Pioneer Typhoon Motor Test

Pioneer's powerplant for their '68 Mustang GT, Bullitt version, is an 18k, FC-130 type motor in a car which performs competitively with Scalextric Can Am Mustangs and Camaros. While the Scalextric cars also have nominal 18k motors, tests show they rev to 20-21k RPM, no-load on 12 volts. Scalextric motor torque typically measures 100 gcm, and power output is around 5.3 Watts.

The Pioneer "18k" motor revs to an honest 18,967 RPM at 12 volts on test, with torque tested at 131 gcm/12v. Power output is 6.2 Watts on 12 volts. The Pioneer Typhoon is slightly more powerful than the Scalextric motor, although RPM is lower and torque is higher. Typhoon test performance is nearly identical to the H&R Racing Hawk motor, a home-track racing favorite in the USA.

The Pioneer Typhoon has its own visual appeal, with a six-pack of holes in the top for cooling, black plastic end bell, and nicely printed company lettering. The motor is not currently available separately as a retail item, but who knows what the future holds, as Pioneer is a start up manufacturer. The Mustangs are their first release.

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