Targa Top Almost Done!!

Hi folks -- well, as the above photos attest, the targa top project is almost done. Yesterday I refitted the interior headliner -- the early version using perforated vinyl is so elegant with its rods, affixed in place with no glue at all. So what is left is trimming some of the rubber off the side seals to get it to fit right. When clamping it down yesterday I noticed just how tight the top is, how there is no flex whatsoever, how the edges fit right where they are supposed to be, and how the rigidity of the car changes with the top in place. Quite different from the other top. That top -- in use over the past 16+ years and probably far more -- that will also be redone in the future now that I know the basics of top restoration.

The cost was far more than $50, however. When one adds you the price for two clamps, a skin, webbing, screws, glue, burlap, felt, it comes out to about $700. And the time -- who knows how much went into this -- hours and hours!

So not for the faint of heart or cash-strapped.


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