Toyota Names North Mississippi For New Plant

Toyota Motor Corporation names North Mississippi for their newest plant in the US Today. This is truly a Great day for Mississippi as there will be about 2000 jobs added for the area. Toyota knows what it takes to sell more cars in the US. Let them be made here.

GM and the other big auto makers need to take note in this announcement today. This entire area will be driving Toyota just because Toyota believes in the community enough to invest in it.

Program Remote Keyless Entry; Yukon-Envoy-Tahoe-Trailblazer

This is going to be a quick guide to save you from paying a programming fee for your remote keyless entry for All Yukon and Envoy, Tahoe and Trailblazer models.. This guide will not work for any other models, but will for most all Yukon, Tahoes, and Envoy, Trailblazers including XL and Denali models. If you go to a dealership, you will pay around $50 for programming!

This will work on new remotes you just purchased or on old remotes that you may have had batteries replaced that lost program. It must be followed exactly.

First, hold down the unlock feature on your door and keep it held down. While holding down, turn ignition key over 2 times and turn off (dont start vehicle). The speed at which you do this is not important, but just turn to where radio will play and instrument panel lights up. After you have done this the unlock-lock will cycle on your doors automatically and the horn will sound. Now, you can let go of the unlock on door and Hold the Lock and Unlock function on the remote, Both at same time! Hold for 15 to 20 seconds until your doors cycle thru lock-unlock. They will do this automatically while you are holding both remote keys. Now, Turn the key over again and then off. This should set your remote to work. If this does not work, there may be a problem with the remote or you may have a remote not compatible with vehicle or even dead battery in remote. Hope this saves someone some time and money!

There are some models that can be set up through the (DIC) Driver Information Center. You can go through the options in the DIC until you see where it says to (Learn New Remote) or something to that nature. When you push the check mark and hold it down it will say learning new remote. You then hold the unlock and lock buttons on your remote keyless entry. This may take a few seconds, but should take care of the programming process.

Something to remember that I have not mentioned that will help many having problems. If you are programming 2 remotes, you only do the process one time. After the 1st remote has programmed by holding unlock and lock on remote, go directly to second remote before cycling ignition. If you have a driver one and driver 2, make sure to do them in that order because the 1st remote programmed will be considered driver 1 etc.

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Steve Johnson out at Champ Car!

Well if he isn't he should be! I haven't liked the pick since the day it was announced and two big reasons are:

His resume and his resume! How's that you say? Check it out! He has a propensity to change jobs frequently. What the best predictor of future behavior........that's right, past behavior!
Further I believe that what is needed at Champ Car or any other business is a genuine manager, a single strong leader is better than just someone that has a racing background.

And now Robin Miller is telling us that S.J. doesnt even live near headquarters and only comes in to work occasionally.

Let me tell you, from years of experience, when a guy takes a job out of town and doesn't bother to move to the new job location he's not COMMITTED.

The following quote is from the 2/25/07 Robin Miller article "Silence not necessarily golden"

On the business side, all the crowing about a title sponsor for the season opener in Las Vegas has stopped because evidently the deal has come apart.

At the press conference, it was dubbed "The Las Vegas Grand Prix Fueled By VISA" and carried that moniker on the website until a couple weeks ago. Now it's simply the Vegas Grand Prix. No mention of VISA.And one must wonder if this loss could impact the season finale at Phoenix, which shares the same promoters.

The general lack of information about cars, drivers and races falls in line with Champ Car's overall lack of leadership and communication. The SCCA-flavored front office is clueless about marketing, promoting and public relations -- not to mention open-wheel racing.Hirings and firings are totally irrational, just like dumping the pace-car program, losing Ford as an ally, running China during May, taking advice from Gentilozzi, sticking with terrible television production partners and having one race a month from October through December.

What appeared to be a breath of fresh air a few years ago now has that same old, stale taste and reinforces the theory that car owners cannot competently run a series. Especially when one is in California, one is in the midwest and their point man (Steve Johnson) still lives in Kansas and makes it into the office at least four days a month.
End quote:

Link to Miller article

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Honda Accord Concept

Take a look at the next-generation Honda Accord Coupe. It is a vehicle that is sure to impress any car enthusiast. It has more modern sleek styling cues, from the fastback roof, to distinctive headlights. A more powerful V-6 engine will provide better fuel efficiency with with the Honda Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology. There will also be upgraded structural improvements to improve crash test results. Check out Yahoo! Autos to get pricing on any Honda of your choice. Fill out a short form to get your new car price today. Know your price before you go to buy!

GM and Chrysler? XM Radio and Sirius Radio?

GM Owned XM Radio and Chrysler Sirius Radio announcing they want to merge. This goes almost hand in hand with the stirring news of GM wanting to buy Chrysler.

