Toyota Motor Woes; Volkswagen Goes!

Toyota has been a leader in the Car Industry for almost a decade, but has lost their title of largest number of vehicles manufactured to Volkswagen.

It just seems that Toyota has a simple design, not to say it is not still an awesome car manufacturer, but has lost some of its zing. Customers are looking for the WOW factor in cars now along with the other stuff such as safety, reliability, etc. They want their friends and relatives to say WOW, that is a nice car!

Many manufacturers are getting caught up in the plain is better so it appeals to a large scope of consumers, but where is the "Thats My New Car" design! I do not sell new Toyota's and I do not sell cars on a Toyota lot, but it seems that used Toyota's always get a nose turned up at them. I will go further than that and say that the majority of foreign used cars get the oh its ok.... I do sell cars at an American Manufacturer, and maybe this is why, but seems they are just a little boring for lack of a better term.

Leave me a comment and let me know what makes you decide to buy a car. Is it Price, Dependability, the WOW Factor, Options, Color, Consumer Sites Reviews, Referred by a Neighbor or Relative, etc. Be specific if you can, I was just wondering what the largest influence would be?


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