Cars from 1948: a very good year?

A 1948 Chevy Fleetmaster. My family had one of these, but not the convertible.
A 1948 Oldsmobile -- beautiful red color!
a 1948 Buick. A nice, unusual color and interior
1948 Cadillac. Wouldn't you like to drive this on Route 66?
A 1948 Ford. My mother and father-in-law had one of these.

A Plymouth convertible, like in "Karate Kid 1." Wax on, and wax off.

Desoto. My aunt Rose had a 1948 DeSoto sedan.
The Classic Chrysler Town and Country
1948 "Pregnant Elephant" Packard

Hi folks -- June is birthday month for me, and so I thought I would post photos of convertible automobiles that were made the year I was born. Detroit was slow to convert from wartime to peacetime, and thus autos of that year normally were slightly modified designs going back to 1941, before the U.S. entered the war. Cars were hard to find in those years immediately after the war, as there was material shortages, and far more buyers than cars for sale. Waht did American troops fight for in WWII? In large part freedom, and freedom was best expressed in the cars that were driven after the war was won.


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