GM struggling to stay #1 and Chrysler slipping to #4 in the US. I believe the Satelite radio merger is just a precurser to what GM and Chrysler are trying to achieve.

The question, will the government allow the Satelite mergers that will be a monopoly position. Stay tuned for more news out of this topic.

Houston Session Four Testing Times

W. Power ...........01:10.0
G. Rahal ...........01:10.1
N. Jani ............01:10.2
S. Bourdais ........01:10.3
B. Junqueira .......01:10.6
S. Pagenaud ........01:10.8
N. Philippe ........01:11.0
J. Wilson ..........01:11.2
R. Doornbos ........01:11.2
O. Servia ..........01:11.3
P. Tracy ...........01:11.6
K. Legge ...........01:11.6
R. Dalziel .........01:11.7
A. Tagliani ........01:12.2
A. Figge ...........01:13.6

Houston Session Three Testing Times

W. Power ...........01:11.223
G. Rahal ...........01:11.518
N. Jani ............01:11.730
S. Bourdais ........01:11.847
J. Wilson ..........01:11.885
O. Servia ..........01:12.060
B. Junqueira .......01:12.113
A. Tagliani ........01:12.368
N. Philippe ........01:12.627
S. Pagenaud ........01:12.849
N. Jani ............01:13.184
R. Dalziel .........01:13.648
P. Tracy ...........01:13.727
A. Figge ...........01:14.077
R. Doornbos ........01:14.878
K. Legge ...........01:15.547

Houston Session One Testing Times

J. Wilson ............01:30.2
S. Bourdais ........01:30.4
P. Tracy .............01:32.1
R. Doornbos ......01:32.3
N. Philippe ........01:32.8
G. Rahal ............01:33.2
N. Jani ...............01:33.2
A. Figge .............01:34.0
A. Wirth ............01:34.3
R. Dalziel ...........01:35.6
O. Servia ...........01:35.8
K. Legge ............01:39.3
A. Tagliani .........01:41.7
S. Pagenaud ......01:43.7
N. Jani ...............01:44.7

Selling A Car To A Former Car Salesman

Its a Saturday, a car salesmens best day for selling. You talk to a few people that were kicking tires, waiting on a movie to start, or worse, seeing what their company car is going to look like when it comes in. Oh yes, we do get some crazy folks on car lots. Your a waitress and dont get a tip, try spending 2 hours going over every option on a brand new car and thinking you are getting close to a deal and the person tells you they are going to buy next year sometime! WHAT??? And worse, you look around and all the other salesmen have customers and there are 7 or 8 cars sold for the day when you finish with Mr and Mrs lets waste someones time today!

Bad day, no, just glad they are gone, I catch another couple that seems to be ready to buy today. By the Way, have you ever been insulted by a salesman that asks if you are going to buy today? This may be where this bold statement came from. But anyway, the couple was very nice and want to lease their new vehicle. They drive it, love it, can see it parked in their driveway. We go inside to start the negotiation and the gentleman starts off by saying he used to sell cars so dont jack him around. Oh boy, here we go again. Another salesman that did not sell enough cars to stay in the business, but today is a professional. We usually make the most money from people like this because we have no mercy for know-it-alls, remember this point when you go to buy your next car.

But anyway, the man asks how much we were going to take off sticker price almost like he was now angry. They just happen to be looking at a brand new model that was just arriving on lots so there were no discounts at all. Usually I would have trouble telling someone there were no discounts, but this time I was proud to put base in my voice and say sorry, There are NO DISCOUNTS on these. There are no rebates, no special rates, and the first ones out will bring sticker price. He started clowning, meaning he raised his voice and got angry and said he knew how much they were marked up and they would be discounted! I handed him the keys to his trade-in and told him thanks for looking and when he was ready to buy a vehicle to give me a call.

Normally I have much more patience, but this had been a rough day. He grabbed his wife and said they were off to the competition. I started to call and warn them, but decided to shake it off and not worry with it anymore. Much to my surprise, an hour before closing time I get a call. Guess who? Yep, the former salesman must have been treated worse at the competition. To make a long story a little shorter, he came back and purchased the car that his wife wanted in the first place. The moral of the story, be nice to your salesman, most are good people trying to make an honest living. They are truly on the customers side because without a customer, a salesman is unemployed.

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Racing Economics 101

By Robin Miller:

Reprinted from Speed Channel web site:

While waiting for Champ Car to announce any driver, Gene Simmons to unveil another verse of "I Am Indy," and ESPN to give Michael Waltrip his own channel, all this down time gave me a chance to do a little research on the state of purses and payouts in American motorsports.

And the return vs. the investment.

As you might imagine, NASCAR Nextel Cup is so far ahead in this department it's embarassing.

Last year, Jimmie Johnson earned $8,909,140 in prize money for Hendrick Motorsport on his way to his initial title and that's not counting the $6,785,982 he received in series sponsor points.

