2011 Model Year End Clearance; Cars, Trucks, SUV

It is time to clear all 2011 Model Cars, Truck, and SUV's from dealership lots around the country. If you have too much negative equity, now is a great time to trade your "upside down" vehicle. Rebates and Incentives are at all time highs to move out the 2011 models. There are some new 2011 New models that you can purchase cheaper than a used model.

November has seen an upturn in the auto industry, some say it is pent up demand, but I believe customers are wiser and know there are deals to be found when manufacturers and dealers are delving out deals to empty the current years inventory to make room for 2012's. The auto industry is usually a good barometer of the state of the economy so either way, things seem to be getting brighter.

If you feel you made a great deal on a new vehicle this year, tell everyone about it under comment. If you have a favorite dealership, let us know what keeps you coming back. How do I get the best price on a new car?


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