Accident Through the Windshield: It Happens on I-75 from Time to Time

Hi folks -- Yesterday my colleague of mine, Juan Santamarina, had a harrowing experience on I-75 somewhere in the vicinity of Middletown, Ohio. A board fell off a truck, and before you know it, it was headed for Juan's windshield. Luckily, Juan came out of this with only a smashed grill, bumper and other dents and scratches, totaling maybe $6,000. And as ever, Dr. Juan was unflappable, for I saw him as he was walking in yesterday he was a friendly and gracious as ever. I would have needed several drinks, or a serious sedative.

When are trucks on I-75 going to learn to ther their stuff! Several years ago I encounteered a refrigerator box in my lane. I swerved left, and luckily a car was not there to collide with. If you watch the Simpsons, you know of the character Cletus. There are too many damn Cletuses on the road!


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