoy the photos.

Carrera D124 "Breadvan" Ferrari

The Carrera DIGITAL124 Ferrari 250GT "Breadvan" Ferrari is coming to North America soon.

Meadowdale 24Hour Race!

Visit the Facebook page of the Meadowdale Raceway to see photos and coverage of their recent 24 Hour race they held.
See a gallery of photos at this link!

New Cartrix GP car coming

This new Cartrix item number 925 will be available soon in North America.
Thanks to REH Distributing for this news and photo.

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