That's $15,770,125 for those of you keeping score at home. FOR ONE TEAM!

The total payout (with no bonuses) for the 78 drivers who competed in one, some or all of the 36 events in 2006 was a staggering $219 million.

By comparison, the Indy Racing League dolled out a total of $24 million in purses ($10 million coming from the Indianapolis 500) with Sam Hornish Jr. collecting $3,835,205 for his third championship. That included $1 million bonus for capturing the title, not bad for 14 races.

But still way out of whack considering a budget to run up front is anywhere from $6-9 million per car.

Further north on Indy's westside, Champ Car paid $6,553,000 in purses to its competitors for 14 starts and another $1,550,000 in point money. Or about the same as Johnson's bonus check.

Even though a competitive budget for Champ Car might be as low as $5 million, the payout still explains why ride buyers can flourish in this series.

For his third consecutive championship and seven victories, Sebastien Bourdais grossed $1,282,500 and that included $500,000 for the title. To give you an idea of how disproportionate things are, Kenny Wallace finished 43rd in the Cup standings in 2006 and brought in more money ($1.3 million) than Bourdais.

And the second-tier Busch series even paid its champ (Kevin Harvick) $1.3 million.

In 13 seasons, Paul Tracy has racked up $12.3 million in earnings while Jeff Gordon has eclipsed $60 million during the same time frame.

But the bottom line is even sadder in sports cars.

The Grand Am series was founded and funded by NASCAR but you won't confuse it with the stock car division.

Other than the Rolex 24 Hours (which paid $100,000 to win last month), a victory in Jim France's series is worth a piddly $25,000 (unless you're not a member of the Pacesetter's Club and then it only pays $15,000).

There's quite a dropoff in the Daytona Prototypes at the big race since second is worth $35,000 and fifth brings in $10,000. "Not enough to pay the hotel bill," said one owner.

Chip Ganassi, whose budget with sponsor Telmex and Carlos Slim's deep pockets is thought to be in the $4 million range, raked in a whopping $150,000 in purse money last year for taking the 14-race team title.

In the current realities of open-wheel racing, it may be easier for team owners to survive in Atlantics (above) and IPS than in Champ Car or the IndyCar Series. (LAT Photo)Jorg Bergmeister, who captured the driver's crown, received a Rolex watch, a discount pass to Daytona USA and a firm handshake from president Roger Edmonson.

In the more sophisticated American Le Mans Series, where slick cars like the Audi and Porsche are seven-figure creations, the purses are also seven figures but only if you count cents.

The winner of this month's Mobil 1 12 Hours of Sebring classic will win $24,000 or, to be more precise, about $2,000 an hour which, ironically, is the going rate at a wind tunnel.

Honda is battling Porsche this season in LMP2 and they'll spend more on hospitality than their three-team lineup can earn.

ALMS also has a unique pay scale. If you are a full factory team, you are not eligible for prize money and, in 2005 at Sebring, 22 of the 38 starters got zero prize money.
My beloved USAC midget racing is also a financial train wreck. Engines can cost as much as $45,000 yet the purses have hardly increased since the 1970s and the winner is lucky to get $1,500 most nights.

At least you can go outlaw sprint car racing in Indiana for a reasonable amount of money and have a shot to win $4,000.

The Formula Atlantic series boasted a $2 million prize for the winner (Simon Pagenaud) to take to Champ Car and $3.7 million in purses while the IRL's Indy Pro Series is paying out $4 million in 2007 and offers as much as $41,000 for a win. An owner can't get rich running either open wheel feeder series but it's possible to survive.

Obviously, with Nextel, FOX, NBC, ABC, TNT, SPEED and ESPN spending hundreds of millions to be partners, it's good to be a car owner and better to be a driver in NASCAR's top tier.

Until IRL and Champ Car can secure a title sponsor, improve TV ratings substantially (or quit having to buy time) and find a way to put money into their teams (without Tony George, Kevin Kalkhoven and Gerald Forsythe writing checks), the economics of open wheel will be hopeless.

A good shoe in Champ Car or IRL can make a decent living off of their retainer but not many would want to make it on 40 percent of the purse (especially in Champ Car) like the old days.

Grand Am sports a ton of good drivers yet doesn't draw much of a crowd but it does have the France faction to keep things afloat while ALMS suddenly has some muscle from manufacturers and some momentum. But neither sports car series makes financial sense at the moment and drivers have to scramble to make a living.

And, if things weren't depressing enough for open wheel and sports cars after reading this, there was this headline in Wednesday's editions of USA Today: "$18 Million on Line at Daytona."

That's a whole year of Champ Car, IPS, Atlantics, USAC, ALMS and Grand Am in four hours.

WickerBill sez;
Thank you Robin..............! It's about time more attention is given the the financial side of racing!

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