UD Student "auto-biography" -- Mohammad Almashama and his Limousine

Mohammad ALmashama
History 344
The car that has left a memorable event in my life is the limousine. I happened to enjoy the comfort of being driven in a limousine on the Christmas holiday of ten years ago. This occurred when we were to go out with my entire family to America over the Christmas holidays. As the last born in a family of ten children, no one seemed to pay much attention on me. Instead, everyone including my parents were all enthusiastic of the trip to America, for it was to be their first trip there. I noticed earlier that no one paid much attention to me. As the last born, however, I was mad because I expected to have attention especially from my mother. All she did, however, was preparing for the trip. In disappointment, I went out to the verandah and sat there all alone.
As I sat there all alone, my other family members prepared and left for their trip, oblivious of my absence. I realized they had left when it was too late. Thus, I walked, aimlessly, feeling both frightened and disappointed. Unaware of my destination, I chose to go. Suddenly, I saw a long white car, pulling right beside me. The driver stopped and shouted merry Christmas. I found myself smiling as I was directed into the posh car.
The length of the limousine itself perplexed me a lot. I wondered why the car was so long. Though I did not know the stranger, I decided to get into the car. Inside the limousine was so exotic, I hardly believed. There were all types of entertainment. I could see a large flat screen television. There was also a laptop beside it. In addition, the seats were so posh; I almost refused to seat on them. Everything in the car was white in color, except the seats, which were made of black leather. There was also a cooler, where I helped myself with some drinks. Moreover, there was a phone, which was used to communicate with the driver. Unlike other cars I had seen before, the driver was not visible once someone was inside the limousine. He kept calling, in case there was any difficulty, and I almost thought I was dreaming.
Another unique experience I had while in the limousine is that one assumes he/she is in a house. In essence, the limousine is made such that one does not hear the sound of anything outside the limousine. I could not see other vehicles outside, for the limousine had tainted windows. This created a feeling of relaxation for one does not worry about external disturbances. Moreover, the seats were also convertible and could easily be made into a bed. I thought I was in a house because even the potholes could not be felt. There was a fan for fresh, cool air, and the floor was carpeted with white carpet.
I was humbled when the driver finally woke me up, asking me to step out. There was my family, who wanted to prove their love through the surprise. Though it was lovely meeting them again, the experience was impressive, and this made me love limousine cars. I vowed to work extra had, in order to purchase one in the future. The experience in the car is memorable, giving the occupants a status of power.


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