Car Buying Tip; Beware Of The Switch!

Buying a Car can be a taxing ordeal, but make sure you are aware of the Car Salesman offering you the Switch!

When you buy a Car, you probably go to a dealership looking for a specific Vehicle. Has a Car Salesman ever had you look at a totally different Car? The Car Salesman is going to try and sway you to a Car that he/she is going to make the most money on, speaking from experience. You may be looking at a New Car and the Salesman tells you that he has one with a few miles on it that you can save some money on.

This tactic is set up for several reasons. If you are asking for a discount on the new Car or it is slightly out of your budget, there is usually a Program Car with a few miles on it that will fit your budget. Number one, this takes the New Car away from you instead of discounting the car to your offer. This tactic works well because you either buy the used one that the dealership and Salesman make more money on, or, you bring your offer up on the New Car. Either way, beware of the switch and what is really going down.


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