LaJolla Concours and Saturday Rally

Hi folks -- I had a great treat this morning. I got over to the SD Automotive Museum around 8 a.m., and met a number of the folks who are participating in a 100 mile rally that precludes the LaJolla Concours that will be held at the Cove tomorrow beginning at 9 a.m. I met Museum director Paula Brandes, and a number of the car owners. Some of the highlights included the Mercedes 250 SE Convertible owned by Roy Orbison (with a plate "Pretty Woman"), and the Ferrari owned by actor William Holden now owned by Barnbaby Brokaw. The weather was simply terrric, as it is almost every day in this area of the world.

Yesterday my friend Rebecca Morales took me to the LaJolla Historical Society, where they have an exhibit on motoring in LaJolla in the early eyars. Rich people, wonderful cars in the period berfore 1940 were depicted. But there were also a number of photographs of people who fixed cars, owned cas stations, and kept folks on the road.


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