Tony's CRX Paint Project: Progress but also Challenges!

The re-primer went well, the car looked better after it back to one color again, and I was able to primer the hood for the first time, since in all the confusion with the gun failing me, I completely forgot to shoot the first coat of primer. After primering it, I made the mistake of shooting color over it before sanding it again. I did go back and wet sand the color to eliminate as much as I could. I then re-shot another coat of color on this and the other spots I wet sanded to get the metallic to look uniform. The light blue streaks you see in the pictures on top of the car baffled me for several coats. This was after about 3 coats on the whole car and 4-5 coats on the areas I wet sanded and the light streaks weren't going away, until I finally realized that it was overspray dust, which easily wipes off. Once I allowed the car to dry the light areas (dust) simply wiped off with a clean microfiber towel I had. Also, as I was referring to the body issues I discovered, you can see on the passenger fender that there are several small dings that I missed. These would have been found if I had been able to block sand, but since I did many coats of color, it was too late to fix it now because I only got 1 gallon of paint (which I thought was surely enough for such a small car). All told, I probably have a pint or less of paint left over, not enough to shoot 1 coat. We'll see how this thing looks with clear on it in the next email. Tony


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