Avant Slot Pastrana Suby

Criccrac's Facebook page is showing the new Pastrana Subaru.

Watch Burning Man Live NOW!!! - via Ustream

Watch Burning Man Live NOW!!! - via Ustream
I just added a live  burning man feed via ustream for those of us that decided to stay home and avoid the 7 deadly hassles. Cant wait to post more mutant vehicles from this years event.

Garden Art Car Goes to Court

88 Oldsmobile Garden Art Car
This garden art car is headed to The U.S. Supreme Court that will consider an appeal next month from the owner of Planet K stores over his long-running battle with the city of San Marcos about his right to display it. In 2007 Michael Kleinman paid two artists to transform this salvage special in front of his store into a painted cactus planter art car. City officials got themselves hot and bothered, claiming the Oldsmobile 88 was in violation of a city ordinance declaring such displays public nuisances. The car was removed and Kleinman is appealing a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in February that found the car-planter to be “ultimately a junked vehicle.”  Good luck with that!! via

Its funny I was going to do a garden art car post a while back and forgotten about it until my dad sent me this article two days ago. As you can see these are just a few of the garden cars I found from around the world. Most are intentional, some natural and the last one is purely accidental. If you like these you might also like the Grass Art Cars also on Art Car Central.
Community garden car on Kensington Garden Art Car in Amsterdam VW Garden Art Car
Belgium Garden Art Car Mercedes Garden Art Car Fiat Garden Art Car
VW Garden Art Car Ford Escort Garedn Car in Slough, Berkshire Vintage Garden Art car in Uruguay
Overgrown Motorcycle Moss covered bicycle Accidental Garden Toyota Car

Penguin Martini Shaker Car For Sale

Martini Shaker Penguin Car For Sale Martini Shaker Penguin Car Hood For Sale

This 1985 Mercury Grand Marqui penguin car is for sale for only 1000 bucks, only if you really really really want it now on craigslist. Its claim to fame, a single penguin martini shaker as a hood ornament, and a stuffed one in the back window. I think its time to cut back on the martinis for a while, I don't know, I am just saying.

New Revell Monogram McLaren Can Am

In stock at REH Distributors in Cincy.... the Revell 85-4838 McLaren M6.

Early NASCAR Women: Sara Christian

Hi folks -- every day I learn more about auto racing history, and it is absolutely fascinating what one uncovers. In reading a public relations history of NASCAR published in the early 1970's, W.E. Butterworth's The High Wind, I ran across driver Sara Christian (1918-1980). A flash in the pan, so to speak, nonetheless significant in many ways in a sport that was regarded as masculine, particularly in the immediate post-WWII era. Sara competed in NASCAR's first race at Charlotte on June, 19, 1949, qualifying 13 in a car owned by her husband, Frank Christian. Later, she competed in the second Daytona Beach Road Course on July 10, 1949, finishing 18th. Husband Frank also competed in that race, finishing 6th, and thus the couple were the only ones to compete together in a NASCAR event. Other races during 1949 followed, and Sara finished 13th in the overall point standings that year. In 1950 Sara competed in only one event, finishing 14th at the 12th race at the Hamburg, NY Raceway.

What became of Sara Christian? Did she leave a scrapbook, or other race memorabilia? We need to learn far more about this woman who played an important role in automobile history.

New Slot It Nissan

Additional Term Paper Topics, HST 485, Seminar on the Automobile and American Life, Fall, 2010

Chris Economaki, the Dean of American Motorsports

Additional Possible Term Paper Topics, History 485, fall, 2010

Late 19th century Horse Racing in America
Bicycle Racing in the U.S., late 19th and early 20th century
Changes in the Technology of Timing Automobile Races
The Persistance of Dirt Track and Short Track Racing – Eldora and Shady Bowl, Ohio
Fred Funk and Racing in Dayton Ohio, 1936-1984
Politicians and Racing Safety
Wilbur Shaw, the Hulman Family, and the Resurgence of Indy after 1946
Ed Winfield and the Mystique of the Novi Race Cars
Safety and Racing at the Indy 500, post – WWII
Novels, Young Adults, and Auto Racing, 1950-1970
Post WWII Toys and Automobile Racing: Ray Cox and the Thimble Dome, Aurora and Slot Car Racing
Television and Automobile Racing --- 1950s and 1960s
Chris Economaki, the Dean of American Motor Sports
The Ford Motor Company and Racing, 1960s
Film and Outlaw Road Racing Post-Oil Shock I: Brock Yates; Cannonball (1976); The Cannonball Run (1981); Gumball Rally (1976)
Women and Sports Car Racing, 1950s – Denise McCluggage and others
NASCAR and Hollywood: Fireball 500 (1966) Red Line 7000 (1967); Speedway (1968) Days of thunder (1990); Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2008).

19 Donk Cars Covered in Candy Paint

Some time ago I posted a video about a cars covered in Cheetos and Doritos vinyl graphics, and the other day I found the ultimate Facebook car called a "Donk". I got some grief over it because one of my art car friends did not think it was considered an "art car". For me its a unique form of expression that deserves some face time here on Art Car Central. They also look like a lot of fun to drive around in so I managed to find 19 top corporate brand covered cars with famous cereal, snack and drink names.

These "hi-riser" or "sky-scrapers" cars have gigantic rims ranging from 22" to 30"and extremely high ground clearance that resemble urban 4x4's,  are called "Donks". The term "Donk" came from the impala symbol on any Chevy impala from the year 1971 to 1976, because the symbol looked like a "donkey". It became popular in the south to cover these cars with name brands using vinyl car wrap technology.

The most popular type of car used are Chevrolet models, namely the Impala, Caprice, Monte Carlo, and Chevelle. Other models that are frequently made into hi-risers include the G-body Buick Regal, Oldsmobile Cutlass, El Camino, Pontiac Grand Prix, and Pontiac Bonneville.

So for your sweat tooth, cereal and salty snack enjoyment, I present to you 19 tasty Donk car treats.
Cheetos Donk Art Car You Hoo Donk Art Car Gatorade Donk Art Car
Crunch Donk Art Car Three Musketeers Donk Art Car Whoppers Donk Art Car
Skittles Donk Art Car Reese's Donk Art Car Hershey's Donk Art Car
Lucky Charms Donk Art Car Frosted Flakes Donk Art Car Fruit Loops Donk Art Car
Kool Aid Donk Art Car Lemonhead Donk Art Car Sunkist Donk Art Car
M&M's Donk Art Car Fun Dip Donk Art Car Trix Donk Art Car

Rolls Royce Art Car by Pro Hart

Rolls Royce Art Car by Pro Hart Left Side
Rolls Royce Art Car by Pro Hart Right Side
Pro Hart (1928-2006) is on of Australia's most famous artist and considered the father of the Australian Outback painting movement. His works were shown on a wide variety of products such as air conditioners, beer cans, kitchenware, and telephone cards, and also a very popular carpet commercial on television.

He lived in Broken Hill, in Outback Australia, and owned a number of Rolls Royce and Bentley cars witch he drove all over the outback, and described them as "bloody good cars for the job". He is also famous for his painted 1973 Silver Shadow Rolls Royce art car in 1999.

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Random Fuzzy VW Half Pint Art Car

I was surfing the net when I run into this half pint sfuzzy vw art car, and I had to have it here on ACC. via

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