Are You Ambitious? Some Project Cars, for Sale at the Cars and parts Swap Meet in Springfield, OH

A 1950 Chevy Panel Truck. I hope you have a good set of tools!

And metric tools at that! The rear bumper was lying on the ground on this gem.
A 1956 Mercury. With motor.
This is a 1953 Buick/ Can't you tell?
I am not a truck person. As a project, it would take an entire retirement!
A 1948 Chevy in Need of Some TLC

Hi folks -- back in the groove, sort of. I went to the Semi-annual Cars and Parts Swap Meet and Show yesterday at the Springfield Fairgrounds. With all the rain we have had, there was plenty of opportunity to park in the mud. Many cars for sale, and the parts vendors were plentiful, although mostly Ford and GM parts for sale. Few foreign cars to say the least. Junk galore here. Above are some photos of car and truck projects that would surely destroy your pocketbook and soul. Do not even think about it!


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