Driving a Chrysler Sebring Convertible -- what a pig!

Hi folks -- my apologies for not including more photos -- I am having some problems uploading pictures right now while in SD.

So I rented from Alamo a Chrylser Sebring Convertible, with a rate so low that I couldn't get an economy car instead. This car demonstrates to all why Chrysler almost went out of business! It has a huge, bulbous rear end, like many older people. It is anemic in terms of pick up -- to the point where when I step on the gas the car sounds like a sewing machine and threatens to blow up. The suspension is such that the car grunts when turning lieft, and let's pray I don't have to use the feeble brakes.

The top takes up virtually all of the trunk when it is down, in part because of the complicated boot mechanism. If you don't have a trunk barrier in place, sensors come into play and prevent the thing from operating.

Yet when the top is down, as it was yesterday as I was coming back from the Automotive Museum and I was driving down I-5, life couldn't be much better.
Life will take a turn today as I go to the Historians Meeting. Nothing like being around a bunch of high-powered nerds, almost all of whom wear glasses and have pinched faces.


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