Porsche 911T is back on the Road!!!!

A lowly hemostat -- the key tool that made the job of shutting off fuel flow from the tank easy to do.
Hi folks -- just a quick note to say that the Irish Green 1971 911T targa is back on the road. I had correctly diagnosed the problem as the failure of the electric fuel pump. Got a new one from NAPA this morning, put it in along with a new fuel filter upstream from the pump, hooked it all up, and "bam," the car ran like a top again.
One key to the whole job was shutting down the flow of gas from the tank to the fuel filer and pump. Yesterday I bought a Hemostat at Harbor Freight for $4.99 that did the job. Made in Pakistan, probably by the Taliban. But with the fuel flow shut off, it was easy to take my time to do the repair.


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